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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Qualities of the Best Human Beings: Spiritual merit, not wealth, distinguishes the most honored persons in Vedic society.
Srila Prabhupada: They simply think, “Where to get money?” They are third-class men, but at the present moment those who acquire money somehow or other are considered first-class men. It doesn’t matter what their qualification is. If they have acquired some money some way or other, then they are considered first-class men. This is a symptom of Kali-yuga, the current age of quarrel and hypocrisy. In Kali-yuga ther...

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Simply Wonderful - recipe (1 min video)
Nanda-kiśora: What happens to a person if we just give him out on the street one Simply Wonderful or some prasādam, one piece of prasādam?
Prabhupāda: Oh, that is wonderful, simply wonderful. [laughter] [chuckles] He has not tasted such wonderful sweet in his life. Therefore you give him one simply wonderful, and because he’s eating that wonderful sweet, one day he’ll come to your temple and become wonderful.

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Fire in Radha Raman’s kitchen hasn’t gone out in 450 years (Album with photos)
Sri Vrindavan Dham has a lot of traditions related to Radha and Krishna, the temples and ashrams, through which they bless their devotees.
One of these amazing traditions is the “eternal” fire in Shri Radha Raman Lal Ji’s kitchen, which hasn’t gone out in 450 years. Sewayats use kande (cakes made from dried cow dung) only to bring the fire to the surface for cooking purpose. No match box is used in the entire temple premises.

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The Gita for Daily Enrichment presents insights from the Bhagavad-gita insights through succinct reflections that provide daily inspiration for self-improvement throughout the year....
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Lectures and kirtans from the Hare Krishna temple in Alachua, Florida...
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Ratha Yatra at New Govardhana - 07 July 2019 (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: “One should chant the holy name of the Lord in a humble state of mind, thinking oneself lower than the straw in the street; one should be more tolerant than a tree, devoid of all sense of false prestige and ready to offer all respect to others. In such a state of mind, one can chant the holy name of the Lord constantly. (Sri Caitanya-caritamrita, Adi-lila, 17.31)

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Ratha Yatra Cologne Germany 2019 (Album of photos)
One of Europe’s best Ratha Yatras!
Srila Prabhupada: “In this age of quarrel and hypocrisy the only means of deliverance is the chanting of the holy name of the Lord. There is no other way. There is no other way. There is no other way.” (Brhan-naradiya Purana)

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Iskcon Sri Lanka: Foundation Laying Ceremony 16.072019 (Album of photos)
Srila Prabhupada: In this age of Kali, intelligent pe......

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Krishna is not an optional source of entertainment - he is the indispensable source of shelter Gita 04.09 (4 min video)
Many people like to hear Krishna’s pastimes as a pious form of entertainment. Even if they know vaguely that he is God, their interest in him is as a source of entertainment.
Significantly, the Bhagavad-gita states that hearing about Krishna can do much more than entertain – it can elevate and liberate. Those who understand him in truth attain him, never to return to this distressful world (04.09). This implies that p...

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Srila Prabhupada Memories by Jagat Purush Das (video)
Nectarine interview of devotees who have had personal association with His Divine Grace, A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami. Their stories provide insight into the personality and qualities of Srila Prabhupada, as well as revealing many instructions never heard or written before. These are the anecdotes of a Modern Day Saint, Srila Prabhupada & all the oral histories contained within the Memories of his disciples.

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Excerpt from the original manuscript, entitled “Who Is Crazy.“ By A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
"All Vedic literature is imploring us, “Don’t sleep! Don’t sleep! Be awake! Be awake! Get up! Get up from this sleep! Utilize the boon which you now have. Don’t be foolish.”
People are working hard, and earning enough to eat. Especially in your country, there are sufficient means for eating, and nobody is starving. That’s all right, but they are still not satisfied. I have studied this very carefully...

Jul 17, 2019 -- 597 views

FIND OUT WHO YOU ARE by practicing SOULFULNESS!! (2 min video)
Srila Prabhupada: “If one only chants, with some slight faith, the holy names of Lord Caitanya and Nityananda, then very quickly he is cleansed of all offenses. Thus as soon as he chants the Hare Krishna maha-mantra, he feels the ecstasy of love for God.” (Caitanya-caritamrta, Adi-lila, 8.31)

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Harinama in Vilnius 05.07.2019 (3 min. video)
….“On this earth there are many living entities,” the Lord said, “some moving and some not moving. What will happen to the trees, plants, insects and other living entities? How will they be delivered from material bondage?”
Haridāsa Ṭhākura replied, “My dear Lord, the deliverance of all moving and nonmoving living entities takes place only by Your mercy. You have already granted this mercy and delivered them. “You have loudly chanted the Hare...

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Krishna News: This is our second news broadcast! We want to entertain, uplift and support cooperation by creating awareness of what's out there without too much of an agenda....
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Their Smiling Faces (Album of photos)
Indradyumna Swami: On harinam sankirtan and at our festivals here in Poland people smile with appreciation as the devotees chant and dance in great ecstasy. In…troducing the public to the wonderful world of Krsna consciousness is our greatest pleasure!

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Srila Prabhupada Uvaca Mahaprabhu’s Ecstasy and our Opportunity 40th Installation Anniversary Radha Govardhanadhari Eight-hour Kirtana Annual General Meeting: Australia’s National Council A Day at the Salon In Focus: Seona Moss Congregational Bliss New Govardhana Conference Gurukula ANZAC Hosts Vaishnavi Youth Group Observing Chaturmasya Upcoming Events...
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Srila Prabhupada’s Samadhi Mandir: 16th July 2019 - Guru Purnima Darshan.

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By Anasuya dasi
Q: How did you first come into contact with ISKCON New Govardhana?

elcoming and inspiring us in our devotional practice.

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