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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Bhagavad-gita as a “Habit-changing Treatise” (video)
A recent seminar by HG Braja Bihari Prabhu at Iskcon Naperville Temple.
A few thoughts
• “Nothing so needs reforming as other people’s habits.” Mark Twain
• “Good habits are worth being fanatical about”
John Irving
• “Everything you are used to, once done long enough, starts to seem natural, even though it might not be,’
Julien Smith

May 14, 2019 -- 127 views

ISKCON Chennai Organised ‘Unnati’, a Three Day Residential Summer Camp for Teenagers . Prema Ras das: In the summer of 2019, two scenic seaside villas came to life, as sixty-eight teenagers got together to participate in Unnati - a spiritual camp for teenagers conducted by ISKCON Chennai.
Unnati (meaning advancement) was conducted between April 19th to 21st and has drawn high praise and encouraging feedback from the attendees and their parents alike.

May 14, 2019 -- 805 views

When a bum named Robert knocked on the door of the New York temple (10 min. video)
Hamsarupa prabhu narrates the story of his ......

May 14, 2019 -- 1,001 views

New Gokula (Album of photos)
Ramai Swami: Even though our New Gokula farm is about two hours drive from Sydney and about an ho......

May 14, 2019 -- 115 views

Unity in diversity (video)
Recent seminar by Braja Bihari das in Iskcon Naperville Temple.
Brilliant presentation, often ......

May 13, 2019 -- 112 views

Dealing with aggression and anger.
Kadamba Kanana Swami: This is dependant on the seriousness of one’s anger and aggression. If it is very serious, then the person may need counseling. Krsna consciousness cannot resolve psychiatric or psychological problems. By chanting the Hare Krsna Mahamantra, one becomes purified, and eventually, both psychological and psychiatric problems can disappear. But it is important to remember however that people who are intensely affected by such problems, whether it be anger or depression or something else that fa...

May 13, 2019 -- 531 views

1. Study Sanskrit Pronunciation Guide and learn how all the letters are pronounced and ......

May 13, 2019 -- 1,769 views

Quick Recipe - Healthy Moong Dal Dosa (1 min video)
Srila Prabhupada: If the wife is helpful in the spiritual progress of life,......

May 13, 2019 -- 1,250 views

Revisiting the Still Point!
Today I would like to describe what has to happen for a normal conditioned soul to become a devotee. I would like to present the dynamics of transformation – how they are explained in the Vedas.
It is not an easy transformation. Someone who wants to keep things the way they are cannot really enter into spiritual life and undergo transformation. Sometimes spiritual life is seen as an addition to ordinary life, but if we take it seriously it becomes our life and the ordinary one dissolves itself. ...

May 13, 2019 -- 548 views

Leicester joins London for Maha Harinama Sankirtan (Album of photos)
Many devotees from Leicester joined the regular Bhaktived......

May 13, 2019 -- 125 views

How to teach Bhagavatam to Children - Seminar video.
Recently we have given a seminar on “How to teach Srimad Bhagavatam to Children”. In this seminar, we talk about how to systematically teach Srimad Bhagavatam to young children using Visual summaries and Poems. I have shared many examples which demonstrate kids developing a genuine desire to learn Srimad Bhagavatam and how they at a young age are absorbing the message of Srimad Bhagavatam very deeply.

May 13, 2019 -- 435 views

2019 North American Sankirtan Orientation Seminar, Dallas TX (Album of photos)
We had a wonderful 2019 North American Sankirtan Orientation Seminar last weekend at Dallas, TX by the wonderful HG Vaisesika Prabhu.
We had a record 65 people register for the seminar. Out of which we had 18 devotees visited us from outside Dallas. We had devotees visiting us from – Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Oklahoma, San Diego, Chicago, Berkley, and Indianapolis.

May 13, 2019 -- 400 views

The Eagle, The Fish & The Mystic Creatures in Bhakti.
By Shaunaka Muni Das.
Is it a bird-like plane? No! Is it a bird-like Superman? No, not quite! It’s Garuda! The eagle carrier of Lord Vishnu! He is certainly not just any eagle but a gigantic golden eagle, a hero of considerable strength, and devotion to God. ...

May 12, 2019 -- 495 views

Control - The Body, Bodily Conception & Freedom.
By Mukundanghri Das.
Everything in Julie’s life had spun out of control. Her dream job as a hotshot corporate banker had turned into a nightmare. It kept her working late into the night. The heels and the power suit in the Sandton high-rise building felt no different to a prison suit in a jail cell. There just wasn’t enough hours in the day. “God, why?” she murmured to herself in frustration. “Why am I not in control?” Julie contemplated resigning from work. ...

May 12, 2019 -- 690 views

Activating the Will of God.
By Nikunja Vilasini Dasi.
How many of us hide behind the will of God as an excuse to inactivity or laziness? And how many of us attribute our successes to our efforts alone? The Vedic scriptures teach us that nothing in this world moves without the will of God—He is the creator, controller, overseer of multifarious universes, the benefactor of speech, intelligence, talent, and everything else without which we would be considered useless; however, do we just sit back, waiting for God’s will to save or direct...

May 12, 2019 -- 378 views

“Bless My Son”
Living with Srila Prabhupada.
By Rukmini Devi Dasi.
The ultimate anxiety for every parent is how their child will fair in the world. Srila Prabhupada’s mother wanted him to study in London and become a barrister, akin to the current day I.T. specialist who scores a job in the USA. However, Srila Prabhupada lovingly describes how his father’s ambition differed. Gour Mohan De wanted Abhay (Srila Prabhupada ’s birth name) to be skilled in mridanga and the art of knowing and sharing the sacred scriptu...

May 12, 2019 -- 431 views

Srimati Sita Devi (consort of Lord Sri Rama) – Appearance.
Shrimati Sita Devi is the daughter of the Earth goddess, Bhumi Devi, and central figure of the Ramayana. InMaharishi Valmiki’s own words, Ramayana is known as the noble story of Sita “Sita-ayah Charitam Mahat”.

May 12, 2019 -- 102 views
On May 7 in the auspicious day of Aksaya Tritiya and second day of Ramadan, Villa Vrindavana devotees in Florence distributed prasada to the Muslim members in the mosque of Florence....
May 12, 2019 -- 530 views