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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Venice Maha Harinam 2016 (Album with photos)
The last 6th of February the devotees of the Prabhupada Desh’s community together with devotees from Milan and Florence held an ecstatic Harinama in the streets of Venice. Every year during this time thousands and thousands of people come to Venice to celebrate the famous Venice Carnival. And when the people in mask, who are there in a festive mood, meet the Harinama party begin to dance and chant happily with the devotees, thousands of prasadam cookies was distributed too.
The Venice Harinamas are...

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2016-02-12 Vrndavana parikrama and Javat and Ter-kadamba on Vasant-pancami 166 HR photos
Srila Prabhupada: It is not that one must chant at a certain time. No. At any time one may chant. Furthermore, Krishna’s name is identical with Krishna Himself. Therefore the holy name of Krishna is Krishna. (Teachings of Queen Kunti, 8, Purport).
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Canberra Rathayatra (Album with photos)
Ramai Swami: The Canberra devotees were asked to participate in the capital’s multicultural festival that lasted three days and had hundreds of stalls set up in Civic Square.
On the first day, there was a parade and the devotees were able to bring the Rathayatra cart from the Gold Coast and had the temple deities, Jagannatha, Baladeva and Subhadra Devi ride majestically through the city streets.
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Jayapataka Swami's Health Update 15/02/16 (14:00 Mayapur time)
Jayapataka Swami is currently hospitalized in Durgapur, West Bengal after becoming unwell and requiring further medical support. At this moment we request devotees to pray intensively for his wellbeing.
Jayapataka Swami arrived in Ekachakra on the 13th of February to install the deities and inaugurate the new temple. This is a fabulous temple and is presided with gorgeous deities. Around 10,000 people attended. On the14th Feb morning he developed a mild fever, which eventually subsided...

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Take up a Mission - Inspirational Video - Akhandadi Prabhu.
Pandava Sena Alumni Monthly’s present Akhandadi das, a previous Temple President of Bhaktivedanta Manor who lead the Manor through the campaign. With decades of experience in service to God, he speaks to inspire the youth and corporates of PSena to Take up a mission!
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Ekachakra deity installation maha Abhishek 2016 during the inauguration Festival of the new historical Iskcon temple of Lord Nityananda Prabhu at Ekachakra Dham on 14th Feb. 2016 (Album with photos)
“EKACHAKRA”: “EKA” means one and “CHAKRA” means wheel; this place is named “Ekachakra” because this is the place where the chariot-wheel fell, the one which Lord Sri Krishna took to kill Bhismadeva on the Battle of Kurukshetra. Ekachakra is the birthplace of Lord Nityananda (Nitai).
Ekachakra is located 16...

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Ecstatic Ratha Yatra Festival in St.Kilda Beach-Melbourne (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: If one hears a person say even once the word “Krishna” that person should be accepted as the best man out of the common group. (Sri Caitanya-caritamrta, Madhya-lila, 15, 106)
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February 15. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Satsvarupa dasa Goswami: Moving Apartments.
February 15, 1966. Srila Prabhupada moved from 501, downstairs two floors to a room all his own.
“I have changed my room to 307, in the same building as mentioned, for better air and light. It is on the roadside junction of two roads, the Columbus Avenue and 72nd Street.”
According to Dr. Mishra, Prabhupada moved in order to have his own place, independent of the Mishra Yoga Society.
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ISKCON Auckland New Zealand: Krishna Holi Festival 2016 (Album with photos)
Kalasamvara Das: Today thousands of guests turn up ......

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Choosing to be a part of God’s life.
Ananda Devi Dasi: Every year a group of yoga students from America go to the gardens of a flower grower in Vrindavan (India), who produces large amounts of flowers for the garlands and decorations in the many temples there. This year, however, the gardens did not have much to show. Weather and other factors had wiped out the crop and the gardener, already poor by our standards, was even poorer. As they sat with him he was jovial, telling them stories of Krishna and his temple experiences. ‘How can you be...

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Iskcon Sydney: Workshop with HG Mahatma Das (Album with photos)
“Building Community together”
Srila Prabhupada: Devotee means very liberal and kind to everyone, always gentleman under all kinds of conditions of life. Letter to Hamsaduta, December 10, 1972.
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The real meaning of (Saint) Valentine Day.
Radhanath Swami: When I was young, no one called it Valentines Day, everyone called it Saint Valentines day. You remember? Now they just call it Valentines Day because they don’t want to think about saints (laughter). Because it’s actually totally contradictory to the whole conception of what valentine’s day is all about. Who was saint valentine?
There were 2 saint valentines. And they were both celibate monks how were preachers of God consciousness. One of them was a catholic priest wh...

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Avoiding Yamaraja: Ajamila’s story. Ajamila’s story is given in the Bhagavata Purana (6th book, chapter 1) as an example to illustrate that even the most wicked person can attain salvation. Ajamila was a brahmana who was once sent by his father to the jungle to fetch leaves and twigs to make the sacrificial fire. Ajamila met there a beautiful sudra woman. Forgetting everything, the brahmana made her his wife and children were born to them. When that brahmana, who was the very embodiment of all vices, reached the age of eighty-seven, the time c...

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Oneness with God, Different from God, or both?
Urmila Devi Dasi: OBL Kapoor, godbrother of Srila Prabhupada, explains how the various sampradayas view simultaneous oneness with, and difference from, God, in this chapter of his well-known book. Srila Prabhupada especially liked this book and wanted ISKCON centers to distribute it. This chapter makes the concepts of oneness and difference very clear and as understandable as anything “inconceivable” can ever be!
This chapter is helpful for those are practitioners of bhakti-yoga, for those w...

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February 14. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Satsvarupa dasa Goswami: Prabhupada Is Not Ordinary.
The sastras warn us not to think of the spiritual master as an ordinary man. That is very hard for the nondevotees to comprehend. They think the spiritual master is an ordinary person because they see him growing old, or they see him show anger. They misjudge him in many ways. They have no idea what is ordinary and what is extraordinary. It takes spiritual vision to appreciate the pure devotee, but the sastras tell us the truth.

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Festival of India set to debut in Nigeria.
TVC E, LIFESTYLE – India is one of the most religiously diverse nations in the world, with some deeply religious societies and cultures.
The artistry and culture of the Indians is set to manifest in Nigeria at the first ever Festival of India, a celebration of cultural unity and diversity.
The international society for Krishna consciousness West Africa in partnership with the indian diaspora made the announcement in Lagos.
The Festival of India also called Rath Yaatra festival originated in t...

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Saturday Night Harinam London 6-02-2016 (11 min video)
RAIN AND STRONG WINDS… said the weather forecast. Still there was a great turnout of devotees and the Harinam was… special again. So many nice things happened. One devotee handed out prasadam to 5-6 police officers, one after the other, all in a row, while we were in Leicester Square. A little later on as we left the Square and moved off towards Piccadilly Circus, one policeman was seen playfully dancing, kicking his legs high into the air. Over the past 4/5 weeks three young studen...

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Travel Adventures of a Krishna Monk.
Diary of a Traveling Sadhaka by Krishna-kripa das - New York City Harinam, Albany. (Sent ......

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