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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

Tribhuvanatha Prabhu Appearance Day (27/11/15) (Album with photos)
Celebrating the birthday of the founder of the festival tea......

Nov 28, 2015 -- 561 views

November 28. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
He walked up on the stage and introduced himself to the people and tried to get them to come forward. He said, “Come forward, come forward.” A few of them came up to the front. There were mixed couples, many Indians, male and female, mostly middle-aged and some college aged, a lot of professor-types and ladies were there. Then he began his speech. He dove right into it. He just started exclaiming, proclaiming, the greatness of the Creator and that the most important thing is to ...

Nov 28, 2015 -- 500 views

Warming up for the December marathon of book distribution!
Srila Prabhupada Letter to Balavanta, 23rd November 1976 “I am very glad to hear how the book distribution is increasing more and more. This is our greatest weapon. The more the books are distributed, the more the ignorance of the age of Kali will be smashed. The world is feeling the weight of this Hare Krsna movement, especially in your country. We have to increase this book distribution work more and more to firmly establish this movement, which is the only hope for the suffering living...

Nov 27, 2015 -- 581 views

“Does God Exist?” (video)
Kishan Paun: an incredible class given by HG Bhuta Bhavana Prabhu on the topic of “Does God Exist?” at Harrow Jammin, a youth event by ISKCON Pandava Sena in London.
Watch it here:

Nov 27, 2015 -- 652 views

Srimati Ananda Murti, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada left her body. Trai Das: Hare Krsna I want to inform all the devotees that just......

Nov 27, 2015 -- 842 views

November 27. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
We didn’t know where Swamiji came from. He was asked, “Where did you come from? Who sent you?” Bit by bit, he told of his Guru Maharaj and the tradition he represented. Nowadays we speak with confidence about Prabhupada’s background and his intentions to spread Lord Caitanya’s sankirtana movement. But in the earliest days, no one knew anything about these things. We only knew Swamiji. First came Swamiji; everything else came later. He just started singing; he e...

Nov 27, 2015 -- 475 views

The …Mridangam Purana! (9 min video)
Hare Krishna Halder shares curious anecdotes about the origin of the folk music instrument Shree Khol from different Hindu texts. He traces the journey of Mridangam through the ages, to its present form. He emphasizes on the role of Shree Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in popularizing the instrument.
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Nov 26, 2015 -- 871 views

The Sankirtana arrives at the Pyramids! (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: Let there be all victory for the chanting of the......

Nov 26, 2015 -- 557 views

Arjuna Krishna’s 3D Mobile free App, Live Wallpaper (3 min video)
Everything which reminds us of Lord Krishna is useful! Let us bring Bhagavan to the center of what, for many, is their constant object of their attention :-)
Watch it here:

Nov 26, 2015 -- 1,887 views

Raval - The Birth Place of Radharani (8 min video)
Indradyumna Swami: Srimati Radharani appeared in Raval and later moved to Va......

Nov 26, 2015 -- 551 views

A visit to Sri Mayapur International School (Album with photos)
Sri Jahnavi dd: Last Wednesday Jayapataka Maharaj came to our school, he gave a very sweet and inspiring class. He said ‘I have faced many obstacles to come here today, but I really wanted to come to SMIS’ referring to a problem with the lift of his building.
Find them here:

Nov 26, 2015 -- 618 views

November 26. ISKCON 50 – S.Prabhupada Daily Meditations.
Another example of Prabhupada’s mix of worldliness and otherworldliness is his emphasis on book distribution. Prabhupada was not content to write his books on a palm leaf and just let them sit. He used book printing technology, although he said he was simply “blindly” following the order and example of his spiritual master. It took both spiritual acumen to write the books and down-to-earth practicality to transfer the spiritual message into type and then bind it. The book d...

Nov 26, 2015 -- 412 views

How I Came to Writing and Srila Prabhupada’s Encouragement for That Service - HG Visakha Dasi (4 min video)
HG Visakha Dasi has been a prolific author with her essays and books being widely appreciated by the Bhakti community and the Secular community as well. Her presentation of the timeless teachings of her Guru Srila Prabhupada in the Bhakti Tradition has been steady and deeply touching for many hearts. How did she start this service of writing? What keeps her inspired? What encouragement did she receive from Srila Prabhupada for this service?<...

Nov 25, 2015 -- 552 views

Last Day Of Damodar Month At Iskcon Salem (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: Krishna is the root of everything. IF He is pl......

Nov 25, 2015 -- 540 views

Rathayatra in Kumeu, New Zealand (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: Vedic evidence is called sabda-brahma. The real essence ......

Nov 25, 2015 -- 523 views

Harinama Sankirtana in Moscow, Russia (Album with photos)
Srila Prabhupada: Lord Krishna stresses the importance of remembering Him. One‘s memory of Krishna is revived by chanting the maha-mantra, Hare Krishna. By this practice of chanting and hearing the sound vibration of the Supreme Lord, one’s ear, tongue and mind are engaged. This mystic meditation is very easy to practice, and it helps one attain the Supreme Lord. (Bhagavad-Gita 8.8 Purport)
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Nov 25, 2015 -- 482 views

The Messenger (34 min video)
Tribute to Srila Prabhupada performed by the students of the Bhaktivedanta Academy, Alachua, on N......

Nov 25, 2015 -- 512 views

TOVP Facebook Page Reaches 250,000 Likes!
The TOVP Facebook Page recently achieved a landmark 250,000 Likes! All glories to Lo......

Nov 25, 2015 -- 489 views