Sep 10 2013 ISKCON Jalandhar celebrates Janmastami!

Rajesh Sharma: Iskcon Jalandhar(Punjab-India)celebrated a the most auspicious event of Sri Krishna Janmastami in a grand style

Sep 2 2013 Lion-Man Avatar game got approval from Apple

Avatari Games Team: On Janmastami day we got approval from Apple and have launched our first Lion-Man Avatar game based on Prahlad-Narsimhadeva pastime on the Apple Store

Aug 31 2013 Odissi Dance Workshop in Vrindavan During Kartik

Aja Govinda dasa: It is being offered by the renowned Odissi dance school Venunad Kalakendra International Dance Academy in Vrindavan

Aug 30 2013 Film Production to begin on the life of the Hare Krishna Movement’s Founder, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Krishna Gopal Das: Washington, DC – Film Production to begin on the life of the Hare Krishna Movement’s Founder, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Production commences on the charismatic leader’s appearance day, Thursday August 29th, 2013

Aug 23 2013 60,000 expected at Bhaktivedanta Manor’s Janmashtami Festival

Radha Mohan Das: After the recent private opening of the George Harrison memorial Garden by Olivia Harrison (the wife of the of the late Beatle) and British TV presenters Monty Don and Peter Owen Jones, the garden is now open to the public at the grand Krishna festival held at Bhaktivedanta Manor

Aug 22 2013 New Govardhana Australia, Launches Bhakta Training Program

Damodara Pandit das: The course will cover three handbooks entitled Devotional Practice; Theology and Philosophy; and Vaisnava Culture. Classes will be held four days a week from 4.00-6.00 p.m. We will dive into the ever-blissful ocean of harinama-sankirtana three times a week

Aug 15 2013 Another small step for ISKCON UK, another big step in following Srila Prabhupada’s Instructions

Saci Premamayi Devi Dasi: On Tuesday the 13th of August 2013 another rather unspectacular but noteworthy event took place at Bhaktivedanta Manor, London. The signing of an affiliation and Licence agreement between the original ISKCON charity of 1969 and the new ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Manor charity

Aug 11 2013 Sri Sri Radha Rasesvara Youth Team Program

Atma Rama dasa: All glories for Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, because of His blessing, Sri Sri Radha Rasesvara Youth Team could accomplish the Harinama Sankirtan program for the very first time

Aug 8 2013 3rd Croome Hare Krishna Festival 2013

Tribhangananda das: Do you remember...Chaitanya College, at Croome Court? This is the 3rd annual Croome Hare Krishna Festival in the Court and picturesque 700-acre grounds of Croome Park

Aug 7 2013 What You Need to Know About Hare Krishnas

Urmila Devi Dasi: Barbara Bradley Hagerty, the reporter, did this some time ago as part of a story about HK in NYC and our Chaplain programs with Gadadhar Pandit. It is well written and a very good intro for the public

Aug 7 2013 2.0 Launched

Nityānanda Chandra Dās: is the best place on the web to get ISKCON related content from around the world. Blogs by many sannyasis such as H.H. Giriraj Swami, H.H. Devamrita Swami, H.H. Indradyumna Swami, H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami, H.H. Prahladananda Swami, and H.H. Sivarama Swami.

Aug 4 2013 The 50th is Coming

Sankirtana Das: 2015 and 1016 mark the 50th anniversaries of Srila Prabhupada's arrival in America and the formation of ISKCON respectively. These anniversaries are ideal opportunities for devotees to speak about Srila Prabhupada, the Movement he created and demonstrate the impact it has made

Jul 31 2013 Deserved attention to Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati

Tattvavit Dasa: Modern Hindu Personalism was Oxford University Press’s choice when it came to nominating an OUP book for the 2013 American Academy of Religion award for Best First Book in the History of Religion

Jul 26 2013 Nelson Mandela’s 95th Birthday Celebrated Internationally

Parasuram das: Last week 30 good hearted people decided to sacrifice their time and energy by coming to Matchless Gifts in London and spend the day decorating the whole building

Jul 24 2013 MayapurTV AT WOODSTOCK LIVE

Giri-vallabha dasa: Last year we decided to stream live video from Krishna’s Village of Peace at Przystanek Woodstock and give everyone a chance to be a part of the legendary Ratha Yatra’s Kirtans

Jul 22 2013 Tampa Bay Rath Yatra in the Tampa Bay Times

William R. Levesque: Members of Florida and Tampa Bay's Indian community gathered Sunday to celebrate Rath Yatra, the festival of chariots, at the Indian Cultural Center on Lynn Road in North Tampa

Jul 21 2013 Bhugola Varnanam - An ancient book on Puranic Cosmology

Hari Parshad Das: For all those who wish to study the Cosmology of the Universe described in the Bhagavatam through the via medium of Sri Vadiraja Tirtha (a respected acharya in the Madhva disciplic succession), I've managed to find and upload an English Translation of his composition named Bhugola Varnanam

Jul 20 2013 Voice Master course for ISKCON

Bhaktivaibhava Swami: I want to emphasize that this course is “not exclusively” for those, who are engaged in verbal communication services or professions. It is meant for everyone, who wants to improve verbal communication with anyone – devotees, family members, friends, husband and wife

Jul 13 2013 Meeting the former President of India

ISKCON Delhi Promotions: HG Yudhistir Govinda Das and HG Advaita Krishna Das from ISKCON Delhi recently met Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam,former President of India (2002-2007), at his residence

Jul 12 2013 Dr A P J Abdul Kalam inaugurated Heart Care Center at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mumbai

Vaishnava seva dasa: I am happy to inform You that Hon. Dr A P J Abdul Kalam inaugurated Heart Care Center at Bhaktivedanta Hospital, Mira Road on 1st July, 2013.

Jul 12 2013 The Hanumen

Satyaraja Dasa: When I first heard the Hanumen at the famous Menla Mountain Resort in Phoenicia, New York, I was taken by the fact that they sat in a circle, and concentrically around them sat the audience

Jul 12 2013 Mayapur Jhulan Yatra Festival 2013 16th (Adivas) 17th-21sy August

Saranagati Dasi: With great pleasure we would like to invite you to participate in the annual 2013 Jhulan Yatra Festival here in Sri Dham Mayapur

Jul 7 2013 Life Should be Easy not Complicated

Madhavananda das: Amazing video about simple living

Jul 5 2013 Big Island Farm Welcomes Prabhupada Disciples

Yashoda Dulal Das: After a year of hard work and development, the farm administration warmly invites all Prabhupada Disciples the world over to come live and worship on our beautiful 20-acre property

Jun 30 2013 The “Memories of Srila Prabhupada” DVD series continues with Part 54 featuring Achyutananda das

Siddhanta Das: Having just printed his new book, "Blazing Sadhus", we now have a personal look into his association with Prabhupada and the many ways he was convinced philosophically to take to the bhakti path

Jun 18 2013 Prasad Distribution Manchester June 15 2013

Parasuram das: Srila Prabhupada would say"don't waste your valuable life", or "don't waste your time",or "don't waste a farthing"or"simply don't waste". Can you believe we live in an age where we waste 40% of good food,when that food could be diverted from landfills,cooked as an offering to Krishna and distributed profusely to the poor souls of Kali yuga---everyone

Jun 18 2013 Ever Increasing Bliss – 24 Hour Kirtan in New Vrindaban

Lilasuka dasi: One guest remarked: “For me, this 24 hour kirtan was the most powerful one to date. I felt that the devotees have become more mature and are taking the chanting more seriously. I felt a deep heart connection. The chanting at this kirtan rose to a new level.”

Jun 18 2013 Spanish Hinduism has its first national meeting

Krishna Kripa Dasa: Among the speakers was the writer and editor Alvaro Enterría, resident in Varanasi (India) for 30 years, whose exposure to Orthodox Hinduism and integration of foreigners mainly revolved around his personal experience as a Hindu believer of western origin in that country

Jun 15 2013 London Rathayatra June 9th 2013

Mahatma Das: There are many things I liked about Rathayatra, but two stood out as distinct among other ratha yatra festivals I have ever attended. One is that I have never had such good prasadam at any rathayatra I have ever attended

Jun 13 2013 Childers Lord Mayor Gets A Copy Of Science Of Self Realization.

Yadavendra Das: I was approaching my sankirtan van when I noticed a nice, new, immaculately white four wheels drive that had just parked next to my van

Jun 13 2013 Bath Ratha Yatra

Parasuram das: Parasuram das: Is this the biggest Rathayatra in the UK? No!!! But this is an example of how Jagannath brings everyone out on Harinam. This Rathayatra takes place every year in the town of Bath, an old Roman town famous for... wait for it....Roman baths

Jun 13 2013 Let’s be an instrument for Krishna/Harinam standards

Parasuram das: The harmonium is played horizontally and the accordion is played vertically.(no sound difference). The Indian tambora is played vertically and the European tambora is played horizontally

Jun 8 2013 FIFTH ANNUAL Ratha Yatra at Harrisburg PA , 2013

Pariksit Dasa: Devotees of the Harrisburg, PA nama hatta (Institute of Higher Understanding, IoHU, under Srila Prabhupada) cordially invite you to the fifth annual Ratha Yatra on South Front Street (crossing street is State Street) in downtown Harrisburg

Jun 6 2013 Spiritual Abode in Noida

Narsimhavatara Das: Hare Krishna, All Glories To Srila Prabhupada. I have tried to show my gratitude in the below article towards devotees who helped me advancing in Krishna consciousness.

Jun 6 2013 Antyesti Samskara — The last rites (Vedic funeral rites)

Shyamasundara Dasa: Considering that almost daily we are reading about the passing of some exalted Vaisnavas and that this trend will only continue, I thought it might be wise to publish the Antyesti Samskara -- the Vedic funeral rights -- as transmitted by Srila Gopala Bhatta Gosvami, so that devotees would know what to do in such inevitable circumstances

Jun 6 2013 Vaishnava Padavali (Anthology of about 4000 Gaudiya Vaishnava Songs)

Hari Parshad Das: For the pleasure of the Gaudiya Vaishnavas, especially those who are adept at reading Bengali, i've managed to find upload Vaishnava Padavali - an anthology of 4000 songs relevant to the Gaudiya Vaishnavas

Jun 4 2013 Fair weather devotees? No Chance!

Parasuram das: Singing in the Rain Friday 24th May 2013 Lord Narasimhadev's appearance day and it rained cats and dogs,or should we say "hogs and dogs".From early morning to late at night cold rain fell relentlessly

Jun 3 2013 The Mahabharata with a Commentary by Sri Nilakantha

Hari Parshad Das: By the mercy of Lord Krishna and the Vaishnavas, i've managed to find and upload the entire Mahabharata with one commentary on it. Those devotees who are adept at reading Sanskrit and wish to read the Mahabharata with this ancient commentary can now do so

Jun 1 2013 Pied Piper

Parasuram das: GM Demo In London; On the 25th May 2013, a massive worldwide demo took place against GM food and the nasty politics that accompanies it

Jun 1 2013 Sacinandana Maharaja’s invitation to Goranga Camp in Serbia

Fruska Goranga Camp: You are cordially invited to join the 10th Serbian Summer Camp in the hills of Fruska Gora and fill your life with spiritual inspiration, strength and nourishment
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