Nov 13 2011 Letter of Bhakti Vikasa Swami

By Bhakti Vikasa Swami

Some recent lectures in which I expressed concern about ISKCON have caused considerable concern within ISKCON. Several devotees have stated that they empathize with many of my points, but not with the manner of presentation and the fact that not all my statements were entirely accurate


Oct 12 2008 Changing the design of the TVP: Reply to Hari-sauri

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit das

We note that our main concerns have this far not been properly addressed at all by Hari Sauri Prabhu or anyone else. . . . Statements Srila Prabhupada made directly to his design team did not mention the U. S. Capitol, and he in fact approved an Indian design and said it should be constructed.


Oct 10 2008 Good Science, Bad Science - A response to Rupanuga prabhu’s paper

Hare KrishnaBy Hari-sauri dasa

Sriman Rupanuga prabhu (ACBSP 1966) has recently distributed a short paper called “A Scientific Method for Evaluating Editorial Changes to Srila Prabhupada's Books.”


Sep 7 2008 Changing the Design of the TVP: Reply to Ambarisa

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit Dasa

We all respect the positions you have taken and find much that, from your perspective, is understandable. We hope that you will read our point-by-point reply in the same spirit as that in which it was written.


Sep 3 2008 Reply to point one of nine reasons to change the TOVP

Hare KrishnaBy Hari-sauri dasa

Its clear that there are some strong feelings amongst some devotees that the US Capitol building-based design is not going to serve our purposes, and that is natural. There is hardly a building of significance in the world that does not have its detractors.


Sep 1 2008 TVP–A Personal Reflection

Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

When Srila Prabhupada’s puspa-samadhi opened in Mayapur, a godbrother commented to me that it was not in the Bengali style and suggested that it should have been built in the original, authentic, local style, to fit with the architecture of the other temples in the area.


Aug 28 2008 TVP Discussion

Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

Yesterday I visited Dandavats. com to see the discussion about the design of the TVP, and I saw Tattvavit Prabhu’s letter, which included a sentence from a letter from me to him, which was featured by the editors of the Web site on the front page. And so I thought to clarify my position.


Aug 24 2008 My response regarding the design of the TVP

Hare KrishnaBy Ambarisa das

Let me preface my response to specific points below by saying that of course the GBC can decide to do what it wants in this matter. We are a small, but dedicated group of disciples and grand disciples who have given ourselves over the last two years or so, to getting something done in Mayapur.


May 14 2008 Annotations

Hare KrishnaBy Madhava Gosh das

My premise is that the only way that Srila Prabhupada’s books can be retained in their original version is through the use of annotations. Think of Shakespeare.


Aug 15 2006 “ISKCON, with all thy faults, I love thee”

Hare KrishnaBy Srutadeva das

Certainly I don’t think anyone involved in ISKCON will disagree that there is much room for improvement. But let us not subsribe to the logic of “give the dog a bad name and hang it.” Because there have been many problems within ISKCON, some of an extremely serious nature, that does not mean that the whole purpose and mission of ISKCON has been a failure.


Aug 14 2006 Siksa or Diksa Sampradaya

Hare KrishnaBy Bhadra Govinda Dasa

Siksa guru and diksa guru are identical, and the importance of siksa is quite well explained by our founder acarya in the first chapter of Adi Lila of Caitanya Caritamrita. That is sufficient and adequate for us, and there is no need to coin a term "siksa sampradaya" or "siksa parampara."


Aug 11 2006 How to break habits

Hare KrishnaBy Romapada Swami

The process of retraction of bad habits can be summed up as follows: Recognition, Regret, Rectification, and Reinstatement - aided by saintly association and devotional practices.


Aug 9 2006 Failing to offer all articles first to Srila Prabhupada on the temple Vyasasana

Hare KrishnaBy Yadavendra das

The author of this article has noticed that there sometimes arises a doubt about the propriety of offering all articles such as ghee lamp, water, flowers and perfume first and directly to Srila Prabhupada seated on the temple room Vyasasana. This article aims to help eradicate such doubts in the mind of the reader.


Aug 8 2006 A response to Hari-kirtana prabhu regarding my article

Hare KrishnaBy Hari-sauri dasa

In an age where empirical evidence is supreme and in the face of political pressure these "followers" are reluctant to assert the truth of our authorities's statements. It is therefore prudent to use scientific research where possible to convince the minds of the intelligent class that the Vedas are reliable and authentic.


Jul 31 2006 A Matter of Perspective

Hare KrishnaBy Vishnugada dasa

With the frequent use of corporal punishment even today in America, one may ask the question whether differentiating between what society considers “justifiable” corporal punishment and what is considered physical abuse is clear cut and concise. Have definitions of physical abuse changed over time and according to the location of the incident?



Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

But more than anything else, I pray to Srila Prabhupada to keep me in the association of his sincere followers and allow me to serve them--as he would want--eternally. Because I know that in the association of his sincere followers, I will find Srila Prabhupada, my most cherished goal.


Jul 25 2006 “Too many Chiefs and not enough Indians”

Hare KrishnaBy Ramabhadra das

From every angle of vision of true circumstance that I inspected this case from, the GBC and CPO have always acted with respect, and restraint toward Dhanurdhara Swami and especially with concern for the care and well being of his innocent initiated disciples. It is his so-called friends who muddy the waters by constantly causing Dhanurdhara Swami’s dirty laundry to be aired in public forum.


Jul 25 2006 Impartial We Stand Biased We Fall

Hare KrishnaBy Laksmi Nrsimha Das

I, like many devotees around the world, have been following the chain of events and subsequent opinions surrounding the Dhanurdhara Swami case. I have patiently listened to all points presented to date by the concerned Vaisnava community and would like to make a humble attempt to put forth my observations regarding this pivotal decision facing the GBC at present.


Jul 25 2006 I beg your pardon

Hare KrishnaBy Chaitanya Mangala dasa

There is ample philosophical support that if in the course of doing their duties Vaishnavas transgress material laws the mercy of the Lord may mitigate their reactions. Some scriptural references imply that under certain circumstances devotees may not be subject to the same laws as non-devotees. However, scriptures also state that devotees would not break these laws anyways because they understand the negative implications of doing so.


Jul 23 2006 Treating Vaisnavas with Care–in Appreciation of Satyaraja Prabhu’s Points

Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

Your letters were well-considered and well-articulated, and I much appreciated them. Certainly, we must seriously consider the words of sadhu, sastra, and guru in all our deliberations. We are meant to represent Srila Prabhupada, who himself represented his guru-parampara, our disciplic line from Srila Rupa Gosvami.


Jul 20 2006 Missing the Forest for the Trees-A reply to Satyaraja Prabhu’s “Truth Is Many-sided”

Hare KrishnaBy Badrinarayan dasa

No one wins by Satyaraja Prabhu and me jousting online. Rather, the wounds on both sides are only deepened and the inevitable offenses increased. My fervent prayer is that Satyaraja Prabhu will turn his keen intelligence toward working with us to find a solution to this situation, one that addresses both sides of the truth, not just the side he likes.


Jul 19 2006 The most honorable position

Hare KrishnaBy Bhimasena das

In the end, the consistent request from gurukulis is for ISKCON not to approve DDS’s position as a transparent via medium to the Supreme Lord Krsna himself. In order to move forward as a society we need to stop the secrecy and backdoor finagling.


Jul 19 2006 Deadbeats in ISKCON

Hare KrishnaBy Varnadi das

By their refusal to fulfil court-ordered child support obligations or to offer the remaining custodial parent the non-monetary contributions that would benefit the child(ren) while growing up, these people have become abusers through neglect and abandonment.


Jul 14 2006 Sannyasa and Iskcon

Hare KrishnaBy Gaura Keshava das

Sannyasa is not taken in ISKCON in the traditional Varnashram manner. Sannyasa in ISKCON is “awarded” to candidates that apply for it and go through the Society’s system of being considered and placed on a waiting list for years.


Jul 13 2006 The Essence of Dharma is Truth - a response to “Time to be Dharmic”

Hare KrishnaBy Badrinarayan Dasa

What follows is not an official GBC position paper. Rather, it is a statement of one member's personal views, expressed in response to Satyaraja Prabhu's posting on titled "Time to Be Dharmic." I respect Satyaraja Prabhu's right to express his opinions. At the same time, I feel the need to balance the scale.


Jul 10 2006 Dharma is protected by government in Mexico

Hare KrishnaBy Narendra dasa

After seen dandavats. com post about UP plan to control Hindu Temples I want to expose Mexican experience in the same regard. ISKCON first temple (Mexico City) was opened in 1970 by Citsukhananda das (ACBSP), and Guadalajara Temple in 1975.


Jul 7 2006 Mayapur GBC report 2006 - part 2

Hare KrishnaBy Badrinarayan dasa

During a recent istagosthi in Los Angeles, Badrinarayana Prabhu presented some relevant news from around the ISKCON world as well as some crucial decisions of the GBC body


Jul 6 2006 Wheels of justice

Hare KrishnaBy Malati Devi Dasi

It is said, the wheels of justice slowly grind, and they grind exceedingly fine. And sometimes, beyond the slow wheels of "justice," it seems that it is time to "do the right thing." Silence = Death (this was the motto of Act Up, an early AIDS advocacy group). I cannot remain "silent" any longer.


Jul 3 2006 Revelation of siddha-svarupa

Hare KrishnaBy Romapada Swami

One of the devotees said that the spiritual master would reveal one's svarup at some point of time when such a disciple has reached such a stage. My humble opinion is that such a practice is not there in ISKCON and as and when a devotee reaches such a stage of advancement it will be known to him naturally.


Jul 1 2006 Yukta-vairagya

Hare KrishnaBy Shiva das

To broadcast the cult of Krishna consciousness, one has to learn the possibility of renunciation in terms of country, time and candidate. A candidate for Krishna consciousness in the Western countries should be taught about the renunciation of material existence, but one would teach candidates from a country like India in a different way.


Jun 30 2006 Was the head of our sampradaya a child abuser?

Hare KrishnaBy Tamohara das

First, Srila Prabhupada very clearly states in one of the first purports that this was NOT the Brahma who was instructed from within by Krsna, and became the founder of our sampradaya (Brahma is a post, not a person). Prabhupada says that this Brahma with the daughter Vak is from a different kalpa.


Jun 27 2006 Déjà vu

Hare KrishnaBy Caitanya Bhagavat das

In India, the rule of propaganda is a simple one: Whoever has the loudest speaker gets heard. Volume equals truth. “The truth,” therefore, is whatever information you repeatedly hear the loudest. However, the danger of speaking loudly is that you might not be speaking rightly.


Jun 26 2006 Regarding the zero tolerance policy

Hare KrishnaBy Visakha Priya dasi

Your appeal raises a very deep philosophical question, which threatens the very existence of the Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya sampradaya, because the first child abuser in the creation is none other than the head of our sampradaya, Lord Brahma.


Jun 25 2006 In reply to the Hinduization of ISKCON

Hare KrishnaBy Gaura Keshava das

Yes, we should preach to other Hindus and Vaisnavas in the same way that we preach to Atheists and members of other religious traditons. We should point out the unique aspects of our philosophy to them.


Jun 22 2006 CPO Response to Zero Tolerance Petition

Hare KrishnaBy Tamohara das

So, while I support the spirit of this petition, I feel that the CPO judges should have some latitude to invoke a range of restrictions appropriate to the facts of each case.


Jun 21 2006 Letter from Dhanurdhara Swami to the devotees

Hare KrishnaBy Dhanurdhara Swami

Though I can't say I realize all the pain I have inflicted, I have witnessed the strong emotions of those I have harmed and know their wounds are deep. I'd like to reiterate my pledge to continue to meet gurukula alumni, beg for their forgiveness, and to offer whatever help I can.


Jun 20 2006 Proper Rectification for Child Abuser

Hare KrishnaBy Gaurav Mittal

When I was in school, I went to Jagannath Puri. I felt so pure in that environment that I chanted around 80 rounds every day for a week. But unfortunately, my mind was somewhere else. When I analyse it, chanting 80 rounds did not spiritually elevate me.


Jun 19 2006 Mayapur GBC report 2006

Hare KrishnaBy Badrinarayan dasa

During a recent istagosthi in Los Angeles, Badrinarayana Prabhu presented some relevant news from around the ISKCON world as well as some crucial decisions of the GBC body


Jun 17 2006 Dear GBC members

Hare KrishnaBy Madhumati dasi

So all of you have been using your brains, having meetings, have been trying different strategies and also praying individually, but may be now it is time that everyone all together go to Srila Prabhupada with him as your leader and approach Lord Sri Krishna and let Him guide you. It may sound impractical but it is not.


Jun 17 2006 Hinduization of Iskcon: another view

Hare Krishna By Phanisvara das

I'm living in india and don't have experience in temples in the west, or far away from india, with large indian communities. My "knowledge" comes from other devotees' reports, which means i can't be very sure of what i'm going to say - i'm ready to be corrected by others who know more, but i'm feeling pretty strong about this topic.

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