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Hare KrishnaBy Radhanatha Swami

Love is not to want peace but service. To want service is a selfless motivation. Our nature is to love and serve eternally. The need of the soul is love not peace. Peace is a neutral state where there are no problems. It is not positive. Just like when two countries are fighting and they want peace. Peace means they are just not fighting anymore. But the soul is dynamic and part of Krishna. The soul’s nature is to love. Nitya siddha krishna prema…So when t...

October 29, 2014 -- 880 views
Hare KrishnaBy Vaishnavangri Sevaka Das

"Oh! Fiftieth ISKCON incorporation day is fast approaching. I should do something special that can be long lasting" said my intelligence enthusiastically. "Come on. Don't be crazy. Still there is more than one and half year to go for that golden jubilee celebration of ISKCON incorporation day. There is no need to waste time now" said loudly my mind. "Stop your useless talk. Do you think it is an ordinary occasion? It is a great occasion for ISKCON, whi...

October 27, 2014 -- 1,045 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sukhi Bhakta Dasa

A devotee in the International Society for Krishna Consciousness, especially one who takes up the brahmacari asrama, is almost certain to hear an oft stated, yet philosophically unsound, assumption about the will of Krishna and the guidance He gives the living entity from within the heart. The concept is this: that the first place one begins one’s devotional service at, generally the first temple or preaching center one steps foot in, is automatically one’...

October 27, 2014 -- 822 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhaktisiddhanta Swami

The meanings of Dipavali, its symbols and rituals, and the reasons for celebration are innumerable. Dipavali celebrates Lord Rama's glorious and long-awaited return to His Kingdom of Ayodhya after his fourteen long years of exile in the forests. It commemorates Lord Krsna's victory over the demon Narakasura who had kidnapped and terrorized the gopis of Vrndavana. Before the evil Naraka was finally killed by Bhagavan Krsna in the presence of Satyabhama, he...

October 24, 2014 -- 1,160 views
Hare KrishnaBy Srila Prabhupada

(Letter from Srila Prabhupada to Hamsadutta dasa written from Seattle). Diwali ceremony can be observed in the temple by illuminating 100s of candles, indifferent parts of the temple, and offering a special Prasad to the Deity. This ceremony was observed by the inhabitants of Ayodhya, the Kingdom of Lord Ramachandra, while Lord Ramachandra was out of His Kingdom due to His 14 years banishment by the order of His father. His younger step-brother Bharat, took cha...

October 23, 2014 -- 1,313 views
Hare KrishnaBy Vrndavana Vinodini Devi Dasi

Hearing good news about others affects people in different ways. Personally, the feelings it evokes within me serves as a barometer of how emotionally healthy I am and my relationship with the individual. Feelings of joy and "they totally deserve it" are what I aim for. However, in instances where it dredges up not so pleasant emotions, I realize I have internal work to do. As an aspiring practitioner of bhakti this is what I too long to be: the ha...

October 22, 2014 -- 795 views
Hare KrishnaBy Mayesvara Dasa

Many people who seek pleasure predominantly from mundane sense gratification eventually discover towards the end of their life that it just doesn’t satisfy the soul. We see the results of this when we observe the elderly. Many have lost their zest for life. They have been to see Santa Clause, the beach, amusement parks, ballgames, fairgrounds, political conventions, group protests, pumpkin hay rides, prominent site seeing and all the other pleasures of life eno...

October 20, 2014 -- 826 views
Hare KrishnaBy Devaki Devi Dasi

As we all know, in these modern days there has been an increase of violence and aggression towards women. We can understand this to be the direct result of the fact that women don't receive protection any longer. And of course, ladies can only be protected if they desire to receive protection. It also includes that we have to give up our independance - the price to be payed in order to receive protection. The whole idea of equality of men and women makes this ...

October 18, 2014 -- 2,739 views
Hare KrishnaBy Stephen Lacey

Tony Kaye (Pratapana Das), 67, and his wife Janet (Jayasri Dasi), 55, joined the Hare Krishna movement in the 1970s. They run a restaurant and art house-cinema in Sydney's Darlinghurst. The couple have two adult children, Srirama and Vraja. Tony was asked to run the temple in Sydney, and to marry me. The leaders asked if I would be interested, especially considering there's an 11-year age difference between us. I said I would, because I knew who they were talking ...

October 18, 2014 -- 1,206 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhaktisiddhanta Swami

After bathing in Radha Kund, Krishna declared that henceforth, anyone who with firm faith took their bath on this day would achieve the same ecstatic love that Radharani had for Him. Radharani and Her girlfriends then took bath in Shyama Kund and Radhika declared that anyone who takes bath in Shyama Kund, will achieve the same ecstatic love that Krishna has for her. This pastime occurred at 11:45 p.m. on the eighth day of the waning moon in the auspicious...

October 18, 2014 -- 1,049 views
Hare KrishnaBy Zachary Feder and Khatera Sahibzada

In an age where authoritarian power is being questioned from the classroom to the boardroom, the emerging research is conclusive -- Humility is a dramatically more powerful and effective way of leading. Scientific inquiry into the power and effectiveness of humility in the workplace has shown that it offers a significant “competitive advantage” to leaders.

October 17, 2014 -- 848 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kadamba Kanana Swami

Wherever in this world there were great manifestations of love between Radha and Krsna, not only was it an extraordinary experience for those who were present there, but actually that entire place also became transformed. Various places in Vrindavan, where Radha and Krsna had great exchanges of love, are very potent with powerful mercy that becomes available to us as well. The appearance of Radha-kund, the lake of Srimati Radharani, is a most special occasi...

October 15, 2014 -- 1,097 views
By Praghosa Dasa

This Krsna consciousness movement is the solution and we have been given the responsibility of organizing it in such a way that it becomes the solution. Specifically in relation to exploitation and modern slaves, there is nothing that worries the powers that be more than a system such as varnasrama. The varnasrama system by its very nature creates a society that is not only independent of ugra karma needs and their suppliers but it also creates independent thinkers with revolutiona...

October 9, 2014 -- 5,668 views
Hare KrishnaBy Dusyanta dasa

Our farm projects are an extremely important part of our movement. We must become self-sufficient by growing our own grains and producing our own milk, and then there will be no question of poverty. So develop these farm communities as far as possible. They should be developed as an ideal society depending on natural products not industry. Industry has simply created godlessness, because they think they can manufacture everything that they need.

October 6, 2014 -- 949 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kesava Krsna Dasa

Many devotees have extolled the formalisation of our Founder-acarya being given his rightful place within ISKCON. Others say there is still more to come to this effect. This is a recent development. What if this solemnisation had been in place after the physical departure of Srila Prabhupada and during the numerous times of ISKCON difficulty, when this could have prevented hundreds, thousands or perhaps even tens of thousands of devotees from leaving ISKCO...

October 1, 2014 -- 1,328 views
Hare KrishnaBy Brendan O'Connor

Gradually they are coming out the woodwork. And suddenly it seems that half the people I know are secretly meditating. They range from casual transcendental meditators to practically full-blown Buddhists or Hare Krishnas. And the strange thing is that these are not hippies or crusties or drop-outs or people living alternative lifestyles on an ashram-inspired commune near Sligo. Just regular blokes, a few of them quite senior in what they do. There are thrustin...

September 29, 2014 -- 1,453 views
Hare KrishnaBy Chandan Yatra Das

Sri Murari Gupta was a very intimate associate whose pastimes with Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu were steeped in the loving bond of their eternal relationship. As an incarnation of Hanuman, Murari Gupta is as dear to Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu as Hanuman is to Lord Ramacandra.

September 27, 2014 -- 927 views
Hare KrishnaBy Vraja Bihari Das

At modern times we have some very powerful distractions that take us away from the association of devotees. Earlier we could sit for long hours with devotees and talk to them about Krishna Consciousness but nowadays we have so many electronic gadgets, and in the name of ‘utility is the principle’ or also called as ‘yuktavairagya’, we are trapped by the gadgets and go far away from Krishna and His loving devotees.

September 19, 2014 -- 1,210 views
Hare KrishnaBy Devaki Devi Dasi

Spiritual culture has to become the very content and substance of Devotee Care - otherwise it could very easily remain hollow and simply an organisational structure with so many bureaucratic systems

September 14, 2014 -- 1,339 views
Hare KrishnaBy Dusyanta dasa

If there is one food that represents the fullness of the mode of goodness, the Earth, the Moon and our mother cow it has to be Ghee or mother Ghee. Many of us who experience ghee just do so by opening a tin of ghee purchased at the market store. But how many of us really think about this product and how it came to be in this tin in this form. For devotees who are aspiring to live the “simple” lifestyle influenced as much as possible by the mode of goodness t...

September 14, 2014 -- 1,095 views
Hare KrishnaBy Advaita Chandra das

Our modern lives and the decisions we take on a daily basis are typically driven by three major forces - DATA (D), MONEY (M) and RIGHTS (R) - which influence and move us sometimes in very subtle ways. We search for happiness by manipulating these forces to get material sense enjoyment. Unfortunately, the happiness we experience is fleeting and disappointingly unsubstantial. Consequently, many are frustrated and angry with the status quo. And, well-being, at...

September 12, 2014 -- 741 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kesava Krsna Dasa

Since we are all human, we can be expected to display human social and emotional traits. On a devotee managerial and leadership level, somehow we all expect superhuman Vaisnava traits to emerge, whatever that means, and it will probably never happen. Vaisnavas are very human, but their ways and mannerism reflect a selfless nature. Devotee leadership is best undertaken by selfless devotees who exhibit selfless traits of empathy, compassion and understanding...

September 12, 2014 -- 1,281 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhakti Vikas Swami

"Regarding astrology, you should not listen to any of these so-called astrologers—strictly avoid. Don’t even see them. What is the use of seeing them? Astrology is meant for the materialist, but a spiritualist does not care for the future. Everything is dependent upon Krishna. So where is the necessity of astrology? "

September 11, 2014 -- 847 views
Hare KrishnaBy Patita Pavana das

“If there were no one to control, there would be no meaning to the conception of the supreme controller (isvara), just as there is no meaning to a king without his subjects. If all the subjects became king, there would be no distinction between the king and an ordinary citizen.. Someone may argue, “Why is there a need to create the spiritual sparks?” The answer can be given in this way: Since the Absolute Personality of Godhead is omnipotent, He has both...

September 7, 2014 -- 765 views
Hare KrishnaBy Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura

No matter whenever and wherever I happen to take birth, let my loving affection and attachment remain unshaken throughout each and every lifetime for the following things: for my divine spiritual master, for Sri Gauranga, for the detailed topics of pure devotional service (and the methods of its execution) as personally instructed by Him, for the holy places of pilgrimage such as Sri Navadvipa, Sri Kshetra, Sri Vrndavana, etc. , which are all bloomin...

September 7, 2014 -- 1,301 views
Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

If a case of illicit sex between a man and an unmarried woman were brought before Prabhupada, he never blamed the woman. He said it is the man's fault because the man is supposed to be strong and intelligent, and that a woman naturally and innocently follows a man. A man’s role is to protect and provide. Protection and exploitation are opposites. So if a woman went along with a man's sexual aggression, Prabhupada wouldn't blame her. Why? Because the man is suppos...

September 3, 2014 -- 5,025 views
Hare KrishnaBy Akruranatha dasa

Srila Prabhupada wanted us to set up ISKCON as an almost self-contained, devotional society, with our own schools, farms, economy, and social system. So far we have not completely realized that ambition, though there are some very good schools and options for those who want to live a life of 'full-time' engagement in ISKCON. But we also have large 'outside congregations' of devotee (like myself) who have our own jobs, careers, and community engagements. Now the...

September 3, 2014 -- 1,009 views
Hare KrishnaBy Antardwip das

Some people hold that, having been prophesied by scripture, by Lord Chaitanya and by the previous acharyas, if Srila Prabhupada had not spread Krishna Consciousness, some other devotee, or some group of devotees, would have been empowered to do so in Srila Prabhupada's place. In other words, the prophecy to spread Krishna Consciousness around the world relied on empowerment, rather than an empowered individual, for its fulfillment. It is similar to saying that if...

September 2, 2014 -- 951 views
Hare KrishnaBy Mahatma das

In this original five-and-a-half minute song, Mahatma dasa combines his experience as a recording artist with his appreciation of the unique qualities of Srimati Radharani that qualify Her as the greatest devotee of Krishna, the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

September 2, 2014 -- 983 views
Hare KrishnaBy Srila Prabhupada

Audio file and transcription of a lecture Srila Prabhupada gave on September 18, 1969 in London, on the occasion of the appearance anniversary of Srimati Radharani.

September 2, 2014 -- 1,040 views
Hare KrishnaBy Satyaraja Dasa

Radha and Krishna are one, yet They have assumed two separate forms to enjoy loving pastimes. Numerous theological texts explain how this is so, but most thorough are the writings of Krishnadasa Kaviraja Gosvami and Rupa Gosvami, great masters in the Vaishnava tradition whose books have been translated and commented upon by His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. To understand Sri Radha, then, English readers would do well to turn to Srila Prabhup...

September 2, 2014 -- 1,011 views
Hare KrishnaBy Dusyanta dasa

If this were a boxing contest in a fight between the two opponents “margarine” and “butter” it would not be a fair contest. It’s like trying to compare a little girl or boy fighting against Muhammad Ali. In this example “butter” is Muhammad Ali because butter is a natural food product. Not only is butter a natural food product but more importantly the body recognises butter when butter is ingested. Because margarine spreads are not natural, when it ...

September 1, 2014 -- 1,066 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kesava Krsna Dasa

When unwanted types of management are perpetuated, no matter how qualified ISKCON managers might be with people skills and other necessary qualities, their attempts at trying to undo these will be difficult. There are reasons for this. We have seen the ISKCON Strategic forum enthusiastically asking for assistance from able devotees, but this needed assistance will be frustrated if these perpetuations persist.

September 1, 2014 -- 1,274 views
Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

After Srila Prabhupada left us on November 14, 1977, I came across a section in Srimad-Bhagavatam—Canto 4, Chapter 28—in which he explicitly discusses the disappearance of the spiritual master and how the disciple is to serve him—even in separation. The following paragraph summarizes the essence of his instructions

August 20, 2014 -- 3,915 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kripamoya Das

Every year the disciples and followers of Srila Prabhupada, the founder-acarya of ISKCON, compose written tributes in celebration of the day of his birth. This year I was asked to write ‘The Meaning of Vyasa Puja’ for the international book. Here is what I wrote

August 20, 2014 -- 3,236 views
Hare KrishnaBy Praghosa dasa

I recently read a letter which was eloquently penned by Bhakti Charu Maharaja which really struck me, so much so, I became inspired to write a few words about it. It struck me for a couple reasons, one the simple essence of Maharaja's letter being the glorification of other devotees, which is always an inspirational meditation to see in action, one devotee glorifying other devotees. The other aspect that I found equally, if not more eye-catching, was an analogy t...

August 19, 2014 -- 5,431 views
Hare KrishnaBy Radhanatha Swami

When Srila Prabhupada began his book distribution he was the only distributor. He would take his magazines and just go from tea shop to store at his old age trying to convince people to accept the message of Krishna in the form of Back To Godhead Magazine. And in a few years he created the largest publisher in Indian literature in the history of the world. Hundreds, of millions of books have been distributed. Sometimes tens and thousands of Bhagavad-Gita distr...

August 18, 2014 -- 3,162 views
Hare KrishnaBy Chaitanya Charan das

"Let others, fearing material existence, worship the Vedas, the Vedic supplementary Puranas and the Mahabharata, but I shall worship Nanda Maharaja, in whose courtyard the Supreme Brahman is crawling."

August 18, 2014 -- 2,353 views
Hare KrishnaBy Krishna das

Where Vaishnava temples exist, festivities begin before dawn and extend all day until midnight, the exact moment of the anniversary of Krishna’s appearance. Events include kirtan, singing the Lord’s name along with other devotees; and japa, private, more intimate prayer. Some devotees cook a feast of over one hundred dishes, while others perform drama and dance. Some clothe and decorate the deity of Krishna while others string enormous flower garlands and other ...

August 17, 2014 -- 2,131 views