Sep 9 2014 Ten Times More

Bhakta Steven: a poem inspired by Mahatma Das

Aug 19 2014 JANMASTAMI 2014 Las Vegas

Bhakta Steven: I answered Your call when You asked me to dance...

Aug 9 2014 A poem dedicated to Madhudvisa Prabhu ACBSP

Bhakta Steven: His grace Madhuvisa Prabhu ACBSP Left his body without fanfare, so gracefully and quietly Prabhu left so suddenly, didn’t have a chance to say goodbye, because Krishna reserved his seat on the next flight out to the Spiritual Sky

Jul 14 2014 Fill Me With Your Song

Jessica: Oh, Govinda, I long for only you as only you fill my heart with a light like the rising sun stretching from one corner to the next;

Feb 28 2014 A Little Bit Of Krishna

Bhakta Steven: I would love to share a poem from the book with the community. Prabhupada always said to write so I’m following his guidelines in my own way. Thank you for reading.

Jul 22 2013 I’d like to die on Harinam

Bhajahari das: Oh Prabhupada! I’d like to die, while out on Harinam Surrounded by Vaisnavas fair, performing Samkirtan And as I quit this mortal frame, Lord Krsna will be near For God is in His Holy Name, so I will not feel fear

Jun 27 2013 Stonehenge Summer Solstice 2013

Saksi Gopal das: There were pagans and potheads and Indian chiefs There were druids and hippies and mounted police

Jan 3 2013 An ode to Kali Yuga on the special occasion of the “New Year” 2013

Govardhana Giri Dasa: Hey Kali, be happy, A number changes, In a calendar, Seconds tick away, In a clock, People drink, Loose control. People dance, Loose control.

Jan 2 2013 Classroom On A Chariot

Gautam Saha: Five thousand years ago, in the holy grounds of Kurukshetra The Pandavas were ready to take on the sons of Dhrtarashtra The two great armies met for the final test To see which would emerge their victorious best

Dec 13 2012 Ravi Shankar, I am Missing You

Bhakta Steven L. Schwartz: You were always there to promote a cause Assisting a novice Prabhupada in New York City He didn't know the rules or any laws By George's side when he wrote, "My Sweet Lord" and "Isn't It a Pity"

Dec 10 2012 The Guru Man

Bhakta Steven L. Schwartz: His name is known throughout ISKCON He truly is one of a kind The Guru of all Guru's Guru Das is Bhaktivedanta's greatest find

Nov 17 2012 Not Dead and Gone

Samapriya dasi: During a lecture in Atlanta in1975 Srila Prabhupada said of his spiritual master “One should not think that he is dead and gone. There are two things, vapo and vani. Vapo changes but vani is eternal.”

Aug 5 2012 Bring back Yamuna river to Vrndavana - Vraj

Madayanti dasi: In the morning when you wake up and yearn for the presence Divine Gurgle of Yamuna at Kesi-ghat will surely realize your cry Bring Him to your heart. In her glowing and gentle waves observe the purity of sacredness Now that you have opened your eyes to see purity comes with the purity of water Blue garland of Vrndavan is curving around your body At dawn Krsna's holy name

Aug 3 2012 Joyful Celebrations In Nandbaba’s House

Gautam Saha: When joyous sounds emanated from the chieftain Nandbaba’s house The folks of Gokul knew that a child was born to Yashoda, his spouse They flocked to the headman’s home in happy hordes Wearing jewelry, colorful turbans and fine clothes

Aug 3 2012 Love’s Sweet Nectar

David Garvin: " O Lord, in whom alone we find peace May we see your divine Self and be freed From all impure thoughts and all fear. O Lord, from whom we receive the mantram, As a weapon to destroy our self-will, Reveal yourself, protector of all."

May 18 2012 A Soul’s Journey

Nimāi Paṇḍita Dāsa: "Are you he or are you she?", oh c'mon, let it be, don't you surmise, don't you guess, 'cause I'm not what you see. (1) Now 'n' then I change my clothes, so you can't recognize, we could've been friends or foes, but now I'm in disguise. (2) Once, I lived for very long in eternal knowledge 'n' bliss

May 7 2012 Prayer to Lord Nirsinghadeva

Samapriya dasi: The Lord declared with a mighty roar as He pulled the demon through door “My devotee cannot be terrorized, without the culprit penalized.” Upon His sacred lap He strewn the demon’s body in late afternoon. And with His nails He ripped apart, the dreadful brut of blackened heart

Mar 23 2012 The Glory Of Hanumanji

Gautam Saha: He was born from the womb of the monkey devotee Anjani The son of Vayu, the god of winds, he is no other than Hanumanji The greatest devotee of Lord Rama, in this and every other yuga Very learned in the scriptures, head bowed in devotion to Lord Rama

Mar 13 2012 Lord Ramacandra

Gautam Saha: The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Ramachandra Appeared on this earth in the lineage of Raghukula, in Ayodhya As the son of King Dasharath and Queen Kaushalya Elder to the princes Bharat, Lakshmana and Shatrughna

Mar 8 2012 The Lover Divine Poem - offering to Lord Chaitanya

Priyavrata Das: What is that Name -- the One of infinite fame? A name inexplicably -- that always remains the same. Throughout our sojourn -- of lives untold, For millions of births -- our soul was sold

Feb 18 2012 The Kirtan of Kirtan

Sacinandana Swami: Kirtan is divine ambrosial food and the rasayana (medicine) for the hibernating soul The spiritual sound finds its way into the secret chambers of the soul – moves there unrestrictedly and then flows back to the Lord: Heart to heart communication – immediate communion

Feb 10 2012 Prabhupada’s Dream

Bhakta Steven: He left Calcutta in sixty-five Not a penny to his name Thirty-five days on a cargo ship His health began to wane Vomiting, dizziness and heart attacks Are what he had to endure Left Boston Harbor for New York City Krishna said, "be rest assured"

Aug 22 2011 O Prabhupada

Dravida dasa: O Prabhupada, on this great day When you appeared, just like a ray Of Krsna's vast effulgence bright, To give this blind world back its sight, We thank you from the bottom of Our heart, and pray with deepest love That we may serve your lotus feet In every circumstance we meet

Aug 18 2011 What Can I Give You In Return, O Krsna ?

Gautam Saha: O Krsna, what is Your heavenly pastime ? In Vaikuntha, how do You perform activities sublime ? When do You work, when do You enjoy leisure ? When do You rest or enact activities of pleasure ?

Aug 14 2011 Dedication to Prabhupada

Bhakta Steven: You guide me through the maze of life From the spiritual sky on a flute with a fife Many miles to travel upon Srila Prabhupada's path Bhagavad Gita in hand I can chant, smile and laugh Rewind my mind to any chapter and verse Play the tape of the Gita no need to reverse

Apr 29 2011 More Poems

Gautam Saha: Five thousand years ago, on the battlefield of Kurukshetra Krsna the All Merciful Karuna Sindhu, became the charioteer of Partha Krsna, the friend, philosopher and guide of Arjuna, his persona grata The Lord is therefore Parthasarthy, the charioteer of Partha

Apr 21 2011 Lord Krishna As Raas Behari

Gautam Saha: Lord Krishna is Raas Behari, the reservoir of each and every relationship One can relate with him at any level, in love or hate, in enmity or in kinship The Lord will play the game by the rules you yourself set To discharge His part of the deal, He will never forget

Mar 23 2011 Some poems on Lord Krishna

Gautam Saha: The perfection of human life is to be a great devotee like Sudama Well versed in the authorized scriptures, and a lover of Lord Krsna Once you reach out for and take Lord Krsna ‘ s hand The Lord Himself will make sure that He never lets go of your hand

Feb 14 2011 Krishna…Krishna…

Nayanpriya Krishna das: O’ Krishna...dear Krishna, merciful Krishna...powerful Krishna, now Krishna...then Krishna, before Krishna...after Krishna, give Krishna...perceive Krishna, adore Krishna, preach Krishna... chant Krishna, root Krishna....source Krishna, speak Krishna...hear Krishna, think Krishna... breath Krishna, please Krishna...delight Krishna, read Krishna...write Krishna...

Feb 10 2011 Poem for Bhadra Priya Prabhu by HH Bhaktimarga Swami

Bhaktimarga Swami: Dear Vaisnav, you are leaving us today To take part in a much greater play Fleeing from this world, a mix of sweet and sour To ascend to the realm of the Higher Power. It's hard for those who knew you well. It's not for us to say or for us to tell. We can't be greedy demanding your presence We take from you and capture the essence

Jan 12 2011 Tu Whit Tu Whoo

Giribaradhari das: Pale light. Moonlight. Perched high up in the trees. My feathers hardly moving. The ground begins to freeze

Jan 11 2011 Times ahead…

Puskaraksa das: May Krishna make your year a happy one! Not by shielding you from all sorrows and pain, But by strengthening you to bear it, as it comes; Not by making your path easy, But by making you sturdy to travel any path;

Jan 11 2011 “Cameras Ready ! And……Action !”

Giribaradhari das: te-naka te-naka te-naka taa ! I hear the mrdanga beat. I'm really completely jet lagged, Still trying to find my feet.

Jan 6 2011 Gemini Rising

Giribaradhari das: Cursed or blessed, I don't really know, Born under a strange constellation. The ways of the stars I can't understand. That's the cause of my consternation

Dec 26 2010 My Dear Friend

Giribaradhari das: I throw these ashes into the air, Into the fire, the earth and the water, And I think of the times, the wonderful times, When our lives were filled with laughter

Nov 13 2010 A Prayer

Giribaradhari das: A king I was, feeling proud. Subjects and land, So much to reign. Taking that gold, that night with stealth. Killing my mother, Thus grew my wealth. Oh my Lord, I promise, I'll never do it again.

May 21 2010 In Memory of Amekhala

Giribaradhari das (Smara Hari's brother): With tears in my eyes, I laugh and I cry, When I think of all you have done. This body you have lost At such a great cost, But your battle has been won.

May 16 2010 A poem to Amekhala devi

Ananta Purusottama das: The purest love in this world is from a mother Something which cannot be done any other Since our birth they just selflessly serve We can't repay, only love we can preserve

Dec 22 2009 ” Preacher”, a poem for the Christmas season

Madhavendra Puri dasa (Paris): In siddhanta vaishnava, You are Shakti-Avatara: A soul endowed with the power, To take the faith, a step further.

Dec 16 2009 How qualified must one be to get Srila Prabhupada’s mercy

Parasuram and Mahamantra: Twas an evening in November, As I very well remember, I was strolling down the street in drunken pride, But my knees were all aflutter, So I landed in the gutter, And a pig came up and lay down by my side.
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