Oct 23 2009 A Prayer for world peace

Balaramkrishnadas: The faith, fair prayer and the love of God shattered by religious rockets and bombs The wicked commandments of those who breathe merely to slaughter the sacrificial goat, earth for exchange of heavens. For pleasure in this and the next world- strangle they the cosmic forms of life with all its beauty and sighs!

Oct 11 2009 The Fall Wind’s Message

Karnamrita das: Sitting in my chair in the forest chanting "japa", O Radhe, O Krishna! please capture my mind and heart, end my material existence pulling my attention and desires to you alone--no other interests, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare.

Aug 16 2009 All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

G S Senan: Please read the attached glorification of our Jagatguru Srila Prabhupada for his pleasure.

May 21 2009 A Soul’s Journey

Venkat: “Are you he or are you she?”, oh c’mon let it be, Don’t you surmise, don’t you guess, ‘cause I’m not what you see. (1) Once in a while I change my clothes, so you can’t recognize, We could’ve been friends or foes but now I’m in disguise. (2) I lived for very long once in eternal knowledge ‘n’ bliss, Until decided to leave home and explore this wretched abyss. (3) I wished to be like Him or above and imitate His nature, Not realizing that His love’s far greater than His stature.

May 12 2009 What is doubt, my Lord?

Chaitanya Charan: Is doubt a question, or is it the way to an answer? Or is it a dead end, along which one shouldn't venture? Is doubt the sign of a weakening faith? Or is it a higher understanding's opening gate? To slay doubt with knowledge's sword, I resolve, For study of scripture will all doubts dissolve.

Apr 29 2009 Srila Prabhupada - a poem on him

Balaramkrishnadas.jps: Predominating will there be in the coliseum, the arena of man's fight with illusion. for millennium after millennium, the sweet reverberation of sounds: "Bhaktivedanta Swami", "Srila Prabhupada". - the intellectual Iskcon- bullet bangs?

Apr 27 2009 Communion

Gokulananda das ACBSP: Who are we but mist to the sun adrift in time's shifting sands - wandering without aim in this fools' paradise our misplaced desires reaping only bitter fruits - our evanescent dreams blown to the wind our smiling gardens awash in crimson thorns...

Mar 3 2009 The Naked Form of Matter

Karnamrita das: The naked form of matter giving misery, heartbreak false promises from good advertising birth potential smiles rising up through youth education, training, titles desires to earn only for a few years...

Feb 18 2009 Yet we need them

Balaramkrishnadas.jps: Renaissance and Reformation erected the icon of liberty on the shores of the west. Hail the free human dream!

Feb 12 2009 Spiritually Miraculous and Magical

Karnamrita das: The stark reality of Kali's age wars, bodily hatred and violence poverty, starvation, new epidemics many diseases, types of slow deaths.

Feb 12 2009 Uncovering the Blue Flute Player from the “Blues”

Karnamrita das: Uncovering the Blue Flute Player from the "Blues" My material life’s ideals— to be happy and fulfilled by meaningful, loving relationships, useful work complementing my nature helpful to others, making a difference in the world.

Feb 2 2009 Every Step a Prayer, Every Breathe a Question

Karnamrita das: Every step a prayer giving thanks I still walk, every breathe a question when my love will awaken? At every moment life and death are precariously balanced-- we struggle to survive another day before our body’s demise.

Jan 30 2009 Smiling Flowers

Karnamrita das: Gray winter skies frigid wet outside Archana sings prayers the fire blazes warmth. Beholding Radha Gopinatha uplifting spiritual beauties they kindly glance to bless everyone.

Jan 21 2009 May our Souls come Together to Sing and Dance

Karnamrita das: Eyes closed concentration inward, down and around the spiral staircase to the depths of my soul to find my inspiration source. It is as far as I can go through the coverings of matter, earth, water, fire, air, either-- subtle mind and intellect, then the false ego: I, me, mine.

Jan 5 2009 Lesson’s from the Aging Body

Karnamrita das: Dear God please help me Hare Krishna Hare Krishna chanting toward the wood pile. Darkness has fallen felling like a blanket making the yard small; another world existing only as far as the lights.

Dec 26 2008 The Soul and Heart inside the Physical Covering

Karnamrita das: I often think about the nature of writing, especially poems which are a new medium for me. I have spoken about it before though I am compelled to reexamine it from time to time, as it's one of my creative outlets.

Dec 16 2008 Overcoming Familiarity by Becoming Conscious

Karnamrita.das: Darkness has fallen temperature dropping, "suiting up" to go out: mailbox and firewood. Walking out in the cold thinking about a poem gazing at the stars darkness and light...

Nov 21 2008 On the Path of Light: Trials, Temptations, Success

Karnamrita das: Many ways to look at our embodiment: layers upon layers of gross and subtle coverings, innumerable parts, different competing potent voices, yet the soul is the origin or seat of consciousness a spark of Divinity, lost, though searching blindly for itself, for love, connection, fulfillment, happiness that will endure in a fleeting, dark, restrictive world.

Oct 21 2008 Prayer To The Lord

Krpakara dasa: My dear Lord Acyuta O infallible One, who are the knower of everything, please hear my prayer. This is my prayer to you O my Lord. Give me strength to stay my course, as you are Baladeva the reservoir of all strength. This is my prayer to you O my Lord.

Oct 18 2008 Death and Redemption

Krpakara dasa (ACBSP): Years and years have past and gone family friends and society now I mourn I held them close in my heart so dear but now Im left with only fear They did love me that Im sure but now Im lost for evermore As the darkness closes round my heart O how I pray real life I did not start...

Oct 9 2008 Reality Beckons

Krpakara dasa: What we see is not whats there Conditioned by lust and greed we do but stare A life thats lived in deaths embrace All because the truth we cannot face The body is but shallow and trite We cannot make it ever right So bewildered so confused Those in knowledge are bemused Take this chance in human form Understand our spiritual norm

Oct 9 2008 The Search for Freedom

Karnamrita das: We are "cheta" or consciousness-- marginal energy of Krishna, which means we are a product of our association. We have freedom to choose how to be influenced--who to cooperate with, but the choice to be in matter restricts and hides our nature.

Oct 1 2008 Intensity of Prayer

Karnamrita.das: Would you care to know what I am thinking?, as I sit in the dentist chair for a cleaning, wondering if the hygienist sees any meaning, in an ugly form of existence--teeth rotting!

Sep 26 2008 Reflections at the Japa Retreat 2

Karnamrita.das: Moving Temples within Krishna's Temple of the Holy Name. Offering respects to Prabhupada, Sacinandana Swami, Giriraja Swami (who are teaching) and all the Vaishavas who have taken up the holy name as their life, joining together for a week to go deeper.

Sep 9 2008 Before Enlightenment Stacking Wood

Karnamrita das: Before enlightenment stacking wood, After enlightenment stacking wood (with Prema). That time of year--still hot, though change is in the air, whispered by Krishna’s Nature thru the plants and living things.

Aug 28 2008 After the Sun has set

Karnamrita das: Now the Suns of Janmastami and Vyasa puja have gone from our sight and we have to keep the service attitude, inspiration and remembrance. Today is overcast, Grey skies showering torrents of rain, for some it's depressing, though it is life giving.

Jul 28 2008 Divine Change Agent

Karnamrita das: A snap shot or picture I share, where I often dwell contemplating this life and my real spiritual nature. We are all so complex if we really dig deep beyond superficial lies parts of many births color us. My heart beats, feeling just because I live, yearning amidst objects and things, temporal, a diamond cage, veils my soul.

Jul 22 2008 Is Yard Work Devotional Service?

Karnamrita das: The “jungle” is returning, time to “weedwack” to trim and drive the lawn tractor before it rains again. I begin trimming under gray skies and then it pours. Putting on a Pancho to keep dry I weed by hand, listening...

Jul 5 2008 A Warrior’s Prayer

Bhakta Antony Alexander: I give thanks and praises to The Master of Edged Weapons, The Thrower of Divine Missiles, who never misses a target, whose projectiles do not stray. I give my humble obeisances to The Remover of Obstructions, The Breacher of All-Obstacles, The Transcendental Wave that overflows banks, whose tide can never be stopped.

Jun 17 2008 Rise Sun

Gokulananda das, ACBSP: Leaving the abode of light I've dwelt so long within this shadom realm of senseless rebellion - Obstinately pursuing my vain independence I've put my stake deeply into the sands of oblivion - Through countless lives I have wandered throughout the labyrinths of the cavern of delusions...

May 28 2008 Oh Krishna!

Asahihasa: Oh Krishna! How did u come in my life? How did you feel my choke, my strife? How did you get to my living abode? Do you really feel my pain, my shame? Why do I get moved with your name? What drives me to you and on your road?

Apr 12 2008 A Fool for Love

Karnamrita dasa: Is it really so surprising that anyone--even a senior-- would be a fool for love and intimacy? So many are affected by the lure of infatuated love, the need to be understood, appreciated and accepted by a dear friend.

Dec 10 2007 Poems from Soldier-Sage

Gaurav: Hey Govinda You are my Lord Your are the master I pray to You At Your Lotus Feet With the holy name In my mouth And on the holy Tulsi Bead That transcendental Sound Vibration The One which is the only hope, the only wayTo cleanse the mirror of our heart So to reach You In this Kalyug Day.

Dec 3 2007 Sankirtan arena of perpetual life

Bhakta Rod Davis: "It is not the critic who counts; nor the man who points out how the strong man stumbled, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belong to the man who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust, sweat, blood and tears; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again.

Nov 23 2007 Come and See

Gokulananda das: come and see the munificent appearance of our merciful Lord enthroned in His temple abode, come and see what cannot be seen by all the unfortunate who only worship their illusions...

Nov 15 2007 Prabhupada’s books

Bhaktin Jamuna: Prabhupada's books a day keeps maya away; That is, if you read them scrutinizingly everyday, Your mind will eventually cease to lead you astray. The impression they impart on a jiva is there to stay. Reluctance to take their divine shelter is simply an invitation to maya's sway.

Nov 8 2007 A poem about Srila Prabhupada

Radhikakrpa dd: At the age of seventy, clad in saffron robes, Srila Prabhupada reached the west with a heart of gold Showered mercy on all who came across Full of compassion he was Dawned from the spiritual world.

Nov 7 2007 A Poetic Rendition of Damodarastakam

Hare KrishnaBy Kalakantha dasa

After You steal butter, Your earrings dance and shine, as You flee Your mother in Gokula pastimes. Though you are all blissful, all knowing, ever-new. Greatest of controllers, Your mother controls You.


Oct 28 2007 Gurvastakam

Cintamani-dhama dasi: My husband Krishna Dharma das is working on a project to render many of our popular bhajans into English verse that can be sung to the traditional ragas. We find that they help us better enter the mood of the song when they are sung in accompaniment with the original Sanskrit or Bengali lyrics, i.e. first sing the original verse and then the English.

Oct 1 2007 My realization at no request

Hare KrishnaBy Bhaktin Jamuna

In executing any instruction one should try his level best, And Sri Krishna will certainly do the rest. For if not so then maya will be one's guest. Don't take chances, she is a tenebrous pest.

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