Aug 28 2008 Srila Pradbhupada: Concentrated Mercy

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

The Lord does not forget the fallen souls who have forgotten Him, and Your Divine Grace descended to save them all. You represent your Lord Caitanya, maha-vadanyaya, the most merciful, therefore deserving the title Srila Prabhupada. So simple, why they shouldn’t know and accept it?


Aug 13 2008 Sanatana-Dharma: Its Real Meaning

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

It does not matter in which religion you may be affiliated, you can still benefit and grow within the fold of Sanatana-dharma to reach a higher awareness and perception of your true potential and genuine spiritual identity.


Aug 3 2008 The Heart of Hinduism

Sri Nandanandana dasa (Stephen Knapp): This is a definitive and easy to understand guide to the essential as well as devotional heart of the Vedic/Hindu philosophy. You will see the depths of wisdom and insights that are contained within this profound spiritual knowledge.

Jul 22 2008 About the Name “Hindu”

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

Many people do accept it to mean the same thing as Sanatana-dharma, which is a more accurate Sanskrit term for the Vedic path. Such an identity is beyond any temporary names as Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, or even Hindu.


Apr 10 2008 Creating a Spiritual Revolution in India

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

This is a step by step process for affecting the villages of India to become a part of the spiritual revolution that could be developed across the country. Why worry about the villages? The 2001 census showed that India’s population has gone past the 1 billion mark.


Feb 28 2008 The Rally Against Government Control of Hindu Temples in Andhra Pradesh

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

The Public Forum at Tirupati was an event wherein as many as 10,000 Indians turned up to show their opposition to the government control of Hindu temples. This was organized by the Hindu Devalaya Parirakshana Samiti and supported by the Global Hindu Heritage Foundation of the USA. And I was, practically, the only westerner to participate.


Jan 8 2008 Lord Rama: Fact or Fiction

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

As of late, in the year 2007, the idea of whether Lord Rama exists or not has been called into question, by no less than some of the politicians in India. So it is a wonder how such persons can be accepted as leaders of the people of India who should be concerned with preserving and protecting the culture of the country.


Oct 1 2007 Lord Caitanya Preached pure bhakti / constitution of the soul

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

To the impersonalist, achieving the brahma-bhuta stage, becoming one with the Absolute, is the last word. But for the personalist, or pure devotee, one has to go still further to become engaged in pure devotional service. This means that one who is engaged in pure devotional service to the Supreme Lord is already in a state of liberation, called brahma-bhuta, oneness with the Absolute


Sep 29 2007 Detroit Rathayatra: Great Event Under New Management

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

All of our sponsors, senior devotees, our GBC, and the guests which ranged around 2500 attendees, were all blessed by the presence of the deities, and said how nice the festival went this year.


Sep 8 2007 Shukratal: Where Shukadeva Goswami Explained the Srimad Bhagavatam

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

More devotees should know about the holy town of Shukratal. Shukratal is the place where Shukadeva Goswami spoke the sacred Srimad Bhagavatam (Bhagavata Purana) to Maharaja Pariksit 5000 years ago.


Aug 13 2007 The Disappearance of the Ganges - 2007 Update

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

As reported in an article by Charles Arthur in the June 8, 1999 edition of The Independent in England, new information has been gathered by scientists at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, India, regarding how the glaciers in the Himalayas are retreating.


May 27 2007 Timings of the Four Yugas: The Shastric Evidence

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

When describing the length of the yugas or ages, and which yuga we are in and how far along we are in it, there is sometimes confusion about how to calculate them.



Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

The more dependent we become on artificial necessities, the more vulnerable we are to needless and artificial crises. True independence means being free from being dependent on such artificial needs. Such detachment and independence may be more important than we think if we are to survive those changes that are predicted to happen on the planet and in society.


Feb 8 2007 A New Species of Humanity

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

If we are going to succeed in becoming free from the influence of Kali-yuga and use the Golden Age within the first 10,000 years of Kali-yuga in the best way possible, then we must cooperate in allowing for a new species of humanity to enter this world.


Feb 1 2007 Slavery to Banks: A Vedic Prophecy

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

This shows how banks, especially the Central Banks, which are part of a network established in many countries, have set up a system which is increasingly controlling the economy and lives of numerous people around the world, and is gaining more power, wealth and influence.


Jan 17 2007 Free Brochures for Your Temple & Preaching

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

This is an invitation to see if you might be interested in using several free brochures that have been developed for helping explains various aspects of Vedic knowledge.


Jan 8 2007 Curing Depression with Spirituality

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

Depression, according to recent statistics, is practically an epidemic, with over 70 million people suffering from its affects, such as a feeling of moroseness, uselessness, lack of energy, inability to sleep, and a poor attitude toward life in general, among other symptoms.


Dec 17 2006 Poem on Bhagavad-gita

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana dasa

The following poem to Bhagavad-gita and Lord Krishna was written by Amado Nervo, the original is in Spanish and so, you will have to excuse any grammatical inconsistency. His work was published in the French language in France as well

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