Jun 29 2014 My First Puri Rathayatra

By Deena Bandhu dasa

The next day was Gundicha Marjana. Many times I have cleaned the temple from top to bottom in whatever temple I was in. But today we all went to do Gundicha Marjana at the very site where Lord Chaitanya had personally done it five hundred years before. We were all very excited. Unfortunately, they don't allow foreigners inside. So I told Bhadra Charu Prabhu, a very nice devotee who was in charge, to get me a couple of baskets so we could at least clean the front entrance. All around the entrance they were selling brooms and clay pots, but no baskets. But somehow he got a couple.


Jun 18 2011 Hari Nama in Kashmir

By Deena Bandhu dasa

Our Prison Preaching Incharge, Jankinath Prabhu, decided to take out a Traveling Sankirtan Party for the summer. In their travels they reached Prabhupada Ashram in Uddhampur in Jummu, where HH Navayogendra Maharaja made very comfortable arrangements for their stay. From there they decided to go to Srinagar in Kashmir where they had the address of a disciple of HH Gopal Krishna Maharaja Arjun Shyam Prabhu, who would provide them nice facilities for staying and preaching


May 21 2011 Sri Radharaman Lalji’s Appearance Day

By Deena Bandhu dasa

May 17th Vaisakha Purnima was the auspicious appearance day of the self-manifest Deity, Sri Radharaman Lalji, one of the most important and beloved Deities of Vrindavan who was served by Gopala Bhatta Goswami. It was celebrated with great pomp and ceremony with an incredible abhisheka with more than 2,000 liters of milk!


Jan 16 2011 Vrinda Kunda 8th Anniversary Fest

By Deena Bandhu dasa

Next month marks the auspicious 8th Anniversary of Vrinda Kunda Temple opening! To celebrate we are organizing special parikramas to the Holy Places of Braja, culminating with our famous Kalash Yatra, an ecstatic Sankirtan procession with the ladies carrying water pots with coconuts on their heads


Feb 28 2010 Sadhu Sammelan in Vrindavan

By Deena Bandhu dasa

Taking advantage of the Vrindavan Kumbha Mela on 20th March, Jankinatha Prabhu organized a Sadhu Sammelan in Krishna Balaram Mandir on the topic of the 500th anniversary of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu's Sannyas.


Dec 10 2009 7th Annual Vrinda Kunda Festival 2010

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Seven years ago on Varaha Dwadasi, we opened the Vrinda Kunda Temple. To celebrate we had a special program of parikramas to the Holy Places of Radha and Krishna's divine pastimes.


Jun 21 2009 Sanatan Goswami Samadhi Repair

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

One day, one devotee, who wishes not to be named, came to see me. He said he had a large donation and he wanted to see Sanatan Goswami's Samadhi repaired and wanted to know if I could do it. I was completely amazed as just the day before I was thinking about this.


Jun 21 2009 Kankan Kunda Revealed!

By Deena Bandhu dasa

Everyone was anticipating when we would get darshan of the original Kunda excavated by Srimati Radharani and Her sakhis with their golden bangles, kankans. However the pumps that were pumping out the water were getting clogged with mud and each time they got close, they would break down.


Apr 2 2009 Letter Dadu delivered to Krishna Balaram

By Deena Bandhu dasa

He always used to tell us some amusing Bengali stories, some of which were a little strange, but always amusing. Eventually Daivishakti Mataji, published a small book, called "Dadu Tells a Story" even though he was adamant in his own humble way that his name not come on the book


Mar 22 2009 Boat Festival in Yamuna - pics

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Everyone kept coming to us and profusely thanking us for this wonderful festival and asking why we didn't do it before. We told them it was Radha Shyamsundar's desire, they were tired of seeing Their devotees pushed and shoved in a crowded temple room and They wanted to come to the Yamuna where everyone could peacefully participate.


Feb 25 2009 Vrinda Kunda Festival - pics

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

On Sunday we had the ecstatic grand finale of the 6th anniversary of Vrinda Kunda Temple. All the devotees gathered beside Pavana Sarovar and after a nice hot breakfast of kichari, we began the preparations for the famous Kalash Yatra.


Feb 18 2009 Bharatpur Prison Preaching

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Yesterday, our Prison Preaching team went for their regular program in the Bharatpur Jail, just 40 km. from Vrindavan in Rajasthan. They were very wonderfully surprised when they reached the jail, the prisoners were having Srimad Bhagavatam class.


Feb 12 2009 Vrinda Kunda Festival Schedule

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

This is one of the best times of the year as the weather is very pleasant and it is not so hot like after Mayapur Festival. Since our festival ends on the 22nd, then everyone has time to reach Mayapur for the Maha-abhisheka on Feb. 25th.


Nov 22 2008 Another Victory for Prabhupada!

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu das

During the Ardha Kumbha Mela a couple of years ago, I reported how we invited all the Vaisnava Mahants to come to our ISKCON pandal and take prasadam. This was a great victory for Srila Prabhupada as they accepted us as being in a bonafide sampradaya.


Oct 11 2008 Radharaman Rides Silver Elephant

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

In the first picture, you can appreciate the size of the silver elephant and the beautiful throne carried on his back. Next you can get darshan of Sri Sri Radharamanji gloriously sitting on His colorful throne. Then you can relish a nice close up of His Lordship.


Sep 11 2008 Vamana Deva in Kamyavan

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

I'm attaching a beautiful picture of Vamana Deva that is just near Kameshvara Mahadeva in Kamyavan. This is in front of the Panca Pandava temple on the way to Dharma Kunda where the Yaksa Prashna pastime of Mahabharat took place.


Sep 1 2008 Leading Brijbasis Honor Srila Prabhupada

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

This year for the first time, the devotees organized a wonderful Vyasa Puja Celebration in the evening, inviting may leading citizens of Vrindavan to come and offer their homage to Srila Prabhupada on his appearance day.


Sep 1 2008 Agra Prisoners Present Janmastami Program

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

After greeting the the devotees with garlands, headed by our Prison Preaching incharge, Jankinath, the prisoners escorted the devotees with their own kirtan party to the stage set up in the large field in the middle of the jail.


Jul 22 2008 ISKCON at Aids conference in Bangalalore

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu Dasa

ISKCON had been invited to participate in a two days conference, "Faith in Action"- A Hindu Leaders caucus on HIV/AIDS, organized by UNAIDS and others. They were warmly received by the organizers, who upon seeing the devotees, exclaimed, "Oh! ISKCON sadhus have arrived!"


Jun 29 2008 Nrsimha Devi Passes Away

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Yesterday morning during the auspicious brahma muhurta at 3:40 AM Nrsimha Devi, disciple of Srila Prabhupada and HH Tamal Krishna Maharaja, peacefully passed from this world in the Krishna Balaram Guesthouse in Sri Vrindavan Dham.


Jun 23 2008 Flower Palace in Nandagram

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Not many people know about it, but every year on Ganga Dashera and Pandava Nirjala Ekadasi there are Phul Bangalas (Flower Palaces) and Kavi Sanmelans (Poetry Recitals) in Varsana and Nandagram respectively.


Mar 27 2008 Radha Govinda Swami Katha in Agra Jail

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Out of his kindness and mercy, Sri Radha Govinda Maharaja agreed to do 3 days of Bhagwat Katha in Agra Central Jail last week. All the prisoners and jail authorities thouroughly appreciated Maharaja's lectures and the ecstatic kirtana of the ISKCON devotees.


Feb 16 2008 Vrinda Kunda Festival Schedule

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

This is one of the best times of the year as the weather is very pleasant and it is not so hot like after Mayapur Festival especially this year as it will be late.


Jan 21 2008 5th Annual Vrinda Kunda Festival

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Take advantage of the fact that Gaura Purnima is late this year come and early to Vrindavan for parikramas of the Holy Dhama and join the annual Vrinda Kunda Festival.


Dec 27 2007 Preaching in Pakistan

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Usually we can't really report about this type of preaching, but due to the nature of this tour, it was already highly publicized in the media and the authorities in Pakistan were also closely monitoring, so it is no secret.


Dec 22 2007 The Passing of Vibhucaitanya

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Probably most of the younger devotees who come to Vrindavan knew nothing about him as for the last several years his legs did not allow him to come out of his room. He was so humble he didn't want to trouble anyone to carry him for darshan either.


Nov 6 2007 Twin Bulls Born in Vrindavan Goshala

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Just about two weeks ago, there was a quite rare event in the ISKCON Bhaktivedanta Swami Goshala established by Srila Prabhupada. A beautiful black cow named Arati gave birth to twin bull calves.


Nov 5 2007 Jail Promises to Serve Prisoners Prasadam

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

At one point he was making the point that part of the process of purifying the heart is eating only prasadam. Seeing a small temple to the right of the stage, he suggested that whatever they cook should be offered first to the Lord and then the prasadam served to the inmates. This met with very enthusiastic applause.


Oct 20 2007 Unusual Harer Nama

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

A couple of days ago, while I was studying for giving Bhagavatam Class, one of the members of the Vrindavan Municipality called me. He informed me that there were 25,000 people from all over India walking by foot from Gwalior to New Delhi.


Sep 18 2007 Prisoners and Jailers Dance Together

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

After opening the gates, they were greeted by about 20 prisoners doing kirtan with one playing dholak and another with harmonium strung over his shoulders. Aindra Prabhu was very impressed with the unique village melody they were chanting.


May 27 2007 Rohini Kunda Restoration

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Since I wrote about Van Bihar Parikrama and mentioned how there used to be so many lotus flowers in Rohini Kunda in Nandagram, a few devotees have written asking how they can help. So I walked over to Rohini Kunda to see what has to be done.


May 15 2007 Van Bihar Parikrama

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Every year on the second day of the moon after Nrsimha Caturdasi there is a special parikrama of Vrindavan called Van Bihar Parikrama. All the Brajavasis do parikrama of Vrindavan at night.


May 8 2007 Radharamanji’s 500 Liter Milk Abhisheka

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

More than 450 years ago on the day of Nrsimha Caturdasi, one wealthy merchant came and was giving dresses and jewelry to the different Goswamis in Vrindavana to use in the service of their Deities.


Feb 15 2007 Tirupati Grand Opening Day 1, 2 and 3

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Everywhere there were South Indian brahamanas mostly with their distinctive sikhas where they shave about two inches back from the forhead and around the ears and tie all their hair in a bun at the back.


Jan 22 2007 Sarasvati River

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

The Brahma-vaivarta Purana explains why Sarasvati no longer exists in her full glory: When Ganga-devi cursed Sarasvati-devi to become a river here on Mrtyuloka, one of the conditions was that she would only remain on earth as long as rishis and other great sages performed tapasya on her banks.


Jan 19 2007 Maha Snana at Ardha Kumbha Mela

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Since in Ujjain Kumbha Mela in 2004, Lokanatha Swami became a Sri Mahant of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness Prabhupada Khalsa, we now have our official place in the Shahi Snanas.


Jan 11 2007 4th Annual Vrinda Kunda Festival

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

February marks the Fourth Anniversary of the opening of the Vrinda Kunda Temple in Nandagram. To celebrate we will be having a special program of parikramas to the Holy Places of Radha and Krishna's divine pastimes from Feb 5 - 15. The main event will be what has become an unforgettable experience for all who have participated, the Kalash Yatra.


Jan 11 2007 Festival Season

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

From Feb 5th to Feb 15th there will be the Fourth Anniversary of Vrinda Devi Temple at Vrinda Kunda. There will be parikramas going out almost every day from Krishna Balaram Mandir to the different holy places of Krishna's divine pastimes.


Oct 14 2006 Bhaktiswarup Damodar Maharaja Websites

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

You can download maharaj's last composed and last recorded song and a new archive has been set up for him at www.tdsingh.net and soon more spiritual material will be uploaded there.


Oct 6 2006 Radharaman Riding Silver Elephant

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu das

After aratika, Padmalocana Goswami surprised us all by taking the Salagram Silas in an ornate silver cart on a Rathayatra circumambulating Sri Radharamanji. Unfortunately, he was moving too fast for us to get a good photo of the Rathayatra. The photos presented here were taken by a Swedish disciple of Devamrita Swami named Karunapurna Devi Dasi, who is on her first visit to the Holy Dhama, Sri Vrindavan.

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