Nov 30 2012 “The optimum amount of meat in a healthy diet is precisely zero!”

By Bhaktivinode Das

A recent speach of former CEO of Citibank Phillip Wollen regarding the impact of the meat industry


Sep 24 2012 Yamuna Film

By Madayanti dasi

New film and latest article from the Save the Yamuna campaign


Aug 17 2012 Olympic Padayatra 2012

By Parasuram das

If there was a medal to be won for walking, we would have got the gold. We were doing 8 hours of Harinam daily. Millions of people came to London to see the Olympics and the best way to celebrate such an event was to sing and dance


Jun 20 2012 Sri Anasuya Vidyamandala - Education for Girls in Sridham Mayapur

By Bhaktivedanta Academy

A beautiful snapshot of a unique school for girls in Sri Mayapur Dhama - the Anasuya Vidyamandala. A short film directed by Deva Gaura Hari Das


Jun 3 2012 ISA first web Seminar SOS( Sankirtan Orientation Session) recording

By Damodara Vamsidhari Das

Please find the URL for the video uploaded for SOS ( Sankirtana Orientation Session ) organized by ISKCON Sankirtana Academy for anyone who needs it.


Feb 29 2012 George Harrison leading Hare Krishna bhajan at the Manor

By Mallika Devi Dasi

Historic footage of George Harrison, the Beatle who pioneered the use of mantras in Western recorded music, playing harmonium and leading a group in a Hare Krishna kirtan


Feb 27 2012 Navadwip Mandala Parikrama - Day 1 All the 8 videos recorded during Feb 26th - Day 1 Navadwip Mandala Parikrama heads to Yogapith

Feb 14 2012 Latest ToVP Video Presentation to the GBCs and Assembled Vaisnavas


2012 ToVP Video Presentation to the GBCs and Assembled Vaisnavas by Ambarisha, Sadbhuja, Hari-sauri, Bhavananda, Jananivas prabhus, Jayapataka Swami and more


Feb 11 2012 Short Documentary on Spanish Fork Temple

By Caru Das

This 3 minute film on the Utah Krishna Temple was filmed by some Brigham Young University students during the Sunday Feast


Oct 10 2011 HH Radhanath Swami @ HSBC Clip

By Rajesh Hirani

Video from the recent visit of Radhanath Swami @ HSBC


Sep 15 2011 Devotee Holiday

By Parasuram das

A short movie from the Scandinavian Tour 2011. If it seems like a devotee holiday, well errr, that is probably right. Rathayathra everyday and camping in the forest with the mooses, see you there next year


Jul 26 2011 Harinama, Harinama, Harinama!

By Parasuram das

Meet you at Govindas for lunch and Harinama!


May 7 2011 Jaladuta Adventure

By Parasuram das

HH Mahavishnu Swami and his team "The Salty Dogs" again embark on another adventure on the Jaladuta, this time starting 50km south of Yamunatri and ending up in Vrindavan


Apr 19 2011 Where on Planet earth is this scene? Is it the Arctic circle?

By Parasuram das

Answer = The toxic river Yamuna in Noida Delhi. There is no river in the world as polluted as the most sacred river in the world. It is a long way from the crystal clear Yamuna river in the Himalayas, with the cool delicious water that can purify anyone of all sins and give pure bhakti


Apr 14 2011 “The Second Chance”. Blockbuster No2

By Parasuram das

The Srimad Bhagavatam is full of pastimes describing how the living entity comes in touch with Krishna Consciousness. Whether it's the story of Druva Maharaj, or Prahlad Maharaj, or the four Kumaras. So here is the story of how Finnegan regained his spiritual life.


Mar 25 2011 St. Patricks day parade in London

By Parasuram das & Maha Mantra dd

St. Patrick's day passersby were heard to say the Harrys float was easily the best - they've so much energy! They wildly danced, sang Haribol without the need of alcohol they're drunk on chanting Krishna's names sober but happy all the same! We all dressed in leprechaun style We'd do anything to see Jaganath smile Then chanted the Holy names with all we had It pleased St. Patrick and Srila Prabhupad


Feb 26 2011 The Holy Name

By Parasuram das

The poor, bewildered, living entities in Kaliyuga can be benedicted by hearing and chanting the Holy Names of Lord Krishna. H. G. Parividha Prabhu, H. G. Govinda Prabhu, and H. G. Gaurahari Prabhu teach the Mahamantra on the cold streets of London


Feb 25 2011 No. 1 blockbuster Movie

By Parasuram das

The following is a short movie. I see it as a preaching resource useful to introduce people to our philosophy of the soul, vegetarianism, prasad, and the Holy name - presented in a palatable way. Feel free to send it around your email contact list so it can go viral!


Jan 19 2011 What’s the best way to celebrate the New Year?

By Parasuram das

1. Chant extra rounds 2. Sit around in the temple room doing bhajans 3. Watch a movie and space out 4. Go wild on Hari Nama I know where I was, and it was grrreaat! nobody knows how to party like the sankirtan party


Oct 2 2010 Oh I do like to be beside the seaside

By Parasuram das

This is the video from Brighton Rathayatra. September 2010. Brighton is the only Rathayatra in England which takes place on the seaside. Coaches came from Soho Street Temple, Birmingham Temple, and Bhaktivedanta Manor. Kirtan singers include: Gaurahari, and Kripamaya prabhus


Aug 10 2010 Los Angeles’s 33rd Annual Ratha Yatra! Prananatha’s new Video

By Nrsimhananda das

LA Rathayatra - better than anything I could have done! Greatcellent! A must see for every Lord Jagannath bhakta


Sep 30 2009 Summer Festivals

By Parasuram das

This summer we had over 25 Rathayatras. Usually two every weekend. These occured in cities where there were small congregational groups of devotees who would organise premission from the police for the procession and the festival afterwards.


Aug 18 2009 Scandinavia Tour 2009

By Parasurama dasa

The 4th Rathayatra Tour happened this year from the beginning of July. HH Mahavishnu Swami lead the team consisting of 16 devotees from the UK and a drama group from Russia. The tour held 8 Rathayatras in Norway, Sweden and Denmark


Apr 18 2009 Harinam on Gaura Purnima in London town - video

Parasurama das: A huge turnout for the annual Gaura Purnima harinama in London competing with the numbers we get for Rathayatra!

Apr 18 2009 Merciful Ganga - video

Parasurama dasa: Maha Vishnu Swami at 65 years of age, the toughest, wildest preachers ever, survives near death experience on the 3rd Ganga journey...

Apr 4 2009 Moxie Films’s documentary on Utah Holi 2009 - video

By Caru Das

A short documentary of The Festival of Colors at the Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork, UT on March 28th, 2009. Contains footage of the event and interviews with attendees. Also, an explanation of the meaning behind the festivities by me.


Mar 20 2009 Nectar from Mayapur - updated 6 - watch Mayapur live video in wide-screen

Hare KrishnaBy

The live coverage of the Mayapur Festival has now gone wide-screen and the video quality has also been improved. Don't miss to watch two new high resolution videos of the Maha-abhiseka that have been just added!


Dec 30 2008 Santa Hari Nama!

Parasurama dasa: Please review this serious documentary on the paralells between Vaisnavism and Santa Claus particularly in the area of chanting the Holy Name of the Lord and the distribution of wholesome transcendental fare!

Dec 13 2008 Video-interviews with URI people

By Vrindavan Lila Dasi

DearPrabhus, Hare Krishna! Please accept my humble obeisancies. All glories to Srila Prabhupada! I have few video-interviews with URI people, I am now posting them gradually


Sep 21 2008 Brighton Rath Yatra 2008 - Does it get better than this?

Hare KrishnaBy Adi Guru das

Brighton UK - on a sublime late summers day, Lord Jagannatha and his devotees and friends go on Ratha Yatra along the famous Brighton Promenade. A blissful day for all and even the motorists had a smile on their face as we didn't even disturb the traffic!


May 30 2008 Maha Harinam through London on Lord Nrsimhadeva’s appearance day - video

Hare KrishnaBy Parasurama das

This is a videoclip from the maha Harinam that the devotees performed through London on Lord Nrsimhadeva's appearance day.


Apr 28 2008 Preaching In Hungary - Video (14:50)

Hare KrishnaBy Mahat Tattva dasa

Report on Krishna consciousness in Hungary. You are going to find this video very interesting and inspiring. It is the annual report of Iskcon Hungary to the International Iskcon's Governing Body for the year 2007.


Apr 22 2008 The second Boat Journey Movie

Hare KrishnaBy Parasurama Das

The second Boat Journey Movie... Mayapur to Ganga Sagar, will H.H. Mahavisnu Swami and his scurvy crew complete the journey?


Apr 2 2008 Gotipua - Video

Hare KrishnaBy Kiran Das

Gotipua, the Oriya etymon of which literally means ‚ÄėGoti‚Äô = ‚Äėsingle‚Äô & ‚ÄėPua‚Äô = ‚ÄėBoy‚Äô. As the name indicates this sacred dance is performed only by boys dressed up as girls.


Mar 27 2008 “Matchless Gifts” - video

Hare KrishnaBy Parasurama Das

Food For All: Going back to the old days. We present the project that could be duplicated anywhere.


Mar 7 2008 Transcendental Hootenanny begins

Hare KrishnaBy Govardhana Das ACBSP

Our goal is to bring the festive atmosphere of the Spiritual World to all the people of Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Oklahoma, city by city, town by town, giving everyone a chance to reclaim their spiritual birthright.


Jan 17 2008 Video from Vrindavan villages

Rukmini Ramana das: Hare Krishna! Here is a wonderful video of the inner village of Vrindavan dham. All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Jan 8 2008 Jaladuta ganga trip - videoclip

Hare KrishnaBy Rukmini Ramana das

PAMHO. AGTSP. I have with me a Video of 16 minutes from our Vrindavan to Mayapur Jaladuta trip by Jamuna and Ganga with MVS. You can see it below:


Jul 7 2007 Amazing speech of HH Bhakti Tirtha Swami

Hare KrishnaBy Urukrama das

For the pleasure of all devotees we submit this video from a speech of Bhakti Tirtha Swami


Jun 11 2007 BOXING FOR VRINDAVAN - Video

Hare KrishnaBy Parasurama dasa

Watch Anand, the "Raging Bull", devotailing his activities for the service of Shri Krishna in Vrindavana.

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