Aug 4 2014 Reject the high cost of milk in Cow protection

Hare KrishnaBy Dusyanta dasa

The differences between milk produced in a modern conventional setting and a cow protection project are diametric opposites. They could not be further away from each other even if they tried. And the idea of paying money in a cow protection herd for milk that they produce is one of the reasons that cow protection does not work. If we try to mix up the way modern day dairy herds operate by making money and turning milk production into a type of business then we have misunderstood the holistic principles of cow protection.


Apr 27 2014 Why I am not vegan

By Priyavrata Das

Consuming dairy from a loved, respected and protected cow is perfectly in line with the essential ideology of veganism -- non-violence. But if you're a fanatical vegan, you won't bring yourself to accept such a possibility. So it is best to avoid trying to press that ideal into a new form of the ideology, but rather accept the fact that veganism in the strictest sense of the term is flawed.


Apr 16 2014 The Iskcon Cow Protection Culture

By Dusyanta dasa

Because Iskcon is a spiritual holistic society it means Iskcon can demonstrate the alternative to capitalism. When defining the original and conclusive purposes of Iskcon Srila Prabhupada also included a lifestyle principle as well as many other spiritual practices. The 6th purpose of Iskcon is aimed and directed to all members of Iskcon towards their lifestyle so that the whole of Iskcon is single pointedly and united to gaining these goals of life.


Apr 12 2014 The Iskcon non violence myth

By Dusyanta Dasa

The whole subject of violence within the dairy industry was the basis for spawning the alternate diet of vegans. Rather than embracing the positive instructions of cow protection by following the universal aspects of the definitions and goals of cow protection an alternative diet was sought. Bearing in mind the rather narrow criteria of considering violence in the dairy industry as an exclusive situation that is not applicable to any other type of farming, food production and horticultural enterprise the Iskcon conclusions are debated practically on a yearly basis.


Apr 3 2014 Ocean of Mercy: Bhakti Benefits for Doomed Cows?

By Devamrita Swami

Myths and fantasies are an essential part of ordinary human culture. Through science fiction, legends, and fairy tales, the mundane imagination soars, unfettered by reality. But here's one daydream Krishna's devotees, in the real world of bhakti, can do without: we spiritually benefit the condemned cow by offering its milk to Krishna.


Jan 18 2014 Milk Offsets –The Fourth Alternative

By Madhava Gosh

The discussion of whether devotees should use industrial milk currently has 3 schools of thought: 1. Use it and ok if it is offered. 2. Become a vegan. 3. Drink milk only from protected cows. A fourth alternative has been discussed, Milk Offsets.


Dec 19 2013 ISKCON India Advisory Council mandates AFFCAP certification for Iskcon India Goshalas

By Pancaratna Das

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We would like to bring to your kind attention that at the recent meeting of the ISKCON India Advisory Council (IIAC) it was decided that all ISKCON centers having any number of cows, bulls or calves must register their centre and each individual animal with the Ahimsa Foundation for Cattle Protection (AFFCAP)


Dec 15 2013 Madhya Pradesh: Cow slaughter is now a serious offence and could invite a jail term of up to seven years

By Milind Ghatwai

Cow slaughter is now a serious offence and could invite a jail term of up to seven years in Madhya Pradesh. Consuming, keeping or transporting beef of any cow progeny will invite the same punishment


Dec 9 2013 New Vrindaban Takes Steps Towards Dairy Self-Sufficiency

By Madhava Smullen

With its new Protected Cow Dairy Initiative, ISKCON New Vrindaban is carefully taking one step at a time back towards dairy self-sufficiency. Nityodita Das, who spearheaded the Initiative, fondly remembers the early days of New Vrindaban, when ISKCON Founder Acharya Srila Prabhupada was still physically present


Oct 22 2013 Rakhe Krishna Bakrid ke…!!

By Varada Krsna Dasa

The miraculous rescue by Iskcon devotees, of a cow who was supposed to be slaughtered, with the involvement of the police and other higher authorities


Mar 18 2013 Why Veganism in Iskcon does not work, part 2

By Dusyanta dasa

Veganism is just a dietary consideration primarily based on a certain ethic, that shows no alternatives to pro-actively engage in, which is purely egocentrically motivated


Mar 7 2013 Why Veganism does not work in Iskcon

By Dusyanta Dasa

The mode of goodness is the key stepping stone to the transcendental world. Unless the devotee has entered into the mode of goodness there is no chance of controlling the mind and senses, which means no advancement can be made


Jun 11 2012 Voice of cows (ISKCON Goshala Newsletter) June-12

By Saci Gaurasundara Dasa

Focus for this issue is: 1- Padayatra Bulls. 2- Resident's of cow's body. 3- Value of cows


May 10 2012 Care For Cows - Videos

By Venu Gita Devi Dasi

In the month of February 2012, I had the good fortune to visit Sri Vrndavana Dhama, where I filmed the Care for Cows project and interviewed its dedicated staff members. I would like to share these videos with you, and to encourage you to visit the project and its website ( Please contribute in any way you can to this go-seva


Apr 21 2012 All glories to the cows the beloved of the Lord!

By Radhikakrpa Devi Dasi

Out of love for the cows the Supreme Personality of Godhead has awarded this meek animal with eyes resembling lotus petals, slanting sideways and always filled with warmth


Mar 11 2012 SB Class on Cow Protection by Adikarta dasa - COW PROTECTION NOW!

Lilananda dasa: Adikarta dasa joined ISKCON in 1974 and was initiated by Srila Prabhupada in 1975. Since joining, Adikarta has been mainly involved in college preaching and book distribution. He and his wife maintain several cows in a 40-acre piece of land in Alachua

Jan 26 2012 The opening of goshala at Sri Sahyadri Krishna Balaram Kshetra, Hebri

By Rayaramananda Das

Devotee serving at Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Ksetra (SSKBK) in South Karnataka, the rural base for the ISKCON Daiva Varmasrama Ministry (IDVM) conducted the long awaited opening at their new goshala today, January 24, 2012, naming it SAHYADRI SURABHI GOSHALA


Jan 14 2012 Go-Seva

By Anu Aniruddha

Krishna was also named “Gopal” because of his service to the cows. Krishna would take the cows in the forests and would even milk cows while staying in Braj. He treated cows with utmost care. When he would play flute cows would stop eating and start crying. As Krishna went to Mathura cows would not even eat, they were deeply saddened by krishna’s absence


Jan 1 2012 Care for Cows Newsletter January 2012

By Kurma Rupa dasa

In this edition of 22 pages (2.2 MB) we present reports on: 1. Basu Ghosh's visit to the Bansi Gir Goshalla in Amedhabad, Gujarat. 2. The four new residents admitted this month. 3. A study which demonstrates that cows select best friends. 4. The practical ways to determine if and when your cow is in heat. 5. An excerpt from the famous Kalyana Kalpataru Volume IX February 1945


May 23 2011 Sustainable Cow Protection

By Kurma Rupa Das

If a family keeps a cow and calf and has a few acres of land, a vegetarian diet is easily sustainable. I know a family in Colorado whose cow gives nine gallons of milk a day and she lactates for four to five years. They have enough land for the cow and her offspring to graze on and even with several months of winter they can easily maintain their cow


Jan 31 2011 Go bhaktas chant holy name in unison at “All India Goshala Conference

By Bhakti Raghava Swami

We all know that Lord Krishna, whose name is Govinda, is the best well-wisher of the cows. Actually, without cows no society can sustain itself. Therefore all of you who are here today participating in this very important conference have a very high responsibility because of the critical condition in which we are faced today


Oct 6 2010 Why Cow Protection does not work in Iskcon

By Dusyanta dasa

Perhaps you may not agree with the premise that the question alludes to. Perhaps you think Cow protection is alive and well and living in Iskcon. My answer is that you would be wrong. Cow protection in Iskcon is more akin to a Cow protection show or Cow protection zoo


Oct 5 2010 For those who love cows

By Vrsabha das

I am sure you would like my latest PowerPoint presentation (converted to PDF) on Cow protection. The presentation is in plain English.


Jun 30 2010 Krishna’s Cows

By Sundara - nanda Dasa

As described in the Brahma Samhita (surabhi apbipalayantam), Lord Krishna on His planet, Goloka Vrindavana, engages in tending the surabhi cows. These cows are the Lord's pet animals


Dec 20 2009 Tribute to ISKCON‘s tremendous efforts on Cow Protection!

Hare KrishnaBy Rajaram Dasa

His Grace Srivatsa Das, President of ISKCON New Naimisharanya Farm, Dabilpur Medchal, Hyderabad was called upon the stage and was honored in the august presence of elite citizens of Hyderabad.


Dec 2 2009 Care for Cows Newsletter December 2009

Kurma Rupa dasa: The December 2009 issue of our Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience.

Nov 30 2009 Get connected with COW, NOW!!

By Rajaram Dasa

No Meat Eating does not mean just Vegetarianism, Ahimsa or nonviolence is not only non-killing, it also means that one’s attitude must be of maitri (amity) and peace.


Nov 18 2009 Online signature campaign for Cow Protection

Rajaram Das: Your Online Signature will make Krishna smile!! Even though Krishna consciousness is simplest form of Yoga I find many devotees like me struggling to maintain the standards of devotional service.

Oct 11 2009 Battle for Cow Protection has Began

Hare KrishnaBy Rajaram Dasa

This Yatra is an endeavor to present the whole issue in right perspective before the countrymen so that the nation could move to the right direction. This is a fact that the protection of the human life lies in the protection of the cow and village


Sep 29 2009 Join Vishwa Mangal Gow-Gram Yatra

Bhakta Ravi: I just wanted to bring to your attention this mammoth VEDIC YATRA TO SUPPORT COW PROTECTION AND WORLD PEACE - a 108-Day long Cross-Country Marathon covering 1 Million 20 thousand kilometers across India that starts rolling on Sept 30, 2009 from Kurukshetra

Sep 14 2009 My heartiest gratitude for protecting the cow

G. S. Chhetri Bhutan: Me too, I am a devotee of Vasudeva and living as per the vedic anusasan, I am venturing a small project on cow rearing and planting medicinal plants and also floriculturing.

Sep 11 2009 108 Days Grand All India Yatra for Cow Protection

Hare KrishnaBy Rajaram dasa

A massive movement is set to begin for the cow protection, to develop the villages and bring prosperity and happiness to the nation and the world.


Aug 1 2009 Care for Cows Newsletter August 2009

Kurma Rupa dasa: Dear Friends, Jai Govinda! Our August 2009 Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience

Jul 16 2009 American soldiers help in “Cow Protection” in Afghanistan

Bhakta Ravi: Please see the below photograph in JPEG format showing: American soldiers helping in "Cow Protection" in Afghanistan. May Lord Krishna bless our soldiers and protect them all for this noble service.

Jul 12 2009 Cow protection - economy - community - symbiosis - cow protection

By Dusyanta dasa

The overwhelming momentum in Iskcon today is building towards the actual proper establishment of cow protection.The past idea that we just have some Cows hanging around with some red handprints on their sides and some garlands around their necks and costing a whole lot of money to keep is passing us by now.


Jul 5 2009 Care for Cows Newsletter July 2009

Kurma Rupa dasa: Dear Friends, Jai Govinda! Our July 2009 Care for Cows Newsletter has been posted. Please review it at your earliest convenience

May 27 2009 Cow protection - economy - community

By Dusyanta dasa

Many devotees have posted articles raising the question about cow protection and economy. In all seriousness this is a relevant question. Many cow protection programmes have not only not been able to generate any wealth but have actually cost a lot of money to pay for.


May 24 2009 Urban farming and self-sufficiency

By Lalitanatha Dasa

It is very good that the GBC is concerned about the decline in the development of ISKCON farms. But the problem goes deeper than just not enough money and time put into our existing model of what simple and natural living implies.


Apr 9 2009 Why Do Cow Protection Programs Need Donations?

Srila Prabhupada: With only these two things, cows and grain, humanity can solve its eating problem. Human society needs only sufficient grain and sufficient cows to solve its economic problems

Apr 9 2009 Feed a cow Maybe the idea of feeding cows for fun and having available violence free meat / leather / dairy products will someday “catch on,” and therefore get some good publicity.
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