Jul 2 2014 Caitanya Narayan das left his body

Mukhya devi dasi: So, his passing was further proof to me of how Krishna takes care of His devotees at every moment of their lives. An hour after we left the hospice, Sukhada devi dasi was at home winding down for the day. Suddenly, she got an overwhelming feeling that she should go and visit Caitanya Narayan prabhu.

Jun 18 2014 Disappearance of H.G. Gaurapada Maharaja

Varaharupa Dasi: All devotees visiting Sri Sri Radha Govindadevji temple and Srimati Vrindadevi at Kamayavan, especially the ISKCON Vrajmandal devotees know H.G.Gaurapada Babaji Maharaj, sole incharge of the temple for last 24 years, attained lotus feet of the Lord on 7th June 2014 at 3.45 pm at the age of 72 years, while tending to the cows in Goshala.

May 21 2014 Iskcon Mayapur Deputy director Advaita Hari Das passes away

By Sri Vallabha das

It is very sad news and a great loss to the Vaisnava community in Mayapur. He was a Deputy Director and was rendering tirelessly many very valuable services to ISKCON as a chartered accountant. Advaita Hari Prabhu was a good preacher. He had been serving in Middle east prior to his arrival to Mayapur. By his preaching, he has made many devotees in Middle east. He was also currently involved in Corporate preaching in nearby regions of Mayapur and Kolkata. He was the Chief Finance Officer and a Deputy Director of Mayapur.


Apr 5 2014 Mrgapati Prabhu’s (ACBSP) Departure

Purna Tattva dasa: Please accept my humble obeisances. All glory to Srila Prabhupada. I remember you as one of the mega sankirtan devotees and heros of the recent past, When I joined the movement in April 1977 you were not only the book distribution hero of Holland and Belgium but of the whole ISKCON world wide. You were for months on a row the top of the pops, the number one in the world for book distribution. You distributed for several months more than 1000 big books a week.

Jan 10 2014 Passing of Stayabhava das

Shambhu das: Sriman Stayabhava das prabhu (ACBSP) so much suffering to his body do to cancer at last yesterday January 7, 2014

Sep 29 2013 Glorious passing Sriman Vrindavan Nath Das

: Sriman Vrindavan Nath Das (Radhakrishnan Kallidai), a long-standing and senior devotee of ISKCON, and one of the oldest pujaris who had served at Bhaktivedanta Manor and the Soho Street temples in London, and the Radha-Kunjabihari temple in Pune, passed away on 25 September 2013 in Pune

Jul 30 2013 Kulasekhara’ death and legacy

Bhargava das: Recently I received notice of my old friend Kulashekara’s passing in Alachua. He was dear to Srila Prabhupad, gave him massages in London and made quite a number of devotees in Manchester.

Jun 19 2013 Ex Iskcon president, founder of national Krishna Radio in Italy and famous musician departs

Reppublica.it: Rocchi always had a great thirst for knowledge. Thirst that led him also to live the monastic experience Hindu: joined the International Association for Krishna Consciousness, he worked with Paolo Tofani of conducese Area and radio programs Vaishnava, founding and directing the national network RKC (Radio Krishna Centrale)

May 1 2013 Keshava Prabhu left his body

Deena Bandhu Das: My very dear Older Godbrother, Keshava Prabhu, left his body yesterday in the hospital at UCLA

May 1 2013 Tamal Krishna Goswami’s Mother leaves her body

Rasikendra Dasa: Dear Devotees, Mother Lore, the mother of HH Tamal Krishna Goswami left her body most auspiciously at 1:08 pm on 04/30/2013 at Hare Krishna Dham of Houston

Apr 10 2013 Raya Rama Dasa (ACBSP) left his body

Manonatha Dasa: My younger brother, who was initiated by Srila Prabhupada as Raya Rama Dasa, has left the body this morning

Apr 8 2013 The passing of Mahamani Krishna Das aka Mani Prabhu

Basu Ghosh das: Mahamani Krishna Das was key in establishing regular ISKCON "satsangh" programs in Damodar Desh (Dubai). He was the civil engineer who served as site engineer overseeing the renovation of the Srinathji (Pushtimargi/Vallabh Sampradaya) "Haveli" (palace) temple at Dubai

Feb 10 2013 Getting old is seeing everyone you knew die around you

Samapriya devi dasi: Ramachandra Dash was our man in Puri. He was our dear well wisher and friend for 20 years. Somehow, he always had a relative or friend in every walk of life who could assist us with any difficulty we encountered

Jan 7 2013 Passing of a dear Godsister, Ratnavrinda-devi dasi

Swami Bhakti Abhaya Ashrama: Rosette Sullivan moved into the San Diego, California ISKCON temple in 1972. She was 50 years old, and she so urgently felt the need to heed Krishna’s call in Bhagavad-gita to abandon all else and surrender exclusively to him that, when her husband, Ron, hesitated to move into the temple, she told him, “Well, when you want to see me, you know where to find me.”

Jan 3 2013 The Passing of a Great Soul - Mahayogi Dasa

Advaitacarya Dasa: He was relentless. He would call you every day for a year only to disappear and reappear a year later when it would start all over again

Dec 25 2012 Locan Prabhu’s daughter Rasa Priya passed away

Bir Krishna das Goswami: Locan Prabhu's daughter Rasa Priya passed away approximately at 10:00 AM today (December 24th). She was listening to Srila Prabhupada chant Gaya Gaura Madhur Svare as she left her mortal frame

Dec 5 2012 Mahahari Das Prabhu Leaves His Body

Palaka das: Today December 4, 2012 at approximately 12:23 AM our dear Godbrother and longtime friend Mahahari Prabhu left his body after a 1 ½ year bout with blood cancer

Nov 22 2012 Beloved Disciple, Husband, Father and Friend - His Grace Rasika-sekhara Prabhu

Deepak Chandani: "The most dear servant of Krishna" and "The Voice of ISV" His Grace Rasika-sekhara Prabhu (formerly known as Dr Raxit Jariwalla Prabhu) left his body on Monday, 19 Nov while fully immersed in performing numerous devotional services for the Lordships he use to perform

Nov 8 2012 Krishna listens to my prayers

Anatasimha Das (Dr.Avnish Pandey): When I recollect my past memories I come to the conclusion that Krishna was always there listening to my prayers and he has planned everything so beautifully for her & pulled her to vrindavan dham just at the right moment

Oct 13 2012 Krishna Kishore Das (ACBSP) leaves his body

Hrimati dasi: It is with heavy heart, that I need to announce the final departure of Sriman Krishna Kishore Das (ACBSP) from Argentina. Krishna Kishore Prabhu left this world in the holy Dham Sri Mayapur, 12 Oct 2012 [Today] at 5:07 pm Mayapur

Oct 7 2012 Departed devotee - Janajanmadih Dasa (ACBSP)

Abhay Das: We wanted to announce his passing to the Vaisnavas, and are also asking if anyone can tell us anything about this devotee. His family wishes to sponsor a feast in memorial and we would like to glorify some his service

Sep 30 2012 Next in Line

Shambhu das: I first would like to offer my obeisances again and again unto my friend and godbrother, Sikhi Mahiti das prabhu and all the devotees at New Talavan sanga for helping to create a transcendental atmosphere for Srimam Ramakeli prabhu's glorious departure from this world

Sep 30 2012 Vaisnava Sraddha

Shyamasundara Dasa: In view of the recent passing of several senior Vaisnavas with more expected in coming years we thought it appropriate to post this text regarding how to properly observe Sraddha according to Gaudiya Vaisnava Siddhanta

Sep 25 2012 Nanda Mataji Departs

Avnish Panday: Nanda Mataji , a Very senior disciple of H.H.Hridayanand Maharaj , passed away on 21 st september on the holy appearance day of lalita sakhi

Sep 22 2012 Glorious passing away of Srimati Nanda Devi Dasi

Pancagauda Dasa: The glorious & peaceful passing of Srimati Nanda Devi Dasi, disciple of His Holiness Hridayananda Goswami took place on the auspicious day of Lalita Sakhi’s Appearance in Sri Vrindavana Dham at 1:47pm in the afternoon

Sep 13 2012 Glorious departure of Parnmanand Gopal prabhu

Dr.Avnish: Those who leave their body in puroshatam maas in vrindavan go back to godhead

Aug 27 2012 The Passing of ISKCON Chicago’s Beloved Bhakta Jerry

Iskcon Chicago's devotees: It is with great sadness in my heart that I am writing to inform everyone that on Friday morning, August 24, 2012, Kishore Kishori's beloved devotee, Bhakta Gerald Schutt, left his body. Although we have firm faith that he is in the hands of our dear Lord Krsna, we nonetheless will miss him tremendously

Aug 23 2012 The glorious passing away of Nirmala Devi Dasi

Yadavendra Das: Nirmala Devi Dasi was a senior member of the Brisbane Iskcon Hare Krishna Community both by age and service and an initiated disciple of HH Indradyumna Maharaja

Aug 18 2012 The passing of Vrsabhanu das in Vrndavana

ISKCON VRNDAVANA: After a glorious Janmastami Celebration followed by an inspiring Vyasa Puja. honoring Srila Prabhupada’s Divine Appearance, devotees of ISKCON Vrndavana’s Krsna Balaram Mandir were shocked and deeply saddened to hear of the passing of young Vrsabhanu das, or “Bhanu” as he was lovingly known

May 12 2012 Sweet memories of His Grace Vishnumurti prabhu

Bhakta Prakash: I first met His Grace Vishnumurti Prabhu in Mombasa Kenya, at the ISKCON Temple in 1989. He was taking care of the Gift shop. Every evening after his business, he would be there regularly day in and day out till 9 pm. I liked him the very first time I met him

Apr 27 2012 Tribute and Photo of HG Vishnumurti Prabhu

Varaha-rupa Devi Dasi: “As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones. (BG: 2.22)

Apr 22 2012 In memory of Sriman Bhagirath prabhu

Bhakti Raghava Swami: This morning we held a special class in memory of Bhagiratha prabhu. To our good fortune, one of the devotees close to Bhagiratha prabhu since his childhood, Sriman Kisora Krishna prabhu, arrived here at Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Ksetra (SSKBK) the day before yesterday

Mar 20 2012 Bhakta Chris Leaves His Body In Mayapur Dham

Parasuram das: Bhakta Chris from the UK left his body in Mayapur Dham last week. He was a very likeable character, definetly a character. He never missed a festival and he will be greatly missed. He loved Vraj Mandala Parikram, always involved in prasad distribution and done a lot of service in Varanasi

Feb 2 2012 tribute to my wife….

Krishnadas: Its all about association…. I write this tribute to my dear wife and best friend….. Dear……dd,.I your husband write this for your birthday, Feb 2...2012… It is with the deepest gratitude and love that I boldly broadcast your extraordinary qualities. Anyone who knows you will understand my words immediately…

Dec 28 2011 Devarishi’s passing offering

Abhay Charan das: I should feel guilty for not serving you enough. The last time I met you, was on the 22 of November. On that day, my mother, Hrimati dasi, had cooked up a whole feast with pure cow ghee. Your tone of voice was more intense than usual. You said: "why did you not invite me? I am starving to death here!"

Dec 23 2011 Parjanya Maharaj Das passes away

Basu Ghosh Das: On Saturday, December 17, 2011, long time ISKCON devotee Parjanya Maharaj Das left his body at ISKCON Surat. He was 80 years old. Parjanya Maharaj Das, aka Ratilal Patel, was a motelier, who migrated to the United States of America, many years ago – I’m not aware of the exact details - and ran a motel at Syracuse in “Upstate” New York State, for many years. He grew up at Navsari, 30 kilometers South of Surat, in South Gujarat

Dec 22 2011 HG Devarsi Prabhu enters into nitya-lila

Mayapur.com: With great sadness, ISKCON Mayapur community devotees deeply mourn the departure of HG Devarsi Prabhu. A long time resident of Mayapur, although originally from Spain, Prabhu left his body at 2:30pm in Krishnanagar yesterday (21st Dec) on the auspicious Ekadasi day, following a severe attack of tuberculosis

Nov 25 2011 Final Rites - a sobering experience…

Indradyumna Swami: Vallabhi Caitanya dasi, a 61 year-old disciple of Caitanya Candra Caran dasa, passed away in New Delhi just after participating in HH Bhakti Brnga Govinda Maharaja's recent parikramas in Vrindavan, Rsikesh and Jaipur. Today her body was cremated according to Vaisnava rites and her ashes spread in the sacred Yamuna River. It was a very sobering experience for all who participated. This video contains some very graphic images

Nov 3 2011 My Mother’s Departure

Ekalavya Das: By the will of the Supreme Lord Krishna, my mother, Karen Lowens, passed from this world, 29 October 2011 at 3 pm @ Calvary Hospital, New York

Oct 14 2011 A Tribute to HG Purnacandra Prabhu

Bhumipati das (ACBSP): It is very sad and socking that HG Purnacandra Prabhu is no more with us. One by one our god brothers are leaving this world for good
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