Feb 2 2009 Every Step a Prayer, Every Breathe a Question

Karnamrita das: Every step a prayer giving thanks I still walk, every breathe a question when my love will awaken? At every moment life and death are precariously balanced-- we struggle to survive another day before our body’s demise.

Jan 30 2009 Smiling Flowers

Karnamrita das: Gray winter skies frigid wet outside Archana sings prayers the fire blazes warmth. Beholding Radha Gopinatha uplifting spiritual beauties they kindly glance to bless everyone.

Jan 21 2009 May our Souls come Together to Sing and Dance

Karnamrita das: Eyes closed concentration inward, down and around the spiral staircase to the depths of my soul to find my inspiration source. It is as far as I can go through the coverings of matter, earth, water, fire, air, either-- subtle mind and intellect, then the false ego: I, me, mine.

Jan 8 2009 My Place of Birth: Nostalgia, Lessons, or Dread?

By Karnamrita dasa

I know where I want to go in my head, yet part of my heart is still attached to the flesh and trying to love matter. We will see how I fare in the years to come. I will continue to explore that quest in my writings.


Jan 5 2009 Lesson’s from the Aging Body

Karnamrita das: Dear God please help me Hare Krishna Hare Krishna chanting toward the wood pile. Darkness has fallen felling like a blanket making the yard small; another world existing only as far as the lights.

Dec 26 2008 The Soul and Heart inside the Physical Covering

Karnamrita das: I often think about the nature of writing, especially poems which are a new medium for me. I have spoken about it before though I am compelled to reexamine it from time to time, as it's one of my creative outlets.

Dec 16 2008 Overcoming Familiarity by Becoming Conscious

Karnamrita.das: Darkness has fallen temperature dropping, "suiting up" to go out: mailbox and firewood. Walking out in the cold thinking about a poem gazing at the stars darkness and light...

Dec 7 2008 I Don’t Get No Respect

By Karnamrita dasa

A famous comedian now passed on was famous for his routine that “I Don’t get no respect”. Not getting respect means receiving disrespect. Respect is an important word, and a word with many meanings. Here is something to start on from the dictionary which I think would be useful to consider in beginning our brief discussion.


Nov 21 2008 On the Path of Light: Trials, Temptations, Success

Karnamrita das: Many ways to look at our embodiment: layers upon layers of gross and subtle coverings, innumerable parts, different competing potent voices, yet the soul is the origin or seat of consciousness a spark of Divinity, lost, though searching blindly for itself, for love, connection, fulfillment, happiness that will endure in a fleeting, dark, restrictive world.

Nov 10 2008 Effective, Mature Outreach

By Karnamrita dasa

There are different conceptions of outreach, and we may not agree with another view. I am giving one perspective here, and contrasting with what I don’t feel is effective outreach.


Oct 30 2008 The Problem with the World in Two Letters: MY

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Then there are the things everyone would accept are possessions. With these, we decorate our bodies, house them, and move them around. These include our clothes, jewelry, and type of living facility like house or apartment, furniture, vehicles, etc.


Oct 3 2008 The Importance of Friendship and Association

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Sometimes two creepers may intertwine in such a way to also help each other grow individually upward, moving off the ground and on to a mighty oak tree where they go higher than they ever could alone and touch the stars, and beyond to Goloka.


Oct 1 2008 Intensity of Prayer

Karnamrita.das: Would you care to know what I am thinking?, as I sit in the dentist chair for a cleaning, wondering if the hygienist sees any meaning, in an ugly form of existence--teeth rotting!

Aug 28 2008 After the Sun has set

Karnamrita das: Now the Suns of Janmastami and Vyasa puja have gone from our sight and we have to keep the service attitude, inspiration and remembrance. Today is overcast, Grey skies showering torrents of rain, for some it's depressing, though it is life giving.

Aug 15 2008 Remaining a Devotee Despite Obstacles and Trials

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

On any path there will always be ups and downs, and we have to remain steady in difficulties, reverses and success—any of which could deviate us.


Aug 2 2008 Physical Imperfections A Perfect Arrangement!

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

We don’t want to preach “at” people, without taking the time to really know them. One emphasis doesn’t fit everyone, though both perspectives are important. What about you? What do you materially love or hate? That will tell you much about your conditioned identity, and how much progress you have, or haven't made.


Jul 28 2008 Divine Change Agent

Karnamrita das: A snap shot or picture I share, where I often dwell contemplating this life and my real spiritual nature. We are all so complex if we really dig deep beyond superficial lies parts of many births color us. My heart beats, feeling just because I live, yearning amidst objects and things, temporal, a diamond cage, veils my soul.

Jul 22 2008 Is Yard Work Devotional Service?

Karnamrita das: The “jungle” is returning, time to “weedwack” to trim and drive the lawn tractor before it rains again. I begin trimming under gray skies and then it pours. Putting on a Pancho to keep dry I weed by hand, listening...

Jul 8 2008 The Power of Attraction to Krishna versus the Power of Restriction

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Stressing the “YES” aspect of Krishna consciousness was part of Prabhupada’s formula for success. He was following the recommendations of Rupa Gosvami when he first tried to awaken peoples’ attraction to Krishna through kirtana, prasadam, and talks about Krishna, and then introducing the “prohibitions” and other principles.


May 13 2008 The Power of Krishna in thunder storms

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Although I hope never to see up close his tornadoes which destroy our so-called security, their power also inspires me. We are so tiny amidst even a spark of his splendor. When will I stop trying to compete with him?


Apr 26 2008 Road Kill Revelation

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

The world we live in speaks to us loudly, boldly, in no uncertain terms, according to our interest or necessity. What we want from life we notice and pursue. Other things we rarely notice due to lack of awareness.


Apr 12 2008 A Fool for Love

Karnamrita dasa: Is it really so surprising that anyone--even a senior-- would be a fool for love and intimacy? So many are affected by the lure of infatuated love, the need to be understood, appreciated and accepted by a dear friend.

Mar 31 2008 Spring has sprung

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

The feeling of renewal, birth, regeneration and giving to the rich tapestry of life that which they are endowed to be by their physical form. Krishna is the master composer for the unfolding of His majestic symphony of life.


Feb 25 2008 Helping Others While Working in the World

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

An important truth I have learned: when we remain on the fence regarding a certain decision then nothing happens. We have to make a determination, and then go forward in faith, knowing that even what appears to be a wrong decision can be a steppingstone to our correct course. Mistakes are called experience!


Feb 18 2008 Give to Live

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

We should think deeply about how giving is really the basis of life and will determine our future in this life and the next. Giving includes withholding where we should have given (we are then giving to our illusion, or selfishness, or negative judgment etc.)


Jan 14 2008 Which Brahma are you?

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

The story of Lord Brahma going to visit Krishna at Dvarka is one of my favorite stories for reminding me of my insignificance. I think of this story when I am confused with other Karnamritas. I get email for Karnamrita dasi the singer, and I get asked if I wrote the biography of Gaura-kishora das Babhaji, or other books.


Dec 30 2007 Subjective Reality in Relationships

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

There are different opinions regarding social issues or philosophy among devotees. Any perspective, side of an issue, or point of the Krishna conscious philosophy can be carried to an extreme in relation to others.


Dec 22 2007 The Meaning of Enthusiasm and Its Possible Misuse

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

The word enthusiasm has its origins in Greek (en-theos, or having a god within) where it indicated someone overcome with the spirit of some god. It wasn't used then very positively. That definition is still given for the word, but in the last possible use.


Dec 5 2007 Does “zero” have any positive value?

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Nowadays devotees are often involved in some type of inter religious dialog where we try to connect with different groups to promote more religious understanding and acceptance.


Nov 13 2007 Personal reflections on Prabhupada’s disappearance

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Another year, and what have I given back to Prabhupada and all the devotees? It is late in my life, but not too late, to become the devotee Prabhupada, our Guru Parampara, and our dear Lord envisioned for me.


Nov 6 2007 Death and dying as shown by Nirguna Prabhu

Hare KrishnaBy Karnamrita dasa

Death, and dying are events I do think about a lot more now that I am nearing 60. That is not morbid, but actually recommended, so we don't waste our life in activities that don't help us enter more deeply into our Krishna consciousness.

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