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Hare KrishnaBy Newsweek

The september 18, 2006 newsweek magazine, religion section. the article purports to describe the legacy of the baby boomers and re-examines some of the phenomenom described in 1969 as “the year of the guru”. one of the 15 related questions of the period asks, “which movement, popular in the 60’s and 70’s, was founded in new york by the indian monk Swami Prabhupada?”.

September 15, 2006 -- 3,696 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kesava Krsna dasa

If there is a method for advancing quickly, what is it? The beauty of it is, anyone can do it - married or unmarried, in or out of the temple, renounced or steeped in bhoga-tyaga. But one has to be prepared, because the weapon of detachment – asanga-sastrena BG.15.3, will develop as a natural consequence of sincere chanting.

September 14, 2006 -- 2,757 views
Hare KrishnaBy Taraka devi dasi

This is a call for all Hare Krishna's (and associates) who are artists or like making stuff. I am having an International Mail Art Exhibition in Brisbane Australia in Janurary 2007. To contribute to the exhibit all you do is make a postcard according to the theme HOLY COW in any media and stick a stamp on the back and address it to me.

September 14, 2006 -- 2,332 views
Hare KrishnaBy Jusaniya devi dasi

As many of you know, Vaisnavas C.A.R.E. (V-CARE) has assisted devotees worldwide with end-of-life needs for the past five years. We have now remodeled our website in order to make it more user-friendly and to provide up-to-date health information for our society of devotees. Our hope is to make our site more interactive with your assistance.

September 14, 2006 -- 2,113 views
Hare KrishnaFrom the Mediator's Sanga Conference

The only real possession for a devotee is whatever sincerity they can muster up in Srila Prabhupada's service. And even though the person criticizing may not be questioning the other's sincerity, it is often taken that way. The result: We feel discouraged, we sometime lash back at the critic, and often we think: "I'm doing all this hard work, and all I'm getting is questioned and criticized. Is it worth it? Is serving in ISKCON worth it?"

September 14, 2006 -- 2,016 views
Hare KrishnaBy Vineet Chander

A simultaneous protest took place in New York City. Both demonstrations were timed to intentionally coincide with the “Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions,” held in Kazakhstan. Many human rights groups and international governments, including the United Kingdom and India, are pressuring the Kazakh government to go beyond sponsoring conferences on religious freedom, and instead work to stop bigotry and harassment of religious minorit...

September 14, 2006 -- 4,868 views
Hare KrishnaBy Praghosa dasa

So giving names, having names and using names are all essential for increasing the personal touch.. Of course as devotees we receive even more mercy when we are given names related to Krsna and His devotees at the time of initiation. These names not only serve as a way of identifying us but they also remind us of the supreme Lord and His devotees and can award us unlimited spiritual benefit, as in the case of Ajamila.

September 14, 2006 -- 3,740 views
Hare KrishnaBy Dayananda das

In conclusion, devotees generally rely on their own enthusiasm—sustained effort, not simply fervor--to motivate or inspire others. The brahmana or advanced devotee inspires and cares for others by setting an example, applying structure, and offering discipline based on affectionate relationships.

September 14, 2006 -- 4,613 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kumari Priya Dasi

Religious life imparts to us the vision to see everyone as, in essence, a beloved servant of God. Yet so often the differences between religions underline a feeling of “the other” that turns those who should be friends into enemies. What often follows is behaviour that may not seem very religious at all.

September 13, 2006 -- 2,476 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhakti Vikasa Swami

The following was composed by Giriraja Maharaja (then a brahmacari) and read to Srila Prabhupada during a Room Conversation — October 15, 1977, Vrndavana

September 13, 2006 -- 4,459 views
Hare KrishnaBy Syd Yanyshev

Students interested in Krishnaism found themselves in trouble. Officers of the National Security Service battered Jalil Abdullayev, a student they wanted a confession from. Five other students were forced to sign false statements to the effect that they knew Jalil as a preacher of Krishnaism.

September 13, 2006 -- 2,227 views
Hare KrishnaBy Tejiyas das

Srila Prabhupad’s first disciple is Acharya Prabhakar. I believe he is still alive. Srila Prabhupad had lived with him in a single room for over three years in Jhansi. They talked all the time and note this, in Sanskrit. Referring to this disciple Srila Prabhupad told me “he speaks Sanskrit better than we can speak in English, he is that expert.

September 13, 2006 -- 3,220 views
Hare KrishnaBy Tamohara dasa

It is said that the Lord's merciful energy is subordinate to His willing power, but in the case of Sriman Mahaprabhu it is the reverse. Mahaprabhu has granted this independence to his krpa-shakti. Mahaprabhu would not have distributed His prema, the most confidential secret, to one and all indiscriminately, if He had not given this independence to His krpa shaktri.

September 13, 2006 -- 3,591 views
Hare KrishnaBy Yasoda saci devi dasi

Krishna devotees had much to celebrate Saturday as hundreds held their first-ever Festival of Chariots in downtown Orlando, turning Lake Eola’s surroundings into a kind of “Little India” for several hours.

September 13, 2006 -- 4,684 views
Hare KrishnaBy Mayapur sasi das

For the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada this file contains the following North American results for the month of July:North American Totals, Monthly Temples, Monthly Weekend Warriors etc., Monthly Top 100 Individuals, Monthly Top 5, Cumulative Countries, Cumulative Temples, Cumulative Top 100 Individuals, Cumulative Top 5

September 11, 2006 -- 3,072 views
Hare KrishnaFrom Wikipedia

The Hare Krishna's contributions to popular culture include the following: 1 In Movies 2 In Television 3 In Videogames 4 In Fiction 5 In Music 5.1 Straight Edge subculture 6 Miscellaneous

September 11, 2006 -- 6,852 views
Hare KrishnaBy BB Govinda Swami

Last month there was held the first of two recent conferences in Kazakhstan about religious liberty. ISKCON devotees attended that conference, and our case was brought to the attention of the whole convention by scholars and other delegates from the UK and the USA–who pointed out that religious freedom principles were being violated by the hosts of the conference– the Kazakh government.

September 11, 2006 -- 3,636 views
Hare KrishnaSastric quotes

Mutual liking [and not family pedigree, social status, etc.] will be the deciding factor in choosing a partner in marriage; cheating will be the order of the day in business relations; satisfaction of sexual pleasure will be the only consideration of male or female excellence and worthiness;

September 11, 2006 -- 4,583 views
Hare KrishnaBy Ramacandra das

ISKCON of New Jersey cordially invites all devotees and friends for the ecstatic annual Ratha-Yatra and Festival of India in Newark, NJ on September 16th, 2006. Sri Jagannath Ratha-Yatra Parade starts at 12pm at the Military park in Newark.

September 11, 2006 -- 10,283 views
Hare KrishnaBy Vasudeva Datta das

At first I was afraid of how people who knew me would react, but soon I saw that this was an advantage in book distribution. After a while the Lord gave me even more mercy and courage, and I started saying a new mantra to all the people who I didn't know: "Are you from this town?"

September 11, 2006 -- 2,806 views
Hare KrishnaBy Satyaraja Dasa

The idea is to absorb one's senses in Krishna -- to see his form, to taste food and to smell incense that is offered to him, to read about his pastimes and, mostly, to hear the chanting of his names. This creates a sort of "wrap-around awareness" that engulfs you in the spiritual world. And by being so engulfed, you remember what you have long forgotten.

September 10, 2006 -- 3,659 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhakta Michel

Festivallocation: Eendrachtsplein, Mini Market with 22 stands, Stage program with classical music, drama and bhajan. Organised by ISKCON Rotterdam Audarya Dhaam temple

September 9, 2006 -- 2,214 views
Hare KrishnaBy Chaitanya Charan Das

Most people pray to God when they want something which is beyond their human ability to get. While praying, we often intuitively try to feel and express humility, knowing we depend on divine grace. To receive God’s answers to our knee-mails, we need humility – especially in our brain.

September 9, 2006 -- 2,616 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kurma Rupa dasa

May cows stay in front of me; may cows stay behind me; may cows stay on both sides of me. May I always reside in the midst of cows. Hari Bhakti-vilas 16.252

September 9, 2006 -- 3,200 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sacirani devi dasi

Bhojadeva Prabhu’s surgery on September 6th night went well. The surgeon took bone grafts from his hip to support his eye sockets. The surgeon also released one of the eye muscles on Bhojadeva Prabhu’s right eye that was pinched between a fracture.

September 9, 2006 -- 2,856 views
Hare KrishnaBy HDG Srila Prabhupada

Anyone who carries Krishna within himself, constantly, can go anywhere and turn the place into a sacred pilgrimage. Think of Krishna always and try to work sincerely, and everything will come automatically.

September 9, 2006 -- 3,131 views
Hare KrishnaBy Tamohara das

This conference is designed to provide Child Protection Team members, devotee parents, educators, and temple managers with tools and resources to take back to your communities. You will have the opportunity to network with other devotees interested in creating safer temples and communities. Conference presenters are from the ISKCON Child Protection Office and other professionals in the field.

September 7, 2006 -- 2,780 views
Hare KrishnaBy MiraBai Devi Dasi

Yasodananda Das, Ramananda Roy Das and Shirley Marie Bradby (MiraBai Devi Dasi) are three enthusiastic devotees who have cooked up a fresh batch of devotional music filled with various tasty ingredients like traditional Indian music, a bit of soul, gospel and blues, a pinch of modern musical technology...... and offered it all to Sri Krsna!

September 7, 2006 -- 7,116 views
Hare KrishnaBy HDG Srila Prabhupada

From this statement by Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu we can clearly understand that the word yavana does not refer only to a particular class of men. Anyone who is against the behavior of the Vedic principles is called a yavana. Such a yavana may be in India or outside of India.

September 7, 2006 -- 5,919 views
Hare KrishnaBy Srutakirti dasa

Often times I would bring them to his bedroom just before his evening massage. Throughout his massage he would smell them off and on. He would then keep them on His pillow (close to His nose) all night. The following morning, I would find the flowers gently laying on the pillow exactly where they had been the night before. The flowers looked as fresh and fragrant as ever, looking as if they had just been picked.

September 7, 2006 -- 3,291 views
Hare KrishnaBy Parsada devi dasi

Many devotees have written to us requesting a list of guesthouses in Vrindavan and our taxi fare for pick up from Delhi airport. For your convienance we have compiled a list of the gueshouses with their prices and distance from the temple and phone nos. And our taxi fares also.

September 6, 2006 -- 2,214 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhakta Suman

It would be great to get one of our scientist devotees like Sadaputa prabhu or Drutakarma prabhu or someone from the BVI to comment on this finding, its quite significant in the scientific world and id like to see how they cover this one up. But to get a devotee to give their input, in particular sadaputa prabhu, would be interesting to the readers of

September 6, 2006 -- 2,021 views
Hare KrishnaBy bhaktin Rebecca

The devotee, Vani Seva Prabhu, had been residing in Vrindavan for about 6 or 7 years and had just returned home a few days prior from a trip abroad when she suffered a massive heart attack.

September 6, 2006 -- 3,356 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kavicandra Swami

Simply by chanting the holy name of Krsna once, a person is relieved from all the reactions of a sinful life. One can complete the nine processes of devotional service simply by chanting the holy name.

September 6, 2006 -- 3,296 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sacirani devi dasi

Bhojadeva Prabhu, my husband (Jivan Mukta Prabhu) and I would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the devotees, for your prayers, words of support and financial help. We are profoundly touched by all the love and care we have experienced from our wonderful vaishnava family around the world.

September 6, 2006 -- 1,961 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kapiladev das

The South African Police got in touch with us and asked us to become part of their Community Policing program. We would go out with them to troublesome neighborhoods and put on festivals with prasadam distribution, singing, dancing and sports events

September 6, 2006 -- 2,794 views