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Hare KrishnaBy Shyama - sundara das

O blessed lady, my husbands have become obedient to me because of my diligence, alacrity, and humility with which I serve superiors. Every day, I personally wait upon the revered and truthful Kunti, that mother of heroes, with food, drink and clothes.

December 31, 2006 -- 11,618 views
Hare KrishnaBy R. D. Lain

Did you know that ( material ) life is a sexually transmitted disease and the mortality rate is one hundred percent.

December 30, 2006 -- 4,047 views
Hare KrishnaBy Ekendra das

A nice analogy to illustrate this point is the story of a world traveler who is planning his journey while looking at a globe of the Earth planet. If, for instance, he desired to travel from Calcutta to Delhi he could choose to travel in many different directions. He could map out a route from Calcutta eastward that traversed the globe, crossed many oceans and deserts, and finally arrived in Delhi after several months of circumambulating the planet.

December 30, 2006 -- 6,401 views
Hare KrishnaFrom the BBC

The humble cow pat could become the latest weapon in the fight against global warming. An agricultural college is using methane from the muck produced by its dairy herd to power its working farm.

December 30, 2006 -- 4,128 views
Hare KrishnaBy Ravindra Svarupa dasa

When I first began to associate with devotees, in Philadelphia in 1970, I was married, with one child and another on the way. I owned my own house — actually very near the temple — I was a graduate student in Religious Studies, and it looked like I had a good career ahead of me.

December 30, 2006 -- 5,651 views
Hare KrishnaBy Shyamapriya Devi Dasi

"This material world is just like a prison house; it is a punishing place meant to bring us to that point of becoming disgusted, surrendering at last to Krsna, and going back to our original nature of eternal life in bliss and complete knowledge."

December 29, 2006 -- 3,527 views
Hare KrishnaBy Karuna Dharini Devi Dasi

Atma Yoga began as the dream of Atmananda when he was still Bhakta Dirk. His desire was to create a bridge to bhakti that would serve the burgeoning hatha yoga community.

December 29, 2006 -- 8,311 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sikhi Mahiti das

Description: In celebration of the 25th anniversary of ISKCON in West Africa, JPS and VPS visited the region for the first time. This is their arrival at the Accra, Ghana Temple in November 2006.

December 28, 2006 -- 4,567 views
Hare KrishnaBy Navina Nirada das

Vaishnava Academy Mayapur offers it's services to the worldwide devotee community. It was built as a retreat center for spiritual training. A wide variety of seminars and workshops offer rejuvenation and inspiration for body, mind and soul.

December 27, 2006 -- 4,975 views
Hare KrishnaBy Lokadhyaksa dasa

We're publishing a newsletter for and by the vaisnava children (3-13). The goal is to encourage our children to write, draw, paint and engage in the process of Brhad-mrdanga from an early age. So far we have published 8 issues. They can be viewed and downloaded (in pdf)

December 27, 2006 -- 3,538 views
Hare KrishnaBy Revati Ramana dasa

We are happy to bring you the news about the opcoming opening festival of Sri Sri Radha Govinda Asta Sakhi Giriraja Lotus temple complex which will begin on 29 januari and end at the 1 febr in the presence of most GBC members and many Yatra’s worldwide.

December 26, 2006 -- 13,945 views
Hare KrishnaBy Bhurijana dasa

Hare Krsna. A cow and her calf near the Yamuna River, who soothes and sweetens the atmosphere of Vrindaban. Indeed, when Krsna and Balarama along with the Vrajavasis first left Gokula to entered Vrindaban, they too felt the highest satisfaction as They saw her.

December 26, 2006 -- 3,824 views
Hare KrishnaBy Madana mohana das

In the course of an unrelated research I have just happened to learn of one important, albeit rarely known fact about gunja-malas -- those necklaces of scarlet-and-black or/and white glossy seeds that are widely used in Govardhana-sila worship as representing Srimati Radharani.

December 26, 2006 -- 8,217 views
Hare KrishnaBy the GBC task force team members

In a recent positive development, ISKCON’s GBC has constituted a task force charged with identifying and rectifying abuse of women. Domestic violence, sexual assault and other atrocities may take place in any organization, so following on their bold approach of openly addressing past problems of child abuse, ISKCON’s leaders have taken a step toward healing rather than hiding injuries to ISKCON’s female members. Srila Prabhupada reminded his f...

December 26, 2006 -- 6,768 views
Hare KrishnaBy Visakha Priya Devi Dasi

Before I could think of anything, he had snapped the strap of my bead bag off my neck and was running away with the bag. I couldn't bear it. I had chanted on them since the time they appeared in front of me, floating on the sacred Ganga, on the Gaura Purnima day of the year 1996, just when I was entering the water to take a sacred bath at sunset.

December 24, 2006 -- 3,573 views
Hare KrishnaBy Steve Jobs

"I would walk the 7 miles across town every Sunday night to get one good meal a week at the Hare Krishna temple. I loved it."

December 24, 2006 -- 10,317 views
Hare KrishnaBy Iksvaku dasa

There are some devotees around the world who are paying attention to the expansion phenomenon called the G12 - Movement. This is not surprising due to the amazing numerical successes this movement is having and it may well have some pointers that we could use in our preaching.

December 24, 2006 -- 5,086 views
Hare KrishnaBy Caru Das

Two fellows came down from Idaho, spent a couple of days fixing pylons into the ground, arranged skirting, double compression doors, and then with a compressor blew up the shape of the 27 foot wide 18 foot high dome from a vinyl air form.

December 24, 2006 -- 3,539 views
Hare KrishnaBy BB Govinda Swami

The fact that a decision was made in my absence and that governmental bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan distributed the decision of the Commission without having a meeting, raises questions as to the objectivity and fairness of the Commission.

December 24, 2006 -- 4,004 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kesava Krsna dasa

Upma seems to be one of those dishes we either love or loathe, except of course when it is prasada. Then again it is an acquired taste for many, and for a debutant like me it was, please bear with me, a revolting experience. Yes, it was prasadam prabhu. I think an acronym is in order here: Upstart Preliminary Masticating Assessment.

December 24, 2006 -- 4,590 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kaunteya Das

Yes, I hear the objection: "But Prabhu, we use it only to watch videos of Krishna and Srila Prabhupada!" If this is true for you, I offer you my humble obeisances and I assure you that this article is not written for you.

December 24, 2006 -- 10,032 views
Hare KrishnaBy Indradyumna Swami

Going to India is more of a necessity than a luxury for one in the renounced order of life. To do his service well, a sannyasi must remain always pure in heart, and there is no better means of purifying the heart and building one's spiritual strength than spending the auspicious month of Kartika in the holy land of Vrindavan.

December 22, 2006 -- 7,158 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kurma Rupa dasa

The Special Edition 2006 At a Glance records a brief overview of our activities during 2006 with a gallery of photos of all the cows who allowed us to serve them.

December 22, 2006 -- 3,480 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kancana-valli Devi Dasi

We would like to inform you about the developing Vaishnava Support and Abuse Resource Group (VSARG) website, which aims to create an online resource for devotees who suffered traumatic events or sexual, emotional, or physical abuse inside or outside ISKCON.

December 22, 2006 -- 3,254 views
Hare KrishnaBy Pancharatna dasa

I'm sure most of you have had the great fortune of taking part in one of the Festival of India programs held throughout North America. That's why I'm hoping you will take a few moments to help us improve this festival by completing a short online survey at the following address.

December 22, 2006 -- 3,497 views
Hare KrishnaBy Radha Sundari devi dasi

For the very first time, a world-class Bhakti Sastri Course will be offered in Sri New Vrindaban Dhama, USA. From June 11 to July 20, 2007, an unrivaled team of instructors will join together to present a six week, in-depth study of Bhagavad-gita.

December 22, 2006 -- 3,919 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sita-pati das

At the time of death our bhajan will be tested. I think we will be lucky, and we will see everything taken away before the moment of the physical death of our bodies. At that time our bhajan will be tested.

December 22, 2006 -- 6,105 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kisora dasa

After Govinda-kunda parikrama became very peaceful. Just Govardhan and me. From a distance I heard beautiful singing. I could recognize a brahmana leading the tourists around Govardhan and singing about him.

December 22, 2006 -- 11,966 views
Hare KrishnaBy BB Govinda Swami

Kazakhstan Government states: “As a matter of fact, ISKCON as a religious association doesn’t own the land.” ISKCON: Originaly the land of 47.7 hectares was purchased by members of ISKCON in 1999 in the Karasai district of Almaty, 40 km from the Almaty city. As laws changed members of ISKCON were able to privatize the land in the spring of 2004.

December 22, 2006 -- 3,407 views
Hare KrishnaBy A. Mukhashov

To recommend that the Department of Justice of Almaty province and the Committee for Connections with Religious Organizations of the Almaty Provincial Hakimat should take into consideration the current situation and continuously control the observance of the law on the freedom of faith and religious associations by local bodies, religious associations, and other legal and physical entities in the Karasai district.

December 22, 2006 -- 3,181 views
Hare KrishnaBy Kamlesh Patel

The Bhagavad-Gita As It Is DVDs have translations followed by explanations in English. Presented by His Grace Nirantara Das, a disciple of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prahbupada.

December 20, 2006 -- 2,999 views
Hare KrishnaBy Mayapur Sasi dasa

For the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada this file contains the following North American results for the month of November: North American Totals, Monthly Temples, Monthly Weekend Warriors etc., Monthly Top 100 Individuals, Monthly Top 5, Cumulative Countries, Cumulative Temples, Cumulative Top 100 Individuals, Cumulative Top 5

December 20, 2006 -- 3,508 views
Hare KrishnaBy Sita-pati das

The mission of ISKCON News.Net is "to generate momentum in fulfilling Srila Prabhupada's seven purposes for ISKCON through information sharing". The vision is "more nectar than you can drink". The editorial policy is: "We don't care what you think, until we know what you do".

December 20, 2006 -- 4,678 views
Hare KrishnaBy Chaitanya Charan Das

The Gita explains that God is the source, the essence and the best of everything. So, of worshipers of God, God alone is the best. Therefore, as Radha, God is the supreme worshiper, and as Krishna, God is the supreme worshiped. both par excellence.

December 20, 2006 -- 4,762 views
Hare KrishnaBy Jusaniya devi dasi

Our goal is to compile a list of devotees in each and every temple around the world who are willing to step forward when and if a member of their congregation is ill or hospitalized. As a 'CARE Partner' you may wish to make a home or hospital visit, bring the devotee/family prasadam, bring Deity garlands, maha-prasadam, etc.

December 20, 2006 -- 2,938 views
Hare KrishnaFrom Free Forum

A few years ago, very unfortunately, Bhakta Steve got shot by a criminal who tried to steal from a jewelshop somewhere in Holland. Bhakta Steve was very heavily wounded, he lost his spleen and it seems that he is suffering a very difficult life after he was shot.

December 20, 2006 -- 3,785 views