Feb 27 2007 McDonalds gets off Lightly

Hare KrishnaBy Kristen Healy

In an astonishing display of inconceivable mercy, on Thursday 15th February, Lord Nityanda inspired the harinam devotees led by Mahavishnu Swami to enter the McDonalds restaurant in Brixton, London U.K.


Feb 27 2007 Lesson In The School Of Love

Hare KrishnaBy Devavati Devi Dasi

During the past 20 months, H.H. Bhakti Tirtha Swami and 7 of my dearest friends including the Mother of a devotee departed auspiciously from this planet.


Feb 27 2007 Regional Gaura Purnima Festival in Laguna Beach

Hare KrishnaBy Bhaktin Molly

On Saturday, March 10th at 10:00am, Devotees from all over the West Coast (and beyond!) will come together to celebrate the Appearance Day of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu! We will have His Holiness Indradyumna Maharaja as our Honored Guest!


Feb 25 2007 Scientific Preaching and its Necessity in modern life

Hare KrishnaBy Ramvijay das

The present day world is well moving ahead with technological breakthrough. Based on the developments in the material world, we have to adapt and regulate our life for serving the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is the summum bonum of preaching communicated by bonafide Acharyas.


Feb 24 2007 Serving Vrindavana: A very successful program

Hare KrishnaBy Urmila Devi Dasi

If you want to improve the situation for Vrindavana’s ecology, cows, bulls, and local residents, there is a fantastic program you can support or join. It is so simple it has no official name other than “Bullock Cart Preaching.”


Feb 24 2007 Avoiding the 10 offences

Hare KrishnaBy HDG Srila Prabhupada

The sincere devotee who wants to attain a perfection (Siddhi) for himself by the process of chanting the Name of the Lord must refrain from the ten kinds of offences which are quoted below from the "Padmapuranam."


Feb 24 2007 Still Humbly Requesting Your Prayers and Your Help for Baladeva and Christina

Hare KrishnaBy Lalita Madhava devi dasi

We are writing to make you aware of the unfortunate situation involving Baladeva dasa and his wife, Bhaktin Christina, that is unfolding here in the Greater Alachua community, and to appeal to all of you for your help.


Feb 24 2007 All We Need is Love And…

Hare KrishnaBy Praghosa dasa

At this point I was getting a little worried because either it was a bomb and the whole building would be history or it was a hoax but they might decide to do a 'controlled explosion' which would still result in significant damage. In my mind I was rehearsing the phone call to the insurance company the next day and all I was hearing back was “Unfortunately your policy does not cover you for acts of terrorism”...


Feb 21 2007 Bhaktivedanta Coaching Seminar

Hare KrishnaBy Vrsabha das

I would like to inform you that Akrura prabhu from London (originally from Serbia) will present his Bhaktivedanta (Life) Coaching Seminar in Dublin/Ireland on 13th, 14th, 15th of April.


Feb 21 2007 GBC Zonal Assignments 2007

Hare KrishnaBy the GBC

In the archive section of the website you can find the GBC Zonal Assignments for 2007


Feb 21 2007 Glorification of Sri Vrindaban dhama and the Yamuna River

Hare KrishnaBy Bhurijana dasa

How can a person who has never seen Vrndavana's Yamuna river, which is filled with eternally blooming indivara, kamala, kahlara, kumuda, and other lotus flowers, all filled with the sweet humming sounds of bumblebees, and which displays the places where Sri Sri Radha-Muralidhara and Their friends enjoyed transcendental pastimes, remain alive?



Hare KrishnaBy Hari dasa

I am in the process of setting up a group of devotees who will network together to make the blissful process of preaching through modern music much easier. We will share information, knowledge, computer software and maybe each others talents so that we can produce first class music with a devotional theme to present to the public.


Feb 21 2007 Vaishnavanam Yatha Sambhu

Hare KrishnaBy Caru Das

The cultural program is always a favorite. Neda’s dance on Lord Shiva catching the Ganga on his head was beautiful. There are no real dance schools in Salt Lake City. Yugoslavian born Neda is quite a phenomenon because she has taught herself by watching and imitating videos


Feb 21 2007 Bus Drivers Needed for Festival Tour

Hare KrishnaBy Manu Dasa

The youth Krishna Culture Festival Tour, organized in cooperation with ISKCON Youth Ministry and Festival of India, traveling throughout North America this summer, is seeking experienced bus drivers.


Feb 21 2007 Iskcon Tirupati - A wonderful beacon of Krishna Consciousness

Hare KrishnaBy Amitachara Das

After eight years of patient effort, hard struggle, determination, heartfelt prayers and steady devotional service and a heroic last-minute marathon for the devotees of Iskcon,Tirupati-the grand opening took place on the appearance day of Sri Nityananda Trayodasi.


Feb 21 2007 New Vrindavan Prison Preaching

Hare KrishnaBy Loka - varnotamma dasa

Prison is a dungeon of concrete and steel, where those who are condemned due to past misdeeds, unceremoniously find themselves. Many who enter abandon all hope, as barbed wire fences and guards with shotguns are a constant reminder of their inability to escape their fate.


Feb 21 2007 My Brother’s Hare Krishna Wedding!!

Hare KrishnaBy Devala das

All in all It was an experience of a lifetime, that's for sure, but one that I will always remember. Time seems to really fly by, and It will take a little getting use to my brother being married but I know that he has the perfect devotee girl and that they are very happy.


Feb 21 2007 New York Gaura Purnima Festival

Hare KrishnaBy Pragnesh Surti

Please join us on Saturday March 3, 2007 for an all day celebration of Gaura Purnima - Appearance Day of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu!


Feb 21 2007 Fire Sacrifice - True Story

Hare KrishnaBy Merrmade

I felt that the fruits of my preaching had finally ripened. I relished the result of the patience that I had practiced over the long term of coaxing him to become very serious about his spiritual life. I felt very proud that he, indeed, had taken my suggestion to heart and was even considering having the fire sacrifice.


Feb 21 2007 The Sunday Feast Kirtan

Hare KrishnaBy Sita-pati das

For first time visitors excessive cartal racket makes the experience of the kirtan more like a rock concert. Trying to project over the sound of cartals can cause the entire kirtan volume to rise to excessive levels.


Feb 21 2007 Snap Shots Of A Journey To The Holy Name

Hare KrishnaBy Sankirtana das

O Krsna, we have traveled and looked everywhere, but we found You while walking through a Madison neighborhood, chanting Your Holy Name. Krsna’s timing is perfect, bringing Srila Prabhupada to the West, at the height of its materialistic culture.


Feb 19 2007 108 Names of Lord Chaitanya

Hare KrishnaBy Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya

If one chants this great prayer with faith and transcendental devotion on Lord Chaitanya's appearance day (the full moon day in the month of Phalguna), then one perpetually attains the fulfillment of their each and every pure desire.


Feb 19 2007 Govinda Damodara Stotram

Hare KrishnaBy Srila Bilvamangala Thakura

Before the assembled Kurus and pandavas, when Dushasana caught her hair and clothing, Draupadi, having no other Lord, cried out, " Govinda, Damodara, Madhava!


Feb 19 2007 New Footage — The First ISKCON Rathayatra

Hare KrishnaBy Dayananda das

Here is two minutes of chanting in 1967 in the San Francisco temple and at the first ISKCON Rathayatra.


Feb 19 2007 Guide to Self Realization DVD - CHEAP!!!

Hare KrishnaBy Nrsimhananda Das

The best introduction to Srila Prabhupada and the principles of Krishna consiousness! Perfect for street distribution, gifts for contributors, etc. These are professionally replicated disks - COMPATIBLE WITH DVD PLAYERS WORLDWIDE


Feb 19 2007 Day Eleven of the G.B.C. Meetings

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit Dasa

Various GBC members then expressed thanks to the out-going chairman. Sivarma Swami said that Bhaktivaibhava Swami did an outstanding job by giving the GBC body the opportunity to work together to formulate a vision. Maharaja was impressive that Bhaktivaibhava Swami agreed to serve on the Executive Committee one more year, to solidify the GBC's work on strategic planning.


Feb 19 2007 Thoughts about atithi-seva

Hare KrishnaBy Muniraja dasa

Of course, devotees are not expecting service for themselves, but if you go to a temple where none is interested to help you, to speak to you, you may wonder what kind of impression it will leave to someone visiting first time. Very opulent surroundings, elaborate puja and loud kirtans are not much helpfull, if devotees are not interested about visitors.


Feb 17 2007 Kirtan in America: An American Perspective

Hare KrishnaBy Mangalananda das

I started participating in the Hare Krishna Kirtan movement in the early 1970s. The chanting profoundly changed my life and I’ve been an advocate of the benefits of kirtan ever since. As a songwriter born in the U.S. I naturally write about my unique American experience which includes kirtan.


Feb 17 2007 Mayapur Seminar Schedule Adjustments

Hare KrishnaBy Krishna-kripa dasa

As I have previously invited you to the 2007 Mayapur Gaura Purnima festival and advertised the courses given, I feel obliged to update you with current information. Some new courses have been added, others cancelled, and the time and/or place has changed for still others.


Feb 17 2007 Unsung heroes

Hare KrishnaBy Kavicandra Swami

Some years ago the GBC appointed a group of " deputies " to assist them in their work. They have been doing very valuable service behind the scenes, without getting very much public recognition. They have done a lot of preliminary work which has enabled the GBC members to concentrate on proactive things.


Feb 17 2007 Garden Preaching

Hare KrishnaBy Madan Mohan Dasa

My thoughts on this are partly in response to seeing (on this site) the model of the proposed temple to be built in Mayapura. I'd like to see the setting for the temple be as moving as the structure itself, or more so. Perhaps there could be a botanical garden/arboretum incorporated into the plan.


Feb 17 2007 Inaugural Speech by the Festival committee members

Hare KrishnaBy Shyamagopika Devi Dasi

His Divine Grace desired to have Gaura Purnima festival year after year in a grand way and as a result, in 1973 or 74, over 300 devotees attended. It grew to more than 2000 devotees in 1996 during Srila Prabhupad centennial year and now it has reached to the point of more than 5000 devotees coming to Mayapur to take the mercy of Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu with them.


Feb 17 2007 Day Ten of the G.B.C. Meetings

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit Dasa

The GBC voted that a World Holy Name Day be annually celebrated at temples worldwide, to coincide with and commemorate Srila Prabhupada's arrival in the USA. Lokanath Swami, Janananda Prabhu, and Ekalavya Prabhu will be the coordinators. The GBC body spent the rest of the morning discussing and voting on a resolution concerning the situation of Dhanudhara Swami.


Feb 16 2007 Srila Prabhupada’s bhajan Kutir at Radha Damodar Mandir Re-opened

Hare KrishnaBy Shyama - krishna Das

Devotees from around the world are hereby informed that in pursuance to an interim order passed by the Hon'ble High Court at Allahabad on 12th February, 2007, Srila Prabhupada's Bhajan Kutir is now re-opened.



Hare KrishnaBy the GBC Chairman

On behalf of our beloved Founder-Acarya, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the GBC Executive Committee, extends its grateful appreciation to His Holiness Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami for his outstanding service in dealing with the difficulties facing the Kazakhstan yatra during the year 2006.


Feb 15 2007 Day Nine of the G.B.C. Meetings

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit Dasa

Bhanu Swami chaired the Open Forum and began with a letter from Jiva Tattva Prabhu (Spain), who asked why ISKCON does not have a varnasrama social system and whether the GBC's role is spiritual or managerial.


Feb 15 2007 Tirupati Grand Opening Day 1, 2 and 3

Hare KrishnaBy Deena Bandhu dasa

Everywhere there were South Indian brahamanas mostly with their distinctive sikhas where they shave about two inches back from the forhead and around the ears and tie all their hair in a bun at the back.


Feb 14 2007 Day Eight of the G.B.C. Meetings

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit Dasa

Sesa Prabhu cried when Bhakti Swarupa Damodara Maharaja departed. He pointed out that Maharaja was so fixed on Srila Prabhupada's instructions that his departure from the world was glorious. Krsna, in this way, prepared him to go back to Godhead. Sesa Prabhu asked the senior disciples to be forgiving, as there is a lesson to be learned from all this.


Feb 14 2007 The powerful words of Prabhupada

Hare KrishnaBy Suresvara dasa

Astonished, the professor looked at me and I looked at him. Both of us felt as if our hairs were standing on end. He said, “Give me all those books, I must have those books!" I sold him 12 hardbound Bhagavad-gitas.


Feb 14 2007 Oh Krishna!

Hare KrishnaBy Nayana Priya Krishna das

Oh Krishna! Glory to you and your name, Our fame lies in chanting your name, Chanting and chanting is our aim, Without that every moment is a shame

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