Aug 29 2008 Looking for temples that offer hatha yoga programs

Lilananda dasa: I am looking for temples that are currently offering hatha yoga programs. I heard that some temples have been successful in attracting nice devotees through a hatha yoga program and eventually introducing them to bhakti-yoga.

Aug 29 2008 Sri Krishna Janmastami Mahotsav (festival) at ISKCON Baroda

Basu Ghosh das: More than a lakh (100,000) of citizens of Baroda visited ISKCON's Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar Mandir on the auspicious day of Sri Krishna Janmashtami on Sunday, August 24, 2008.

Aug 29 2008 Yamini’s New CD & Children’s Website

Mangalananda das: is a new site with videos and songs for children. We plan to add Poetry and Story Time. Yamini's new CD "Meeting Lord Chaitanya" is now available on iTunes.

Aug 29 2008 S.Prabhupada’s appearance day by HG Vaisesika prabhu

Chaitanya Lila das: Sunday 24 we had the appearance day of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. So we offered our respects and observed a festival, Avirbhava, Tirobhava. Tirobhava.

Aug 29 2008 Jehovah Witnesses quote Srila Prabhupada

Hare KrishnaBy Kesava Krsna Dasa

As we would suspect, the references to Srila Prabhupada are found in the chapter entitled, “Hinduism – a search for liberation”. While it is pleasing to acknowledge he is cited as a major authority on ‘Hinduism”, sadly his, and Lord Chaitanya’s message get enmeshed in the tangled web of whatever Hinduism is supposed to be.


Aug 29 2008 Teacher Training Course 1 and 2 in VIHE during Kartik 2008

Hare KrishnaBy Adipurusa das

The VTE consists of a team of professional devotees mandated by the ISKCON Ministry of Education to develop systematic training courses for the members of the Society with the aim to create and support Krsna conscious leaders for the Sankirtan Movement.


Aug 28 2008 After the Sun has set

Karnamrita das: Now the Suns of Janmastami and Vyasa puja have gone from our sight and we have to keep the service attitude, inspiration and remembrance. Today is overcast, Grey skies showering torrents of rain, for some it's depressing, though it is life giving.

Aug 28 2008 Report of Gopal Krishna Goswami’s 2008 Vyasa-puja

Caitanya dasa (BVKS): The vyasa-puja of Gopal Krishna Goswami took place on August 27th, 2008, in New Delhi, India. For the pleasure of all of his disciples, this is a brief report of the vyasa-puja festival.

Aug 28 2008 Krishna Janmashtami in Mauritius

Hare KrishnaBy Karunika dasi

Reports of Krishna Janmashtami celebrations across the world bear witness to the undeniable fact that ISKCON programmes are rapidly growing in popularity. Mauritius is no exception and on Janmashtami night, the ISKCON temples are the place to be!


Aug 28 2008 Durban Janmastami & Vyasa-puja celebrations

Hare KrishnaBy Champakalata dasi

A month long of preparation culminated in the biggest ever Sri Krishna Janmastami festival celebrated at the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple, in Chatsworth (west of Durban), South Africa when over 20 000 guests thronged to the temple to perform their worship on this most auspicious occasion.


Aug 28 2008 A totally free matrimonial service for devotees

IskconMatrimonials: The service is totally free. No devotee needs to pay for contacting another devotee on the website. What all they need to do is follow certain guidelines set by our advisors. Devotees will be able to communicate with prospective brides or grooms through senior Vaishnavas or Vaishnavis on the website or otherwise.

Aug 28 2008 Iskcon Ludhiana celebrates Sri Krsna Janmashtmi

Bhakta Kaplish: Most auspicious festival Sri Krishna Janmashtmi was celebrated on 24th August 08 at ISKCON, Ludhiana. 1008 bhoga of different varieties was offered to Their Lordships.

Aug 28 2008 Srila Pradbhupada: Concentrated Mercy

Hare KrishnaBy Sri Nanda - nandana das

The Lord does not forget the fallen souls who have forgotten Him, and Your Divine Grace descended to save them all. You represent your Lord Caitanya, maha-vadanyaya, the most merciful, therefore deserving the title Srila Prabhupada. So simple, why they shouldn’t know and accept it?


Aug 28 2008 TVP Discussion

Hare KrishnaBy Giriraj Swami

Yesterday I visited Dandavats. com to see the discussion about the design of the TVP, and I saw Tattvavit Prabhu’s letter, which included a sentence from a letter from me to him, which was featured by the editors of the Web site on the front page. And so I thought to clarify my position.


Aug 28 2008 “Best Janmashtami ever” at the Manor

Hare KrishnaBy Radha Mohan Dasa

The highlight was the flowered walk-way though the forest and lake. It lit up at night and depicted the stories of Lord Krishna. "The design and construction was planned so that visitors can feel and be close to nature and be spiritually uplifted," said Ajay Kumar, the concept originator of the project.


Aug 28 2008 In Adoration

Hare KrishnaBy Indradyumna Swami

In Srimad-Bhagavatam, Prahlad Maharaja says that a devotee should see his advanced Godbrothers on an equal footing with his spiritual master. Just as we need the help of our spiritual master to understand the Supreme Lord, we also need the help of our Godbrothers to appreciate and serve our beloved spiritual master.


Aug 28 2008 One Reason Why Not to Change the Design of the TVP

Hare KrishnaBy Sivarama Swami

I am writing in response to the article on entitled “Nine Reasons to Change the Design of the TVP.” I will not answer the nine reasons point by point because Ambarisa Prabhu has already done that. Instead, I would like to give one reason that may ring a bell with devotees concerned about the topic. Please bear with me.


Aug 28 2008 Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja Celebrations in Mayapur

Hare KrishnaBy Shyamagopika devi dasi

On the occasion of his 112th appearance day, many of his disciples and Mayapur community gathered to praise his unlimited mercy, compassion and other wonderful qualities. 304 pages Vyasa Puja Offering book was submitted at the lotus feet of Srila Prabhupada.


Aug 26 2008 SMIS Graduate Students gain World Class Cambridge Distinctions

Sucih das: SMIS Graduate Students gain World Class Cambridge Distinctions The results from the Cambridge Examshave been released with students again recording excellent results.

Aug 26 2008 Janmastami Darshan in Flower Dress and Janmastami Maha Abhiseka 2008 - ISV

Chaitanya Lila das: It has become a tradition to offer flower outfit to Radha-Madhana Mohana. It's evening, and Sri Sri Radha Madhana Mohana are dressed in resplendent clothes made entirely from flowers. No one could move from the temple room seeing the beautiful scene.

Aug 26 2008 Sri Krsna Janmastami 2008: Pictures and pictures

Caitanyananda Das: … and more coming! More than 2000 devotees, guests and pilgrims thronged to Sri Sri Radha Govinda Mandir (NY ISKCON) to take part in the Sri Krsna Janmastami Festival.

Aug 26 2008 Honoring the Passing of Bimala Devi Dasi

Nikunjavasini dasi: Our dear friend Bimala devi dasi departed this world on the auspicious day of Pavitraropana Ekadasi, the first day of Jhulan Yatra, at 6:28 AM just after hearing a recitation of the twenty-five qualities of Srimati Radharani. Bimala was surrounded by her loving Godsisters and her husband Will.

Aug 26 2008 Indian Fashion Icon designs for Sri Sri Radha Rasabihari

Hare KrishnaBy Parijata devi dasi

This year the Supreme Lord adorned outfits designed by none other than fashion icon and designer Manish Malhotra. Manish is reputed as the King of Indian Fashion.


Aug 24 2008 Amazing Sri Krishna Janmashtami Deities darshan

Chaitanya lila das: Sri Krishna Janmashtami is the celebration of the appearance day of Lord Krishna on the eighth day of the dark half of the month of Bhadra.

Aug 24 2008 My response regarding the design of the TVP

Hare KrishnaBy Ambarisa das

Let me preface my response to specific points below by saying that of course the GBC can decide to do what it wants in this matter. We are a small, but dedicated group of disciples and grand disciples who have given ourselves over the last two years or so, to getting something done in Mayapur.


Aug 24 2008 Free seminar on “THE GLOBAL VARNASRAMA MISSION”

Gopinatha dasa: AT ISKCON NEW TALAVAN By Bhakti Raghava Swami SEPTEMBER 12 - 14 /2008. OPEN TO MEN AND WOMEN. Please contact Gopinatha dasa

Aug 24 2008 Govardhan Retreat and Varsana Japa Retreat 2008

Hare KrishnaBy Adi-purusha das

We are happy to invite all the Vaisnavas to come and deepen their spiritual life and recharge their inspiration to preach through experiencing the higher taste of five most potent forms of bhakti.


Aug 23 2008 MTV films Dallas temple for MTV show

Pandava vijaya dasa: MTV filmed in the Sunday temple program in Dallas (08/17/2008)--they had a 5 camera shoot. The story line (for real) was this 17 year old film student went to three religious places she had never gone before-MTV followed her and filmed.

Aug 23 2008’s Janmastami celebration

Hare KrishnaBy Ekendra dasa

This year, we'll be broadcasting live, streaming video from the celebrations in Alachua, Florida and London, England. This is a new feature we'd like to increase next year to include many more temples, including Vrindavan.


Aug 22 2008 Janmastami: World Holy Name Week Announcement

Ekalavya Das: Janmastami gatherings are a good opportunity to advertise World Holy Name Week. WORLD HOLY NAME WEEK 2008 coming up September 13th - 21st !!!

Aug 22 2008 Live streaming Nectar

Antony Brennan: The Internet is an enabling technology. It enables us to receive emails from all over the world; it enables us to read articles posted on We are also able to watch videos of a Japa workshop by Mahatma dasa...

Aug 22 2008 Arizona Governor’s Sri Krishna Janmashtami Proclamation 2008

Hare KrishnaBy Prayag Narayan Misra

For the third year in a row, Bhaktin Janet (Napolitano)- as His Holiness Ganapati Swami Maharaja says- the Governor of Arizona, U S A - issued another Proclamation for Sri Krishna Janmashtami, Saturday August 23, 2008.


Aug 22 2008 Looking for a Recording Studio in Bangladesh

Lilananda dasa: I am looking for a recording studio in Calcutta or Bangladesh. Please contact me at my below email address. Thank you!

Aug 22 2008 Illumination TV Janmastami DVD

Dhruva Maharaja dasa: Now you can hear about Lord Krsna’s advent directly from Srila Prabhuapda while watching Krsna’s pastimes in video format with subtitles inlcuded!

Aug 22 2008 Varnasrama College Course in South India

Hare KrishnaBy Bhakti Raghava Swami

GLOVESCO (Global Varnasrama Educational, Social, and Cultural Organization), pioneering the global varnasrama mission, is pleased to announce its first varnasrama course, entitled "Land, Cows, and Krsna-Part I: Applied Varnasrama Practices."


Aug 22 2008 Srila Prabhupada’s Life Size Murti (Deity)

Devaki nandan das: We are looking for Srila Prabhupada's Life Size Murti (Deity)- Resin (or other material). Please let us know where we can buy one. The quality has to be very good.

Aug 22 2008 Ratha Yatra Festival Amsterdam 2008

Bhakta Mike: Please come and visit Amsterdam on Sunday 31th of August. The Parade with Jagannatha, Baladeva na Subadra leaves from Amsterdam ISKCON-temple on the van Hilligaertstraat at 1.00PM. arrives at Dam Square at 3.00 PM.

Aug 22 2008 Controversial new book to be launched this weekend

Frank Ward: A new book entitled 'No Time to Slumber for the Hindu Tiger' by Mr Frank Ward, will be launched and blessed on Sunday 24th August during Bhaktivedanta Manor's famous Janmashtami festival, in Aldenham near Watford, Herts.

Aug 22 2008 Mayapur Harinam

Hare KrishnaBy Raga Marga devi dasi

Recently we started to discover also new places. One day we went to Navadvipa, but instead of going on our standard way – to Parama-tala, Dhamesvara Mahaprabhu’s temple, Jagannatha Babaji’s Samadhi or some street around, we turned left and walked along many new streets.


Aug 22 2008 Nine Reasons to Change the Design of the TVP

Hare KrishnaBy Tattvavit Dasa and Janaki Ram Dasa

Giriraja Swami wrote to us: "I too have heard many devotees express dissatisfaction with the present design, and I encourage the GBC to reconsider the plan."

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