May 18 2009 18th Annual Prabhupada Festival ‚Äď May 23rd & 24th

Prabhupada Festival Committee: The Prabhupada Festival was founded as a venue for all followers, newcomers, and interested persons to come together to learn about and glorify Srila Prabhupada and His accomplishments.

May 18 2009 Hare Krishna and free vegetarian feasts-Denver

Pandava: If you're getting tired of having the same ho-hum weekend and are looking for an interesting and possibly dangerous situation whilst stuffing your face with good grub, check out the local hare Krishna scene.

May 18 2009 Mayapur HarinamFFL Website Launched

Hare KrishnaBy Ila devi dasi

By the grace and mercy of SriSri Radha-Madhava, Lord Nrsimhadeva and Sri Pancha-Tattva, we are launching the new Mayapur Harinama and Food For Life Website.


May 18 2009 Congregational Book Distribution: Monthly Sankirtan Festivals

By Rita Gupta

‚ÄúMonthly Sankirtan Festivals are a great way to engage the entire congregation in book distribution,‚ÄĚ says Vaisesika dasa. ‚ÄúAt our temple, we combine the festival with a holy day on the Vaisnava calendar.


May 18 2009 Would we do it in front of Srila Prabhupada?

By Janananda Gosvami

We want to come up with something that is practical, enthusing, long lasting, effective, uniting, and all the other positive adjectives you can think of. Especially however, we would like to have standards that would please Srila Prabhupada. After all at the end of the day what matters is: ‚ÄúWould we do it in front of Srila Prabhupada?‚ÄĚ


May 15 2009 February 22-23, Final Days of the GBC Meetings

By Ananda Tirtha das

Every year, each GBC member's zonal areas of responsibility are reviewed and ratified for the coming year. It is interesting to note a gradual shift over the years with an increasing number of GBC members preferring to share their zonal duties with one or more "co-GBCs". This holds true not just for major projects like Mayapur, which has a six-man GBC committee, but even for smaller yatras like Latvia, Bangladesh, and Honduras. Another recent development is a number of non-GBC members holding zonal responsibilities.


May 15 2009 It’s Krsna!

By Indradyumna Swami

A monsoon of ecstatic spiritual love brings great floods. All of Santipura floats on those waters. Alas! Ananta-raya's heart was not swept away by those flooding nectaran waters


May 15 2009 World Holy Name Week 2009: Sept 2nd - 11th

Ekalavya das: Lord Caitanya's 500th anniversary of Sannyasa. We can make this the theme for delivering the Holy Name to the rest of the world. Mahaprabhu's leaving of comforts to give welfare to the entire world, just as Srila Prabhupada did also.

May 14 2009 Important news on forthcoming Jayapataka Maharaj’s visit to Atlanta

Shyam Mahtani: HH Jayapataka Swami Maharaj is coming to US and to Atlanta for the first time, out of India, after his recent illness. Also, HG Panakajangari Prabhu is also coming to Atlanta at the same time.

May 14 2009 Mahaman Das seriously injured in auto accident

By Basu Ghosh Das

Ex-TP of ISKCON Vrindavan and non-GBC Zonal Secretary for several areas of ISKCON in India, and Temple President of ISKCON Indore, is serious condition in the Bombay hospital at Indore, Madhya Pradesh


May 14 2009 Maha Harinama in London on Nrsimha Caturdasi 7th May 2009 - video

Parasurama dasa: The Harinama made quite an impression on the London pedestrians who really appreciated the colourful event. Paul McCartney came from his office and expressed his appreciation. Jai Narasimhadev!

May 13 2009 Review of Gaura Vani’s new album

Sita Pati Das: I've been listening to my pre-release copy for a couple of weeks now, and thought I'd take some time to write a brief review.

May 13 2009 A new dramatic version of RAMAYAN

Bhakta Peter: April 1st 2009 - an exciting new version of Ramayan, a modern re-telling of India‚Äôs oldest epics, longer than the Odyssey and Iliad combined, described as a blend of ‚ÄúLord Of The Rings‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúStar Wars,‚ÄĚ and a momentous story from start to finish, is now available.

May 13 2009 I only sing about Krishna

Oscar: My name is Oscar Mendez and I am currently based in Montreal, Quebec. The reason I am sending this e-mails is because I have a rock band and since I have taken shelter of Bhakti Marg Swami, I only sing about Krishna.

May 13 2009 Judge celebrates NrSimh Jayanti in Phoenix

By Radhamadhavahari das

On the occasion of NrSimh Jayanti celebrations combined with Sunday Love Feast, Superior Court Justice Kenneth Mangum of Maricopa County paid his second visit to Hare Krishna temple in Phoenix.


May 12 2009 What is doubt, my Lord?

Chaitanya Charan: Is doubt a question, or is it the way to an answer? Or is it a dead end, along which one shouldn't venture? Is doubt the sign of a weakening faith? Or is it a higher understanding's opening gate? To slay doubt with knowledge's sword, I resolve, For study of scripture will all doubts dissolve.

May 12 2009 Iskcon Orlando in need of a Pujari

Iskcon Orlando: Iskcon Orlando is seeking a full time pujari. We can provide maintenance, room and board. Please contact us at

May 12 2009 Replica of Sri Nrsimha in Mayapur

Jai Gopal Das: Baladeva prabhu and other devotees, who had made the form of Lord Nrsimhadeva out of syrofoam, spent days to build and to set up to make it appear as the same replica found in Mayapur.

May 12 2009 Queensday Festival Amsterdam 30 apr 2009

Uddhava das: This year the harinam was exceptionally huge, thanks to H.H. Kadamba Kanana Swami, who took a double-decker bus filled with disciples with him to Amsterdam.

May 12 2009 How to understand Lord Krishna?

By Sri Nandanandana dasa

There is nothing else to do but take Lord Krishna's instructions seriously and take to heart as best we can the process as provided and summarized in these instructions.


May 9 2009 Houses and apartments for sale in ‘Villaggio Hare Krishna’ - Italy

Sri Lalita dasi: In this very moment not all the houses are inhabitated by devotees (about 25 % of the houses are owned by non-devotees) and some have just been built and are for sale.

May 9 2009 Bhaktivedanta Gurukula selected as best school by major newspaper

Hare KrishnaBy Parsada devi dasi

The Amar Ujala, a daily Indian newspaper ranked 34th in the world in circulation, has selected ISKCON’s Bhaktivedanta Gurukula and International School in Vrindavan (BGIS) as the top school in the Mathura district and the second best school in the State of Uttar Pradesh.


May 7 2009 Bhaktivedanta Research Centre

By Hari-sauri dasa

An exciting new ISKCON project is taking birth in Kolkata, the city of Srila Prabhupada’s birth. The location is four-story building in the heart of Kolkata.


May 7 2009 New service opportunity - Head Librarian

Hari-sauri dasa: The Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC) situated at 110A Motilal Nehru Road, Kolkata 700029 is seeking a creative and enthusiastic librarian.

May 7 2009 Website of HH Mahavishnu Swami

Ila devi dasi: On the auspicious Appearance Day of Lord Nrsimhadeva we wish to announce the launching of the new official website of HH Mahavishnu Swami.

May 7 2009 Varnasrama Seminar

Sridevi dasi: His Holiness Bhakti Raghava Swami will be in New Talavana, MS, USA over the weekend from May 22nd until May 24th, 2009 and will offer a seminar on "Varnasrama."

May 7 2009 Preaching In Mauritius

Karunika dasi: In 2008, His Grace Sarvabhauma Prabhu was invited to Mauritius to speak on Rama Katha during the Sri Rama Nawmi celebrations at Hare Krishna Land, Phoenix.

May 7 2009 Uddhava Gita Reprint

Isvara dasa: It is our pleasure to announce the reprint of ‚ÄúThe Uddhava Gita‚ÄĚ. Our first print run of this great book, known simply as ‚ÄúThe Book‚ÄĚ, has long been exhausted, after the initial release.

May 7 2009 To defeat the rascal scientists!

Jeevanmukta Das: I picked up a deep concern that Srila Prabhupada had often voiced. The issue I am referring to is ‚Äėscience and its stealth battle against religion‚Äô the same, which the BI was instituted to combat.

May 7 2009 Nrsimha Caturdasi LIVE from Sree Mayapur

Antardwip das: Watch Nrsimha Chaturdasi live on this Friday! Featuring extra live cameras, interviews with devotees, and much, much more!

May 7 2009 Lunching Of Documentary Movies

Gour Gopal Das: All Glories to Srila Prabhupada! We at Varnasrama Media Productions (VMP) are happy to bring the copies of two documentaries: 1. 'Save Our Cows-Save Our Villages' and 2. 'Varnasrama Shikshalaya'

May 7 2009 Media Review: ‚ÄúMemories of Srila Prabhupada‚ÄĚ

By Rita Gupta

The widely popular DVD series, ‚ÄúMemories of Srila Prabhupada,‚ÄĚ now has three volumes, with an incredible total of 48 DVDs.


May 7 2009 In Honor of Mother Shyama Priya

By Padmapani das

Mother Shyama Priya was obviously very devoted to Srila Prabhupada and his great mission of spreading Krishna Consciousness, especially in her chosen service to the ISKCON Prison Ministry.


May 7 2009 What My Deities and Home Altar Means to Me and My Appreciation of Srila Prabhupada

Hare KrishnaBy Omkara devi dasi

I feel very much blessed to have the shelter and ability to take darshan of Sri Sri Rukmini Dwarkadisha in New Dwaraka. I have lived in and outside of the temple community for over 33 years and throughout the years have had various spiritual realizations.


May 6 2009 Garuda Purana : Shiva’s prayer to Lord Narasimhadev

By Deena das

For the pleasure of the devotees this coming Nrsimha Caturdasi, below is Chapter 231 of the Garuda purana, where Mahadeva Shiva calls on Lord Narasimhadeva.


May 6 2009 ISKCON Inaugurates Motel Bhagavad-Gita Project

Hare KrishnaBy Akruranatha das

The volunteers were members of Pancajanya Project (, a branch of ISKCON dedicated to placing at least 1 million Bhagavad-Gitas in guest rooms across the U.S. and Canada.


May 3 2009 Svarat

Jagadbandhu: Internet users face regular ‚Äúbrownouts‚ÄĚ that will freeze their computers as capacity runs out in cyberspace, according to research to be published later this year.

May 3 2009 Beyond Birth & Debt

Jagadbandhu: First caught wind of this today in my casual browsing of alternative news + comments. Pretty scary stuff for US vegetarians who have learned how to sautee regular American rice (often because of dislike for talcum and/or utter abject poverty) to make it appear like Basmati (i.e. not clumped together like Uncle Ben's)

May 3 2009 An evening with Lord Krishna in Bombay

Pandava: The ISKON society has been instrumental all over the world in propogating the Message of Gita by Lord Krishna and the message of eradication of sinful activities by indulging in God.

May 3 2009 9 Years and 200 Issues of Krishna Kathamrita Bindu

By Gopaljiukatha

Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu, the free e-magazine from ISKCON Gopaljiu Publications, has just entered its ninth year of circulation, and has reached 200 issues distributed to its ever-growing list of subscribers.

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