Sep 14 2009 Japathon Realizations from Pune

By Ekalavya das

Every evening, in front of the temple a Japathon table was set up with beads, pledge forms, and score cards. A devotee was there at the table to encourage people to participate in the Japathon, teach them to chant, and answer their questions.


Sep 14 2009 News Release, Penguin Books Launches Devotee Book in India

Torchlight Publishing, Sudarshan Das: Kolkata Sept 12. At a packed house in Kolkata‚Äôs biggest bookstore, Penguin Books launched Advaita Candra das‚Äôs (Torchlight Publishing) brainchild Where‚Äôs Hanuman ‚Äď a picture adventure book that gives children a captivating and fun way to begin learning the treasured story of Hanuman and the Ramayana.

Sep 14 2009 Vaishnavi Retreat Up-date: Children’s Activities during the Retreat

Malati devi dasi: Dear Mothers, Grand-Mothers and Care Takers: Vaishnavi Retreat is pleased to announce there will be Guided Children's Activities concurrent with all sessions on Saturday and Sunday.

Sep 14 2009 Brahmacari Seminar in North America 2009

Mahat-tattva Dasa: The ISKCON Sannyasa Ministry and many senior leaders have felt a need to support and protect the brahmacari ashrama in North America. In response to this need, a three-day conference was held at ISKCON of San Diego in September of 2008.

Sep 14 2009 Bhaktivedanta College’s first trimester courses for the academic year 2009/10

Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh: Bhagavata Purana: September 14 - September 25, 2009. Science and Religion: September 15 - September 19, 2009. Vaisnava Acaryas: September 21 - October 2, 2009. Teacher Training 1: September 21 - September 26, 2009...

Sep 14 2009 My heartiest gratitude for protecting the cow

G. S. Chhetri Bhutan: Me too, I am a devotee of Vasudeva and living as per the vedic anusasan, I am venturing a small project on cow rearing and planting medicinal plants and also floriculturing.

Sep 12 2009 House for rent across from Dallas Temple

Pandava: House for rent across from Dallas Temple. 5426 Parry ave Dallas 75223, 3 bedrooms, one bath, central air, wood floors, big yard surrounded by devotees

Sep 11 2009 Hear Live Video Lectures from HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami

Piyush Mehta: Please visit to view and hear HH Bhakti Vikasa Swami Maharaja's lectures live from Baroda, India.

Sep 11 2009 The Kirtan Reform Movement

Gadadhara das: With Mayavadis chanting on our stages, cinema songs being pond off as Kirtan, and the actual name of chanting in the streets changed from Samkirtan to Harinam, there must now be a Kirtan Reform Movement. Please join in!

Sep 11 2009 Urgent!: World Holy Name Week launches New Website!

Ekalavya Das: All facilities like free posters, pamphlets and press release are available here. This site offers devotees the opportunity to upload photos, video, reports and more, directly on the site

Sep 11 2009 Wonderful clips from Radhastami at Varsana 2009

Shyam Gopal das and Vijay Radhika dasi: These clips are a part of the new video project of Srila Bhakti Bhringa Govinda Swami dedicated to the holy places of Vrindavana

Sep 11 2009  World Kirtan Party

Hare KrishnaBy Anangamanjari devi dasi

Known as ‚ÄúThe Mayapuris‚ÄĚ, this kirtan group has become popular in the yoga and new age circles, because distinguish themselves as followers of Lord Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu who embedded the root of Hari Nam Kirtan within the sacred dust of Sridham Mayapur


Sep 11 2009 Open Your Eyes, You Can Fly

By Jagabandhu das

It's been another one of those weeks wherein caring for our severely autistic/mentally daughter has very nearly eclipsed all other activities.


Sep 11 2009 Nathdwara Yatra with Bhakti Vikas Swami

By Madhava Das

ISKCON devotees from all over the world (Kuwait, Dubai, US, UK, China, Russia and India) had gathered in the Laxmi Palace in Nathdwara, Rajasthan for this yatra.


Sep 11 2009 A Rare Discovery: Early Research in Vrindavana

By Patita Pavana das

With head bowed low at the lotus feet of the assembled devotees, I would like to narrate the full story of how the 1959 sannyasa diksha photo of Shrila Prabhupada appeared in ISKCON, now that the fiftieth celebration of Shrila Prabhupada’s initiation into the fourth stage has just passed


Sep 11 2009 108 Days Grand All India Yatra for Cow Protection

Hare KrishnaBy Rajaram dasa

A massive movement is set to begin for the cow protection, to develop the villages and bring prosperity and happiness to the nation and the world.


Sep 11 2009 Mongolian Vedic Temple Construction Fund Raising Campaign Appeal

AC. Bhaktivaibhava Swami: As you might know, there is a growing congregation of devotees, working hard to create facilities for practicing Krishna Consciousness in Mongolia.

Sep 11 2009 Pujaris offering their immediate service

Hanumatpresaka Swami: Our disciples Saci Mata and Caitanya-lila das have been in the Temple in San Jose, California for about two years now. It is a small temple and now with a baby they are looking for some place larger. They have been doing regular alter service there maintaining their standard of cleanliness and punctuality.

Sep 11 2009 Successfull 24-hour Kirtan program & Inter-faith dialogue in Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Gaur Gadadhar: NIOS - North American Institute for Oriental and Classical Studies hosted it's 10th annual 24-hour Hari-nama Sankirtana and symposium on Cultivation of the Human Spirit saturday at home of its Director, Dr. Ravi P. Singh, Murfeesboro, Tennessee

Sep 10 2009 Bhagavad-gita Correspondence eCourse

Dhruva Maharaja dasa / Participants have been progressing steadily through the texts and purports, conversing with one another and their teachers via Forums, answering quizzes, crossword puzzles, writing Chapter Summary essays, thus absorbing themselves in Lord Krsna's divine teachings as a regular daily practice.

Sep 10 2009 How Fortunate We Are to Have Seen It!

Hare KrishnaBy Indradyumna Swami

"Over my dead body!" screamed the woman over the telephone. As I entered the office I could hear every word she was saying to Nandini dasi: "Never! I'll never rent my school to you people! Not in a million years!" With that, she hung up.


Sep 10 2009 Krishna’s Crosswords

Jagadvira das: Another "Krishna's Crossword" for the pleasure of the Vaisnavas. Only in the human form of life does the living entity get the opportunity to solve these transcendental puzzles!

Sep 10 2009 Dola-yatra on Moskva-river

Veda Priya devi dasi: August 28, in Friday Moscow Deities Sri Sri Dayal Nitay - Saci-suta had accepted unusual mission. It was a first time in more than 17 years when Their Lordships went to see the sights of the capital city.

Sep 9 2009 Mumbai celebrities unveil ‚ÄėThe Journey Home‚Äô by Radhanath Swami

Hare KrishnaBy Parijata devi dasi

At a spiritually uplifting event, ‚ÄėThe Journey Home ‚Äď Autobiography of an American Swami‚Äô by Radhanath Swami was officially launched in Mumbai on 21 August 2009


Sep 7 2009 Welcome to Sri Kshetra Parikrama 2009

By Bhakti Purusottama Swami

We are happy to invite the worldwide devotees to perform the most auspicious Sri Kshetra Parikrama. This year the parikrama day falls on 7th November.


Sep 7 2009 ISKCON North Carolina Throws George Harrison Festival

By Mitrasena dasa

This November 7, ISKCON devotees at the rural Prabhupada Village community in Sandy Ridge, North Carolina will be holding ‚ÄúGeorge Fest,‚ÄĚ the latest in a series of innovative festivals designed to attract the general public


Sep 7 2009 Upload your Photos of World Holy Name Week!

By Ekalavya Das

World Holy Name Week is underway and reports are pouring in. Visit our website www. whnw. org to see the latest global news. We are trying to update the news daily.


Sep 7 2009 Devotee wins soccer championship!

Dvijapriya dasi-Mata: Devala das playing for Bayamon F.C. won the Puerto Rico Soccer League championship vs Athletico San Juan in a hard fought game played in San Juan. Devala began his professional career signing with Bayamon in May of this year.

Sep 7 2009 Bahulastami Radha Kunda Dipa Dana

Devaki Pran das: Again the most sacred Balulastami celebration is coming, the appearance day of Sri Radha Kunda. For the last 8 years, the Naveen Kishore mandir, on behalf of Srila Prabhupada, organises a beautiful dipa dana on the banks of Radha Kunda

Sep 5 2009 Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh Bhakti-yoga Retreat: October 24 - November 14, 2009

Dina Dayala dasa: Looking for an opportunity to enhance and enliven your spiritual life? Eager for a retreat in a remote and calmer environment? This three-week introductory course provides you with an opportunity to improve your meditation (japa), hear about the bhakti tradition, and learn about yoga postures.

Sep 5 2009 New Hare Krishna complex in Nyali - Mombasa

Paresh Morjaria: Many Mombasa residents are not aware but 'The International Society of Krishna Consciousness' (ISKCON) is currently on the final phase of the construction of their new temple complex on Beach Road (adjacent to Nyali Golf Club).

Sep 5 2009 The Eight Petals

Hare KrishnaBy Vrndavanlila devi dasi

Varnasrama Research Teams are satellite localized research units working towards spreading the message of varnasrama and thus help preparing ourselves to come out of the material conditioning and take to the life style created by Lord Krishna and recommended by various acharyas, including Srila Prabhupada


Sep 5 2009 The price/cost of cow-protection milk

Dusyanta dasa: Recently whilst browsing the many Iskcon-devotee websites i found a conversation taking place concerning whether to buy ordinary cows milk and/or cow-protected milk.

Sep 5 2009 My experience in Auschwitz Birkenau

By Radharadhya das

After changing the dates of my visit to Poland thrice, I booked it exactly around the date of the 70th anniversary of the German invasion of Poland - without being aware of it.


Sep 5 2009 A Date With Radio Red FM, Vancouver

Hare KrishnaBy Radhikakrpa devi dasi

On my recent preaching tour I reached Vancouver, the Canadian city famous for being a second home to Punjabi population. I was informed that I was scheduled for a talk show with a very popular anchor on Radio Red Fm the very next morning.


Sep 5 2009 European Pilgrimage

Hare KrishnaBy Patita Pavana das

It would be a journey of not only celebration and worship, but an inner journey of the heart. For the wise traveler knows that any trip worth undertaking should be as good as the destination.


Sep 5 2009 Preaching in ISKCON of Orlando

Kishore Krsna Das: 18 students from UCF came for the first cooking class held at ISKCON of Orlando. Students participated in the cooking seminar, learned how to make kofta balls, chapati, curry and rice.

Sep 5 2009 Moscow ISKCON greets Indian President (Photograph)

Ravi: President Pratibha Devisingh Patil receives a photo frame of Lord Krishna presented by a Russian member of Iskcon temple delegation during the reception hosted by the Ambassador of India for the Indian community and friends of India, in Moscow on Wednesday evening.

Sep 5 2009 Service oportunity in Mayapur

Naru Gopal das: Sri Mayapur Vikash Sangha (SMVS), is a project started by ISKCON Mayapur, which helps provide education, healthcare, and means of livelihood to the local dham vasis.

Sep 5 2009 “Svananda Sukhada Kunja” - House of Bhaktivinoda Thakura at Godrumadwipa, Navadvipa-Mayapur

Chandan Bhatia: Srila Bhaktivinoda Thakura is an eternal associ­ate of Lord Caitanya and his eternal spiritual form is Kamala Manjari. He was born into a wealthy family on 2nd September 1838 in a vil­lage named Ulagrama, in the area of Gaura­mandala. His name was Kedamatha Datta.
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