Apr 16 2010 Srila Prabhupada’s Western World Headquarters

By Giriraj Swami

We have gathered on a most auspicious occasion, the celebration of the fortieth anniversary of the manifestation of ISKCON Los Angeles here on Watseka Avenue, which came to be known as New Dvaraka.


Apr 16 2010 24-Hour Kirtana in Brazil

By Amrita Gopala dasi

This weekend marked the second 24-Hour kirtana festival hosted by Nova Gokula farm community. Cradled by lush mountains capped with rain-filled clouds, Nova Gokula is a wonderful place to chant and dance anytime of the year.


Apr 15 2010 Food for meditation

By Chelsea Pula

Bhakti is fast becoming the best source of free vegetarian food on campus. As Ajay Mangal, CC ’10, remarked, “If you’re allergic to delicious, this [Bhakti] isn’t the place for you.” However, Bhakti is about more than food—it is also one of Columbia’s strongest spiritual communities


Apr 15 2010 KulimeLA 2009: Bhajan Kutir - Volume 2 CD now available from Krishna.com!

Kuli Mela Association: The KulimeLA 2009: Bhajan Kutir – Volume 2 CD is now available from the Kuli Mela Outlet @ Krishna.com! Heartfelt Kirtans with Kalindi dasi, Arjuna dasa, Abhay Clayton, Visvambhar Sheth, Gaura Vani and more…

Apr 15 2010 How to Heal from Broken Relationships and Become Better not Bitter

Sridevi dasi: We have a monthly FREE teleconference call EVERY THIRD WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY for an hour, where devotees can call in and ask questions and listen to everyone's answers about Grihastha asrama

Apr 14 2010 A Dog in the Bushes

Giriraj Swami: On my walk yesterday I had to heed the call of nature in the bushes, and I quickly hung my bead bag on a branch. Somehow, the picture of Lord Jagannatha on the bag ended up looking at me, and I thought of Srila Prabhupada's words

Apr 14 2010 New GBC Paper Clarifies Relationship Between Srila Prabhupada and Narayana Maharaja

By the GBC Executive Committee

You will find attached a two-part document presented by the Governing Body Commission (GBC) of ISKCON. We write this letter to provide you a brief account of the events leading to the writing and publication of this document. The first part, "Conversation Between Srila Prabhupada and H. H. Narayana Maharaja: Vrindavan-October 8, 1977,"consists of a transcription of the audio recording of that conversation preserved in the BBT Archives. The second part, titled "The Last Conversation," offers a careful analysis of the meaning and significance of this conversation.


Apr 14 2010 New Vrindaban Hosts Harvard’s Pluralism Project

By Bhaktin Rita Gupta

This past weekend, New Vrindaban Community hosted 36 students from the Global Leadership Center (GLC) at Ohio University it Athens, OH. Dr. Greg Emery, the GLC’s Director, is an affiliate of Harvard University’s Pluralism Project, which studies religious diversity in the United States, focusing on communities and religious traditions from Asia and the Middle East.


Apr 14 2010 SURVEY: New programs at Bhaktivedanta College

Bhaktivedanta College: Kindly help us further develop programs at Bhaktivedanta College. We have designed a survey that hopefully will give us a good picture of how we can serve our students better. Your time and effort spent on answering the following questions are greatly appreciated.

Apr 14 2010 Kirtan retreat in Croatia

Govindananda das: The first international Kirtan Retreat will be held on the serenely peaceful Island of Iz in the Mediterranean Sea (Croatia), June 12 - 19, 2010, facilitated by His Holiness Sacinandana Swami

Apr 14 2010 The Dramatic Edge

Sankirtana Das: If your coming to the Festival of Inspiration you might consider arriving a day earlier for this unique workshop. Whether you’re in theater or interested in storytelling or are a workshop presenter or want to enhance your preaching, this workshop has something for you

Apr 13 2010 Kerala Convention 2010

By Bhaktivinoda Swami

More than 350 devotees gather at the Sacred town of Guruvayur, Kerala to learn more about "who is a Vaishnava"


Apr 11 2010 Last Call for BBT Photo Book

Kaisori-devi dasi: This is just a reminder to anyone who still plans to submit photos for the BBT's photography book. The deadline is APRIL 30

Apr 11 2010 The Boys Summer Trip 2010 - Devotional Summer Tour for Boys

Jaya Radhe dasi: The Boys Summer Trip is a five to six week trip for boys ages 12-15 that visits ISKCON Temples and Ratha Yatras around the United States and Canada. The program focuses on helping boys develop a Krsna Conscious identity and vaisnava qualities, building friendships, and providing opportunities for devotional service.

Apr 11 2010 St. Patrick’s day London Parade

By Parasuram das

This was the first year the devotees got involved in St. Patrick's day parade London. It was a major success and we plan to bring the Rathayatra cart for next year - with a green canopy.


Apr 9 2010 Lord Jagannath Bestows Special Mercy (and Anxiety) Upon Durban! Updated

By Champakalata dasi

In 1988 when His Holiness Indradyumna Swami (as Temple President of the Sri Sri Radha Radhanath Temple of Understanding) decided to fulfill the instruction of Srila Prabhupada that the ancient Festival of Chariots be held on Durban’s beachfront, little did he and the rest of his team realize the challenges that they would be confronted with


Apr 9 2010 Kishori Yatra 2010 - Third Annual Summer Trip for Girls

Jaya Kaseder: Kishori Yatra is an all-inclusive, spiritual adventure tour for girls ages 11-15. Visiting various temples and devotee communities in the United States, our tour concentrates on developing vaisnava qualities, visiting holy places, building friendships, and providing a framework for performing loving devotional service.

Apr 9 2010 Seasonal Kitchen Assistant Wanted (non-cooking)

Malati Dasi : Spend your summer in the Appalachian Foothills of West Virginia, New Vrindaban, Land of Lord Krishna!

Apr 8 2010 Saint Cynic and modern cynics

By Kasya das

Sixteenth chapter of Bhagavad-gita denote godly and above all demoniac qualities - daivasura sampad vibhaga, which are to be found in a man's heart. One of the human quality is cynism.


Apr 8 2010 Prasadam Lunch Service

Sanjay Sabnis: I work for a new start-up organisation "Balaram Foods", we serve lunch tiffins (prasadam only) to several corporate executives all over Mumbai

Apr 8 2010 ISKCON Delhi celebrated its first ever ‘Boat Festival’ of Sri Radha Parathsarathi

By Yudhistir Krishna Das

The artists for decorating the pond were specially brought in from Vrindavan. We used 6 different kinds of flowers weighing nearly 200 lbs” said Vrindavan Vinod Das, Manager for ISKCON Delhi.


Apr 8 2010 Food for Life Global (April 2010 Newsletter)

Priyavrata das: Food for Life Global, the world’s largest vegan food relief, ceased all food distribution on March 27 due to logistical challenges associated with the Haitian government closing down all wet food distribution programs in refugee camp sites.

Apr 8 2010 Photos Kirtan 24 Hours In Iskcon Brasil

Gopijana Vallabha dd: When something is wonderfuly perfect it's hard to find words to describe it, and so was the 24h Kirtan Festival in New Gokula Dhama-ISKCON Brasil in the last weekend( 03,04/April/2010)

Apr 8 2010 Alachua Temple Krsna Balaram Installation

Mukhya dd: We are pleased to invite you to the auspicious Pran Prathishta Ceremony of Sri Sri Krishna-Balaram at New Raman Reti in Alachua, Florida

Apr 8 2010 New Spanish Books for Sale

Piyush Mehta: We have the following BBT Spanish Books for wholesale or individual sale @ ISKCON or Orlando

Apr 6 2010 Come To Bhaktivedanta College, Where Austerity Meets Education

Ramacandra Kaviraja Dasa: At Bhaktivedanta College, following the ideals for Vedic education, the students practice a strict life of penance and hardship while studying Vaishnava philosophy from an academic prospective.

Apr 5 2010 Gopalji drinks milk

Shyamal Krishna: Lord Krishna is all merciful. To allow us to serve Him and get His divine mercy and devotion He appears as the Deity. Recently Lord Gopal exhibited a nice pastime which was very delighful for the devotees and sceptical for the non-believers.

Apr 5 2010 Ahimsa Shri-Khol

Laksmipati Dasa: We are dedicated to giving devotees all over the world high-quality mrdangas that do not support cow killing. Skin is collected solely from cows that have left their bodies due to natural death. Careful measures are taken to ensure that no leather comes from slaughtered cows.

Apr 5 2010 Employment Advertisement

Visvambhara das: The Bhaktivedanta Academy (formerly New Raman Reti School), a Krishna-centered Pre-K thru 6th grade school, located in the Alachua, Florida devotee community, is seeking applicants for the position of Lead Teacher for our upper elementary class (Grades 4 - 6)

Apr 3 2010 Book Distribution Stories

By Omkara Devi Dasi

Recently I started part time book distribution, several days a week. Please find some stories based on my distribution program. These have enlivened me ever so much. I hope to share with you….


Apr 3 2010 Please Support Preaching

Dayavira das: I have recently started a 30 minute music video preaching program. The shown is on community access channels in North Carolina. It is a program of bhajans and kirtans.

Apr 3 2010 Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh Third Term Courses for the Academic Year 2009/10

Bhaktivedanta College: Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh Third Term Courses for the Academic Year 2009/10

Apr 3 2010 Ambarisha prabhu’s open letter to all the devotees - TOVP Donations list

By Ambarisa das

"Now you all together make this Vedic Planetarium very nice, so that people will come and see. From the description in the Srimad- Bhagavatam you prepare this Vedic Planetarium. My idea is to attract people of the whole world to Mayapur" Srila Prabhupada 1976


Apr 1 2010 Ratha Yatra in St. Augustine

By Folio Weekly

We celebrated Ratha Yatra in St. Augustine, FL 2 weeks ago and this week the cover story in the Folio Weekly newspaper is all about it with 13 full color photos, really well done.


Apr 1 2010 Eight Petals for Vishnu Mas Released

Vrndavanlila dd (Dr Vrinda Baxi): With the blessings of Sri Sri Guru and Gauranga, seventh issue of Varnasrama Newsletter: THE EIGHT PETALS for Vishnu Mas is available at: http://www.varnasrama.org/files/Vishnu_Mas.pdf The issue in consideration focuses on ‘Village’.

Apr 1 2010 Live Webcast from Durban Ratha Yatra

Anandamaya Krishna das: We are excited to announce that there will be a live webcast of Durban Ratha Yatra. The web address is www.livestream.com/DurbanRathaYatra2010
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