Jul 31 2010 WSN June 2010 - World Sankirtan Newsletter

By Vijaya das

The month of June had some interesting highlights. Bhaktin Radhika of the temple in Juhu (Mumbai) did 44,560 book points, distributing 20,000 Bhagavad-gitas and 9,120 medium books. Very impressive


Jul 31 2010 Narada Bulletin - Monsoon Special Edition

By GaurNataraja Dasa

Krishna's creation is so wonderful. This monsoon started as described in the sastras. Panchanga predictions, farmer's intuitions, birds and animal's behaviour and devotees prayers marked the beginning of monsoon and there was a flurry of agricultural activity at SSKBK


Jul 31 2010 Identifying Right from Wrong

Chirag Dangarwala: The capability to Identify Right from Wrong is of vital importance for everyone. Yet it is astonishing that most of us baffle and many a times walk into arguments regarding this basic concept

Jul 31 2010 World Friendship day (Sudama - the perfect friend of Krishna)

By Lakshman das

Today is the world friendship day and great friends embrace each other and celebrate the occasion exchanging jiggles and giggles. A good friend is not always the one in need, but the one in deed


Jul 30 2010 Friendly and Sympathetic

By Giriraj Swami

Speaking in Los Angeles about the qualities of a devotee, Srila Prabhupada said, "Sympathetic. We should be very much sympathetic. If any of our fellow men fall sick, we must take care of him, give him help. Because, after all, we have got this body, sometimes we may fall sick. So we should be sympathetic. And friendly...


Jul 30 2010 New News!

Chauhan, Asha: I am writing about our soon to release a CD Krishna Of Vrindavana for the pleasure of Their Lordships Sri Sri Sacinandana & Nitaicand in our temple

Jul 30 2010 A Very Blissful Kirtan Ready To Go For Your iPod/iPhone

Ekendra Dasa: This past weekend here at ISKCON New Govardhana in Australia we had a 12-hour kirtana in honour of His Grace Aindra Prabhu. There were many wonderful kirtans, but here is one that I felt would be especially nice to share with the devotional community

Jul 30 2010 21st Annual Los Angeles International Gurukuli Reunion

Kuli Mela Association: This year, the reunion will be held at a new park called Blair Hills Park, with a back trail entrance into a hilltop area with a spectacular view known as the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

Jul 30 2010 Official Report on Departure of HG Aindra Prabhu

Interviews conducted by Gopal Das: The reason for this report is to have clarity and proper representation of what happened. Panca Gauda Das, Adi Kesava Das and Martanda Das wrote there own account of events as they happened

Jul 29 2010 A Little Encouragement Goes a Long Way…

Chaitanya Mangala dasa: Prabhupada: You have to submit. You cannot remain independent. That is the first condition. Sisyas te 'ham,sisya. Sisya means voluntarily accepting the rules offered by the spiritual master. That is sisya: "Ah, yes, I agree to abide by your order."

Jul 29 2010 Miniskirts… Skirting the Issue

Kapila dasa: I appreciate the recent discussion in regards to the recommended attire of a brahminical devotee. It is always good to be reminded of the most correct form, and to recognize standards which apply to temple environments

Jul 29 2010 New Vrindaban’s Swan Boat Festivals

By Iskcon New Vrindavana

The 15-foot, 3,000 pound Swan Boat was created in 1987 by local artist Soma dasa of New Vrindaban. Swans are a common feature in Vedic art, which is based on the ancient Vedic scriptures of India


Jul 28 2010 Understanding Glorious Departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu

Vibhava Krsna Dasa: It was amazing to read offerings of various devotees on the sudden departure of Sripad Aindra Prabhu. As I read, I was happy to see so many people receiving his personal association and instructions

Jul 27 2010 New book: Japa Transformations

GN Press sales: Almost thirty years since the publication of his first book on japa, Japa Reform Notebook, SDG has produced yet another volume solely dedicated to the subject of the improving chanting of the holy names and is drawing from his experiences on the retreats in his bhajana-kutir in Delaware, when chanting extra number of rounds and rising early

Jul 27 2010 Bhakti Purushottama Maharaja on Mayapur Online Education

Bhakti Purushottama Swami: One of Srila Prabhupada's repeated instructions to his followers was to read his books. And we can see practically that the more our devotees study Srila Prabhupada's books while practicing the process of Krishna consciousness, the more they develop enthusiasm to preach Krishna consciousness. Most of our devotees study Srila Prabhupada's books nicely when they are helped through some study program or course

Jul 27 2010 Glorification ceremony in Vrindavana

Adi Kesava Das: On the 19th a glorification ceremony was held for his grace Aindra Prabhu, you can listen to the audio recording online or download it here is the link: http://www.iskconvrindavan.com/audio-archives/temple-lectures-2010/

Jul 26 2010 Reflections on Guru-purnima

By Giriraj Swami

Today is Guru-purnima. Srila Prabhupada has explained that the system of honoring the spiritual master is current in all sections of Vedic followers. In the Mayavadi (impersonalist) sects, the disciples offer respect to the spiritual master every year on Guru-purnima. And in the Gaudiya Vaisnava sampradaya, the disciples offer homage annually on the appearance day of the spiritual master; this occasion is called Vyasa-puja, because the spiritual master represents Vedavyasa


Jul 24 2010 What a prayer to Prabhupada will do …

By Maha Buddhi dasa

Bhaktitirta Swami, who was Ghanasyam before taking sanyasa was on book distribution with me in the 1970's distributing full sets to the colleges. We went to a small college and found out it was a holiday


Jul 24 2010 The Return of the Trolls

Parasuram das: The Return of the Trolls! Simply watch the video :-)

Jul 24 2010 Don’t miss ISKCON Birmingham Rathayatra LIVE this Sunday (25th July)

Antardwip das: Watch ISKCON Birmingham Rathayatra LIVE this Sunday (25th July) on www.mayapur.tv ‚Äď channel name ‚ÄúRathayatraBirmingham‚ÄĚ

Jul 23 2010 Summer Fun and Spirituality: Radhadesh Youth Camp

Bhaktivedanta College: The drastic change in climate for some, from desert sun to a breezy valley, is not the only change experienced by the participants at the Radhadesh Summer camp after their arrival at the chateau in the Belgian Ardennes from the bustling cities of Dubai, Toronto, and Moscow

Jul 23 2010 H.G. Aindra Prabhu’s 24 Hour Kirtan Ashrama Needs Your Help

Nakula Kaufman: Although Aindra prabhu eschewed the title of guru and never aspired to take disciples, his followers, young and old alike consider him among, if not their most important, siksha guru

Jul 23 2010 Mayapur Jhulan Yatra 2010

Drdha Vrata Das: With great pleasure, we invite devotees worldwide to participate in the annual 2010 Jhulan Yatra Festival at Sri Dham Mayapur. Jhulan is one of the eternal Astaka Lila pastimes that Sri Sri Radha Madhava and Their associates perform daily in Gokul Vrindavan.

Jul 23 2010 Brihad Bhagavatamrta Audiobook, Part One, Chapter One Free Download

Sadhusanga.com: Since 2004 we've been recording Gaudiya acarya's books as audiobooks. In honor of Sanatana Gosvami's disappearance day on Guru Punima this weekend, we're offering Part One, Chapter One of Brihad Bhagavatamrta for a free download.

Jul 23 2010 Safety Article

Yadavendra Das: Whilst we share the grief felt due to the untimely departure of our dear Godbrother, His Grace Aindra Prabhu, and whilst we shall miss his melodious Krishna kirtans very, very much, it is also felt that such untimely departures, including the departure of His Holiness Tamal Krishna Maharaja, could possibly be avoided

Jul 23 2010 Vrindavan apartment near ISKCON on rent

Sonu Agrawal: I have two room set apartment near Iskcon Available for sale or rent.It is very near to Iskcon just 5 minute walking distance.The apartment has the attached kitchen ,toilet and all the facilities

Jul 22 2010 A wonderful opportunity

By Badrinarayan dasa

Hare Krishna. I am writing to announce a wonderful opportunity. By the efforts of Romapada Maharaja (who has arranged the donor / funding) we can offer a 90% three year scholarship to Bhaktivedanta College at Radhadesa


Jul 22 2010 Inis Rath Open Day

By Manu das

The local people thronged in their hundreds to visit the island retreat of Sri Sri Radha Govinda. It is not an annual pilgrimage as some years we are not geared up to host the event, but the Hare Krsna "open Day" still attracts many locals to take a cultural step in the direction of Krsna, and experience first hand the Hare Krsna Temple


Jul 22 2010 Govindadvipa Parikrama

By Manu dasa

Govindadvipa Vraja Mandala Parikrama will run from July 23 till 25 and will be presented by our own ISKCON, best of the Brijbasis, His Grace Deena Bandhu prabhu. So come and immerse yourself for a few days in some wonderful Krsna Katha on our beautiful,Sacred Island Mandir, Govindadwipa


Jul 22 2010 Aindra Prabhu in Eternity

By Abhaya Mudra Dasi

Who would not miss Aindra Prabhu? Even the dham of Vrindavan will miss him. Whoever has listened to his bhajan has been transferred into the Vaikunta realm by a unique and outer-worldly sound vibration. I remember the times in Bulgaria when we were living under very austere temple conditions: taking baths in snow water, freezing in the winter and squashing body to body in the small rooms.


Jul 22 2010 Kolkatta Rathyatra

By Vrajendra - nandan Das

On 13th of July, ISKCON Kolkatta had organized a colorful Rathyatra starting at Park Circus Maidan. The Kolkatta Rathyatra happens to a one of the few in country where 3 Chariots with Lord Balaladeva, Srimati Subhadra Devi and Lord Jagannath seated on them are taken on the procession.


Jul 22 2010 Appreciating Aindra Prabhu

By Giriraj Swami

Hearing the news of Aindra Prabhu's sudden departure was a great shock, and I could feel what a great loss it was for us all. He was a dear friend and well-wisher of all, and through his kirtana he gave shelter to devotees throughout the world. Ultimately, he gave protection and life to the whole planet


Jul 22 2010 ISKCON Prison Ministry - More Nectar from the Mouth of the Inmates

By Bhakti-lata Dasi

"Yes, I truly am searching for pure knowledge of the Absolute Truth. I have been down a great many paths; I have studied Christianity and Islam, but they DO NOT explain our true relationship with God (Krsna) as has been shown to me through Krsna consciousness…."


Jul 22 2010 Vedic Book Opens Doors in the Commercial Markets

By Sri Nandanandana dasa

Jeffrey Armstrong is known to many of us older devotees as Jamadagni das, a disciple of Srila Prabhupada and the lyricist for many of the songs by Mangalananda dasa. He has been working in his own way for years to spread the teachings of Vedic Dharma and Krishna consciousness.


Jul 22 2010 Crossing over the material world

Chirag Dangarwala: For those who have accepted the boat of the lotus feet of the Lord, who is the shelter of the cosmic manifestation and is famous as Murari, the enemy of the Mura demon, the ocean of the material world is like the water contained in a calf's hoof-print

Jul 22 2010 HG Aindra prabhu

Krishna Gopal das: Many devotees around the world have come to cherish Aindra prabhu’s kirtans and uncomplicated nature. I got chance to visit Vrindaban two years ago and one of the things I cherished most on that visit was to sit with my old god brother from Washington, DC and chant the holy name

Jul 22 2010 Thousands raised for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Bhaktivedanta Manor: The Lotus Trust, the welfare arm of Bhaktivedanta Manor Hare Krishna Temple raised thousands for local charities, including the Great Ormond Street Hospital during a Charity Walk on Sunday 18th July.

Jul 22 2010 The Final Wish

Ananta Ram das: Gurukula Project Team strives to please Srila Prabhupada by bringing together Vaishnava children and parents in a non-sectarian environment. Many have questioned the feasibility and practicality of this project

Jul 22 2010 Lotus feet

Vaisnava Das: I have few sets of gold plated imprint of Lotus Feet from Sri Sri Radha Syamsundara or Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. There is a small one which can be sticked in the car, in front (as is done in India) and the other bigger one can be hanged on a wall or placed in altar

Jul 21 2010 In Memoriam

By Indradyumna Swami

We, the members of the Festival of India in Poland, would like to express our extreme sorrow and lamentation over your untimely departure from this world. We know that the Lord has a plan for all His devotees, but nonetheless we are finding it most difficult to accept that you are no longer here

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