Jul 18 2011 Sri Gauranga-Ashtottara-Shata-Nama-Stotram and chanting the names of lord Caitanya

Payonidhi das: PAMHO AGTSP Devotees should also chant the names of Lord Caitanya ,even in Goloka Vrindavana this is so

Jul 18 2011 Disapperance day of Srila Sanatana Goswami

Payonidhi das: dear devotees Please accept my humble obaisences All glories to Srila Prabhupada I was reading in Prema vilasa about the disappearance of Srila Sanatana Goswami ,and how Srila Rupa Goswami was very much affected by his divine disappearance

Jul 18 2011 Unequivocal Acknowledgement About George Harrison’s Faith

Nrsimhananda das: At least one media outlet finally got it right; there are no caveats. George was a Hare Krishna. Period! ITV is currently developing films in Mumbai that are aimed at reviving that status of the mahamantra with the current generations

Jul 17 2011 The 4 stages of life…

Nimai das: The 4 stages of life (for most people), this about sums it up!!

Jul 17 2011 Do you wanting English editor?

Krsnendu das: Funny India Photos... It's a good one but the best sign ever was "Anglish taught here"

Jul 17 2011 Ratha Yatra 2011 in Sweden - video

Jaya Radhe dasi: It started from Humle gĂĄrden in Stockholm moving in slow procession through Stockholms streets to the end point Mynttorget in Gamla Stan. In this video young couple Vrinda and Visvambhar Seth are leading wonderful kirtan (devotional songs and dance) on Mynttorget

Jul 17 2011 10th Jubilee Eko Karavana Padayatra , 28. 6. - 15. 7. 2011, Goren - videos

Mukunda (das) SDHS (Ljubljana - SLO): Sri Sri NitaiGauraNataraj and Srila Prabhupada are showering Their mercy in NorthWest of Slovenia in Gorenjska region, where we find lots of fresh air, water, rivers, trees and Slovenian Alps are giving a beautiful backdrop

Jul 17 2011 Hare Krishna New Orleans temple feast and music

Harinama das: They serve the meals outside in the front lush garden, the creole architecture stairs and the sidewalk along giant Spanish moss covered live oak trees. This creole home was in gorgeous condition. So unique looking. The video doesn't do it justice

Jul 16 2011 Prabhupada on the Wikipedia main page again

By Krishna das

This is the highest level of prominence an article can gain on this world's 7th most popular site, being highlighted on its main page that gets 4-5 million visitors a day


Jul 15 2011 A Greater Reward

By Indradyumna Swami

I boarded an Aeroflot flight from Kiev to Moscow and quickly went to my seat. After the austerity of flying hundreds of times with Aeroflot throughout Russia, I had finally been upgraded to business class...


Jul 15 2011 The tremendous success of ISKCON ratha yatras in Bangladesh

By Lakshman das

Many rathayatras are held in Bangladesh as well with pomp and glory to match with the tumultuous events at Puri, and they are usually organised by ISKCON temples. ISKCON has around 25 large and 150 small temples and scores of devotees visit them


Jul 15 2011 Perfection of Yoga at Emory University

By Gitagovinda das

On 5th July 2011, an interesting exposition on the “Perfection of Yoga” took place with Her Grace Laxmimoni devi dasi as the speaker at the Harland Hall of the Emory University campus in Atlanta


Jul 15 2011 Inspiring hospice story

By Chaitanya Charan das

The news below is a bit dated, but still it's inspiring. So I thought of forwarding it to you


Jul 15 2011 Prema Bhakti Mataji, from Spain, met with a severe “hit and run” Car accident

By Hrimati dasi

Last Thursday, Mayapur devotee, Prema Bhakti Mataji, from Spain, met with a severe "hit and run" Car accident in Mayapur. She is now admitted at a good hospital in Kolkata, where she is being treated for her severe head injuries and a broken knee


Jul 15 2011 Jagannatha Chariot Won 1st Place in Ojai, July 4th Parade

By Mayesvara Dasa

Please accept my obeisance's. All Glories to Sri Guru & Sri Gauranga! Below is the article from the Ojai Valley News showing that we won 1st place again in the Float Category!


Jul 15 2011 Invitation for Sri jagannath Ratha yatra

Sushanta Das: Hare Krishna, Provus and Matajies Welcome Everyone for SRI JAGANNATH RATHAYATRA .All of you/your family/Friends/Relatives to Join with us and celebrate Sri Sri Ratha Yatra

Jul 15 2011 Seeking Matchless Gifts

Yadunath das: Dear Devotees, Which three landmark ISKCON temples come to your mind first? Quick! No thinking! OK. By a show of cyber-hands, how many of you included 26 2nd Avenue as one of the three? Why do I ask? I'm glad you asked

Jul 12 2011 Vedic View of Women

By Bhakti Raghava Swami

Women are meant to form the pillars of a stable, happy and healthy society. In the Vedic culture, the concept of womanhood is intimately connected with that of respect, honor, chastity, home and family [the nucleus and foundation for a stable society], a loving and caring husband, planned progeny to create wanted, healthy and happy children


Jul 12 2011 2011 Budapest Ratha Yatra chariot festival, dinner of the Sponsors

Swiderski Tibor: Dear Devotees! Accept my sincere appreciation! All glories to His Divine Grace Shrila Prabhupada! All glories to ISKCON Gurus! The lives of two Hungarian Yatra is a very important event for the past week

Jul 12 2011 Singapore to witness first-ever Ratha Yatra festival!

Lakshman (das) Vrindavan (IN): See it to believe it! The Lord Himself will make a public appearance in Singapore! On 24th July 2011 Their Lordships Jagannatha Baladeva and Subhadra will be granting us their Divine darshan during an unprecedented festival of chariots (Ratha Yatra) at the Toa Payoh stadium

Jul 12 2011 Iskcon push for midday meal scheme

The Telegraph: The Iskcon Food Relief Foundation in collaboration with Tata Steel is set to launch a pilot project in Ramdas Bhatta Community Centre

Jul 12 2011 New audiobook - Sanatana Gosvami & Lord Caitanya

Sadhusanga. com: The upcoming full moon is Guru Purnima, the disappearance of Sanatana Gosvami, and the first day of Caturmasya for those following the vrata according to full moons

Jul 12 2011 Lessons from the road. Dealing with Krishna’s laws of nature

Yadavendra Das: On July 11, 2011 at about 7.15 AM, as I was cooking rice breakfast in my Sankirtan van, I ran out of propane gaz and I had to quickly find the best price on 4KG of propane in a city where I had no experience in the matter

Jul 11 2011 Do We Match Up?

By Kesava Krsna Dasa

Let us suppose that a refined and cultured person wants to join us fulltime, and we encourage that, but a niggling doubt arises within us, because we wonder if this person will be looked after, according to the high expectations learned from Srila Prabhupada’s books? Should our temples and ashramas present a cultural shock, or a friendly homecoming?


Jul 11 2011 Save Lord Padmanabha’s Wealth from neo-iconoclasts Lord Padmanabha’s wealth belongs to Him only

Rajaram Dasa: Goddess Lakshmi resides where Lord Padmanabha is. For, the Lord is Lord Vishnu himself, whose consort is Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth. No surprise that such huge amount of divine wealth has been unearthed in the locked up chambers of Lord Padmanabha's temple in the present day Thiruvananthapuram, earlier known as the capital city of the Royalty of Travancore

Jul 9 2011 The significance and glories of Rathayatra

By Lakshman das

Intricate sentiments symbolise the grand Rathayatra festivities connecting the event with the return of Lord Krshna to Vrindavan from His pompous life in Dwaraka to meet His heart throbs. The palace of Dwaraka represents the residence of Jagannatha, an enticing enactment of Lord Krshna's scintillating pastime


Jul 9 2011 Future Cairns Hare Krishna restaurant

Yadavendra Das (ACBSP): A golden opportunity exists for an entrepreneurial and expert Hare Krishna chef to open a Hare Krishna restaurant in Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Jul 9 2011 News conference at Bangalore

Parijata devi dasi: On 8 July, the ISKCON Bangalore Legal Team organized a news conference which was presided by Dayarama Dasa and Varada Krishna Das and well attended by over 70 media persons

Jul 9 2011 8th Mediterranean Traveling “Festival Of India 2011″ - Including Kosovo

Mohan Das: We have only 1 more week left till the beginning of our 8.th Harinam tour - '' Traveling Mediterranean Festival of India 2011'' , in organization of Avadhuta association and cooperation with ISKCON KARLOVAC ...

Jul 9 2011 Deity & Devotee dresses ( Janmashtami Special)

Bhaktin Rama: We are providing Deity and Devotee dresses and paraphernalia from New Delhi,India. We make available apparel & accessories for all countries at very reasonable prices,with a guarantee of maintaining high quality standards

Jul 9 2011 TKG Vyasa Puja -2011 in Delhi : Report, Photos & Audio Link

Nityananda Ram das: The 19th June,2011, as per Vaisnava Calender, the devotees in Delhi have celebrated the most auspicious appearance day, the 65th Vyasa Puja of Srila Tamal Krishna Goswami Maharaj in our Iskcon preaching centre at Najafgarh, New Delhi, India. Around 100-125 devotees attended the celebration

Jul 8 2011 Cooking for London Rathayatra

By Parasuram das

The mission this year was to cook a feast for 15,000 people. Titiksu Prabhu is the organiser of the London Rathayatra. An amazing event with 3 carts. It was ekadasi so all the preps were cooked without grains. This years menu was subji, mash potato, halava, srikand, and juice


Jul 8 2011 Glastonbury Festival 2011

Parasuram das: There is no festival in the world that can compare to the size and variety of Glastonbury. It's just massive - like kunda mela. Young people want to see and experience something new and different and for the Glastonbury week they will get a great variety of "chewing the chewed"

Jul 8 2011 Croyden Rathayatra 3rd July 2011

By Parasuram das

Croyden (Located South of London) hosted the first Rathayatra festival in recorded history. I was expecting about 20 devotees to appear for this event - boy was I wrong! There was over 500 devotees


Jul 8 2011 Free Scripts + Audio samples

By Parividha das

On my website you can listen to an audio sample of each of my recordings. Each play and musical is available on CD, which you can use as a soundtrack, if you're planning to perform in a big hall or marquee


Jul 7 2011 Disapperance day of Srila Gadadhara Pandita

Payonidhi das: The incarnation of love who previously was the queen of Vrindavan, Radha, is now the beloved of Gaura named Srila Gadadhara Pandit. Svarupa Damodar himself indicated that he was Vraja’s goddess of fortune, the Lakshmi who was previously the beloved of Shyamasundara in Vrindavan

Jul 7 2011 SC allow 10 wks to admit Bangalore Case

By Parijata devi dasi

Probably most of you are aware of the 5 July judgement by the Supreme Court in relation to the Bangalore Case. In case you have missed the same, please find below an update about the same


Jul 7 2011 Visakha’s book wins prestigious award

By Dharmasetu das

A Photographic Essay (2010) by Visakha dasi won the Bronze Medal in the 2011 Independent Publisher’s Book Awards for the best Spiritual/Inspirational title. Considering the competition this is no small achievement


Jul 7 2011 H.H. Lokanath Maharaja’s tribute to H.G. Aindra Prabhu

Hare KrishnaBy Premanjana das

Besides the holy name he was attached to Sri Sri Radha Syamasundara. He would do kirtans in front of Them and would also go on the altar to dress Them up day to day and every week


Jul 7 2011 Thirtieth annual Jagannath Rathayatra festival at ISKCON Baroda

By Basu Ghosh Das

On Sunday, July 3, 2011, corresponding to "aashaadh shukla dvitiyaa" (the second day of the waxing fortnight of the month of aashaadh), ISKCON Baroda observed the thirtieth annual Jagannath Rathayatra mahotsav ("festival of the Chariot")

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