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By Niranjana Swami

Thinking of Srila Prabhupada and Srimati Radharani, we naturally think of their compassion. Srila Prabhupada said that Radharani represents Krishna's compassionate nature, and Srila Prabhupada is a manifestation of hers. Now, as we approach Sri Radhastami, I would like to share two complimentary talks that Niranjana Swami and I gave last year after Vyasa-puja, on Vaishnava compassion.
—Giriraj Swami

August 31, 2011 -- 5,224 views
By Parasuram das

August 7th 2011 Edinburgh Rathayatra - lousy Scottish weather but the devotees were ecstatic. We walked down Forest road and there it was, the old Temple established by our Tribhuvanath Prabhu, subsequently lost but greatly missed by Srila Prabhupada

August 31, 2011 -- 2,752 views
By Abhaya Mudra Dasi

What will happen in 2012? Speculation runs rampant that the world will end. Even Hollywood, Bollywood and film makers in other countries have cashed in on the frenzy with movies in many languages speculating about the end of the Earth

August 31, 2011 -- 4,083 views
By Dinadayal dasa

To help us develop further programs, Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh designed a survey that we hope will give us a better picture of how to serve our students. We would greatly appreciate a few minutes of your time in completing this simple survey

August 31, 2011 -- 1,899 views
By Madhava- nanda Das

In honor of his appearance day (today the 29th of August), we are posting the following excerpt from chapter one of a new book coming soon from Gopal Jiu Publications, called, "When Good Fortune Arises"

August 31, 2011 -- 2,730 views
By Divyanam Das

I'm sure that you all had a busy but blissful Janamashtami and Vyaspuja; And now preparing for Radhashtami to please Srimati Radharani and Srila Prabhupada. There is yet another big opportunity coming up to please Srila Prabhupada. World Holy Name Week (WHNW) 2011 - September the 10th till the 20th

August 31, 2011 -- 2,663 views
Gaur Gadadhar das: You are cordially invited to join in the celebration of the Twelfth Annual 24-hour Akhanda San-Kirtanam at the home of Ravi (Nitai Gaurasundar das) and Meena (Matsya devi dasi) Singh...
August 31, 2011 -- 2,041 views
Srinandan das: Metro Detroit became home to two scintillating public events by H.H. Radhanath Swami Maharaja. A team of doctors, engineers and other professionals came together to conduct two spectacular book-release programs: one at Grosse Pointe Farms and the other one at Royal Oak, Michigan...
August 31, 2011 -- 2,073 views
Satyahit das: Having read the Saranagati BC update, and heard so many familiar names from Canada, I thought to give an update on Krishna Lunch Gainesville FL, where at the U of Florida 700 to 1000 plates of prasadam are monday thru friday distributed from 11:30am till 1:30pm on the campus...
August 31, 2011 -- 2,015 views
By Bhakti Raghava Swami

I must say it was a memorable event, spending 2 weeks at the Saranagati Eco Village community focusing primarily on compiling a document that will hopefully help further the cause of varnasrama dharma development

August 27, 2011 -- 3,533 views
By Lakshman das

A huge 15-feet high silver ratha (made out of 4500kg of silver) was brought from the Perumal Temple and was initially meant to be used for the Ratha Yatra. However, owing to its height the Silver Ratha could not enter the Toa Payoh stadium

August 27, 2011 -- 4,223 views
By Nandini Radha devi dasi

Los Angeles ISKCON celebrated a very special festival during the weekend of August 20-22, 2011. The special occasion was the 40th installation anniversary celebrations of the presiding Deities of New Dvaraka, Sri Sri Rukmini -Dvarakadhisha

August 27, 2011 -- 3,829 views
Chandrashekhara acharya dasa: The word "karmi" means "fruitive worker." The word "clothes" mean "items worn to cover the body." By definition, then, the words "karmi clothes" mean items worn to cover the body of someone who is a fruitive worker...
August 27, 2011 -- 8,304 views
Payonidhi das: Though I have never found it in sastra I have often heard that Krsna drank milk from the utter of cows in His Kaumara age. Police in LA , came in with guns and forced places that sells raw unpasteurized organic milk to give it to them and poured it all in the drain...
August 26, 2011 -- 2,463 views
Guru Gauranga dasa: A video clipping of Vrindavan Yatra. Radhanath Swami is making his followers to mimic the birds and bees in Vrindavan...
August 26, 2011 -- 5,051 views
By Siddhanta das

It is with pleasure that I can present this latest collection of memories on this auspicious day of Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa Puja. We hope you derive some inspiration in these remembrances of His Divine Grace

August 25, 2011 -- 3,012 views
By Shyamasundara Dasa

August 12, 2011 was Vara Maha-laksmi Puja, a very big festival in South India and other parts of India as well. It is especially important for the ladies of the family, who according to Manu and other sastras are representatives of Laksmidevi in the home

August 25, 2011 -- 2,538 views
By Basu Ghosh Das

Thousands of faithful devotees thronged ISKCON Baroda for Sri Krishna Janmastami on Monday August 22, 2011 and again for Nandotsava and Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa Puja on Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 25, 2011 -- 3,635 views
By Vaishnava dasa

He is drifting in and out of consciousness, but is mostly unconscious and cannot breathe at all on his own. One lung is completely collapsed, the other one full of mucous. They have moved him back to his home at the temple in Ulnasgar as the doctors said there is nothing more they can do at the hospital

August 25, 2011 -- 5,733 views
By Krishna-mayi Devi Dasi

Appreciating the influence of ISKCON in preserving Indian spiritual culture and traditions, Friends of India, Las Vegas invited Govinda’s Center / ISKCON Las Vegas to participate in the festivities. We happily accepted this invitation as an opportunity to bestow Lord Caitanya’s mercy on the very needy souls in Las Vegas

August 25, 2011 -- 2,791 views
Parasuram das: A short slide show from the Padayatra in London. Also while travelling in Sweden two young devotees from the tour put together a short drama which I am sure you are all familiar with. But this time we used a real boat...
August 24, 2011 -- 1,815 views
By Indradyumna Swami

Today on the occasion of your Vyasa Puja it is with great pleasure I report to you that once again hundreds of thousands of people have received the great mercy of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu on the Baltic Sea coast in Poland. That mercy has taken the form of your books, the holy names, prasadam distribution, and the blissful association of many wonderful devotees

August 23, 2011 -- 2,382 views
By Rupanuga Das

Even though Bhagavad-gita and Srimad Bhagavatam were spoken and recorded in 3,000 B.C., it wasn't until 1965 A.D., 5,000 years later, that these original sastras containing the Yuga Dharma were released from India by His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. Bhaktivinode Thakur had previously inaugurated the Hare Krsna Movement, the emblem of that Yuga Dharma, when he sent his Caitanya—His Life and Precepts to McGill University, Canada, in 1896

August 23, 2011 -- 3,056 views
Dravida dasa: O Prabhupada, on this great day When you appeared, just like a ray Of Krsna's vast effulgence bright, To give this blind world back its sight, We thank you from the bottom of Our heart, and pray with deepest love That we may serve your lotus feet In every circumstance we meet...
August 22, 2011 -- 1,788 views
By Giriraj Swami

For Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa-puja this year, I wish to tell you about his dear friend and staunch devotee Mr. P. L. Sethi. Much of what I shall narrate I experienced personally; the rest I heard from Mr. Sethi, except the description of his last days, which I heard from his family. May this story inspire you in Srila Prabhupada’s service—in Krsna consciousness

August 22, 2011 -- 4,386 views
Samir Roy Choudhury: ISKCON Montreal will be celebrating 43 rd Anniversary of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada’s visit to Montreal starting from Sept, 02 to Sept, 05 ( labor day week end )...
August 22, 2011 -- 2,357 views
By Radha Mohan Das

The world’s largest Janmashtami festival outside of India at Bhaktivedanta Manor attracted more than 60,000 pilgrims on 21st and 22nd August. This year celebrated the launch of the Ahimsa Dairy Foundation, which sells milk from cows that will be retired when their milking days are over and uses bulls to work the land.

August 22, 2011 -- 2,922 views
By Srila Kavi Karnapura

The time for an appearance of the Lord coincided with two internal desires of the Supreme Personality of Godhead. First the Lord desired to descend on earth to increase the fortune of Yasoda and Nanda. Also at that time Krishna wanted to relish the sweet mellow of smgara rasa (paramour love) while enacting His worldly pastimes

August 22, 2011 -- 2,268 views
By Cody Clark

Sometimes being in the right place at the right time means being in the middle of Utah’s largest city in the throes of an economic recession. It’s an unlikely combination of factors that is helping Sri Sri Radha Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork expand its worship and cultural offerings into Salt Lake County

August 22, 2011 -- 2,625 views
By Sanatana Goswami

O Krsna, Who descended in the province of Mathura, O Lord Who gives the great gift of pure love for Yourself, O Perfromer of extraordinary pastimes, O great Treasure-house of various kinds of sweetness, O Lord Who is full of transcendental opulences, great mercy and majesty. All glories unto You

August 22, 2011 -- 1,966 views
Subhavilasa das: As devotees around the world gear up for the auspicious occasion of Sri Krishna Janmastami we are all busy with service and inviting friends and family to attend festivities on Monday...
August 22, 2011 -- 1,912 views
Raghunath Bhatta Dasa: We would like to inform you that ISKCON Scotland will be holding an 8 hour kirtan in Edinburgh on sun 18th Sept 2011. Please see attached flyer...
August 22, 2011 -- 1,730 views
Urmila devi dasi: What better birthday present for Krishna than to clean His favorite place, Radha Kunda? All the funds go to the cleaners, most of whom are widows who would otherwise be begging on the streets...
August 21, 2011 -- 2,196 views
By Janananda Gosvami

October 21st - 6.00 pm. The end of the world when God will unleash no end of disasters in the form of earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and whatever it takes to end everyone except His elect sect who will ascend to heaven. Actually it was supposed to be May 21st but somehow the Lord gave a little more time to the non-believers to repent and reform before doomsday

August 21, 2011 -- 2,432 views
By Yudhistir Govinda Das

Huddled amongst the thousands of buildings in one of the busiest Delhi markets, at end of one of the myriad narrow lanes, a rustic but palatial structure in Chippiwada would miss out any common man’s sight. But to the followers of Srila Prabhupada, this building housing the Deities of Sri Radha Krishna is where he had began his initial preaching of Krishna Consciousness years later which was to burgeon as a global movement spreading the message of Lord Chaitanya

August 20, 2011 -- 4,250 views
By Shyamasundara Dasa

" we were walking back to the ashram to honor prasadam I noticed some altercation was going on with the security guards. On enquiry I found out that they had caught a shoe thief and had garlanded him with a garland of shoes, as was the custom with shoe thieves"

August 20, 2011 -- 6,173 views
Hare KrishnaBy Indradyumna Swami

He makes a song of the names 'Hare,' 'Krsna' and 'Rama,' and by giving it to the mass of people destroys all obstacles such as sorrow, delusion, greed, and suffering. He grants devotional service to the multitude of devotees who are eager for the shelter of Lord Krsna's lotus feet

August 19, 2011 -- 3,301 views
Radha Mohan das: Dear prabhus Please find attached the latest Bhaktivedanta Manor Newsletter, in PDF format...
August 19, 2011 -- 1,704 views
Press Release: More than two decades after they sold Croome Court, the Hare Krishna’s are back for a festival which celebrates their time at Croome and their continuing relationship with the National Trust...
August 19, 2011 -- 2,929 views