Oct 18 2011 Krishna Deities and Their Miracles

Sri Nandanandana dasa (Stephen Knapp): This book helps reveal how the Deities of Krishna in the temple are but another channel through which the Divine can be better understood and perceived. In fact, the Deities Themselves can exhibit what some would call miracles in the way They reveal how the Divine accepts the Deity form

Oct 18 2011 Vidyabhusana Project

Dr. Demian Martins: The Vidyabhusana Project has been launched to collect, preserve and translate the works of Sri Baladeva Vidyabhusana, to whom Srila Prabhupada dedicated his Bhagavad-gita As It Is

Oct 18 2011 Bhaktivedanta College Radhadesh Starts Tenth Year

Kancana-valli dasi and Madhavendra Puri dasa: Recently, a milestone was passed by Bhaktivedanta College, which held its tenth annual inauguration ceremony in September. Members of the Radhadesh community joined the students and staff at the ceremony to meet the incoming students

Oct 18 2011 Easy opportunity to clean Radha kunda and help the residents there

Urmila devi dasi: If you've ever wanted to do something about trash at Rādhā-kuṇḍa, if you've ever wanted to have beautiful gardens at Rādhā-kuṇḍa, if you've ever wanted to serve Rādhā-kuṇḍa on a regular basis, if you've ever wanted to help Rādhā-kuṇḍa residents have a dignified way to maintain themselves in devotion without begging, please join us in this project

Oct 18 2011 House for sale a mile from New Raman Reti Dhama

Raquel Ellsworth: Enjoy a vrndavana-like atmosphere within a mile of New Raman Reti Dhama. Established palms, fruit trees and exotic shrubs, including ardenias, night blooming jasmine and pineapple guava. This is a site built home designed by devotees and includes a marble alter area and two double sinks in the kitchen

Oct 18 2011 Antardwip residency

Mani deep: Nestled in the midst of the Abhay Nagar devotee housing estate, Antardwip Residency is a spiritual haven within easy walking distance from the magnificent Chaitanya Chandrodaya Temple of Vedic Planetarium. Antardwip Residency offers a variety of apartments suited to your needs - studio, one bedroom, two bedroom and three bedroom apartments

Oct 18 2011 Homosexuality and the New Age

Abhaya Mudra Dasi: Homosexuality has become so prominent in the second half of the 20th century that is has been propagated as a lifestyle of choice. But it wasn’t always like this. Before the technological revolution, homosexuality was referred to in the most derogatory of terms

Oct 16 2011 Philadelphia 2011 Ratha Yatra Report to Srila Prabhupada

By Jahnava devi dasi

"The most enlivening feature of Ratha Yatra for me is the energetic, creative, and responsible participation of so many of our congregation members who fantastically organized everything from the fleet of children's Ratha Yatra carts in the parade to the various workshops on yoga, meditation, and kirtan at the festival sites." --Ravindra Svarupa prabhu


Oct 14 2011 End of an Era at New Vrindaban’s Palace Rose Garden

New Vrindaban Communications: On September 28, New Vrindaban held a retirement party for Betty Hickey who, since 1985, has cultivated the Palace Rose Garden. The garden has over one hundred varieties of roses and over 850 rose plants, and attracts thousands of pilgrims and visitors every year

Oct 14 2011 A Tribute to HG Purnacandra Prabhu

Bhumipati das (ACBSP): It is very sad and socking that HG Purnacandra Prabhu is no more with us. One by one our god brothers are leaving this world for good

Oct 13 2011 Wishing you a blessed Kartik 2011 from Bhaktivedanta Manor

By Bhakta David

Please find below photos from Bhaktivedanta Manor celebrating the pastime of Lord Damodara during the month of Kartik 2011


Oct 13 2011 Teacher Training Course in Vrindavan (November 2-7, 2011)

Ganga IDS: From November 2 to November 7, 2011, in Vrindavan, a Teacher Training Course 1 will be taught in VIHE by Her Grace Laxmimoni Dasi. The skills you will learn in this course can be applied in many situations, not just in a formal classroom. You will find that besides the teaching application, there are unlimited possibilities in using the information in preaching work

Oct 13 2011 Steve Jobs Memorial by ISKCON of Silicon Valley ( ISV)

Damodara Vamsidhari Das: Last Friday happens to be Steve's memorial at Apple store at University Ave, Palo Alto where almost 125 devotees from ISV under leadership of His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu spontaneously paid their respect and homage for his contributions and glorified his spiritual connections with them by loudly chanting Maha Mantra on streets of Palo Alto

Oct 12 2011 Vraj Mandala Padayatra 2011

Parasuram das: On the 12th of October the Padayatra cart will travel out form Sri Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir on itÕs 25th silver jubilee journey the plan is to distribute 50 000 small books over the month of Kartik and tonnes and tonnes of Prasad to the Vraja basis. The books have already arrived in Vrindavan from Bombay

Oct 12 2011 Vidyadan enters into Student Lives of South India

By Balaram krishna das

ISKCON Vidyadan - Kerala tried out on a sample basis, a one-hour class, 'Power of Habit - How to overcome Bad Habits' on a secular school-student mass containing Hindu, Christian and Muslim boys and girls on the 8th October 2011, in Irinjalakuda (IRJ) of central Kerala, South India


Oct 12 2011 Purnachandra ACBSP leaves this world

By Deena Bandhu dasa

With great sadness in our hearts we inform the Vaisnavas that our Bengali Godbrother Purnachandra left this world in Vrindavan on the Ekadasi night, Oct 7th. His cremation was done at the Yamuna on the very auspicious Paksavardhini Mahadvadasi day. When I was Temple President of Krishna Balarama Mandir, he was the Vice President and Head Pujari.


Oct 12 2011 Bhaktivedanta Care Centre Opens In Durban

By Shyam Ghat Das

“Devotee Care, South Africa” opened its new Bhaktivedanta Care Centre, a Hospice-styled Care facility for the ISKCON community. This valuable service, inspired by and based on the model of the Vrindavan Hospice, is a multi-level building designed for assisting devotees in their final days, preparing them for their journey back home, back to Godhead


Oct 12 2011 Bhaktivedanta Manor Janmastami festival 2011

By Lakshman das

Back in the humble beginnings of 1973, there were barely 100 people to celebrate Janmashtami at the Manor, with Srila Prabhupada offering the first beautiful arati to Radha-Gokulananda and leading the devotees in encircling the Deities, dancing and leaping in kirtan


Oct 12 2011 OPEN LETTER TO Bhakti Vikasa Swami

By Priyavrata das

“The Krishna consciousness movement is based on this principle: Chant the Hare Krishna maha mantra at every moment, as much as possible, both inside and outside of the temples, and, as far as possible, distribute prasada. This process can be accelerated with the cooperation of state administrators and those who are producing the country’s wealth. Simply by liberal distribution of prasada and sankirtana, the whole world can become peaceful and prosperous.” (SB 4.12.10)


Oct 12 2011 Krishna katha

Praghosa dasa (ACBSP): I inform you that if you want to relish the pastimes of the Lord freely, you can listen to them on the prabhupadavani.org website. The following stories are made available by Amal Bhakta prabhu: Caitanya-Caritamrta, Lord Caitanya conquers the Kazi, Lord Caitanya appears as Lord Krsna, The appearance of Lord Krsna, Appearance of Lord Jagannatha, Trials and Triumphs of Haridas Thakhura, Jagai and Madhai redeemed, Let there be a temple (Prabhupada Lilamrta), A Second Chance (the story of Ajamila). Do not miss this opportunity

Oct 12 2011 Resurrection of Phoenix

Abhinanda das: The representative of the GBC in the region approved a project of the future ashram, which was done by his disciple from Novosibirsk Achintya-priya Prabhu. Wishing success to the construction site, Gopal Krishna Goswami went to his disciples in Ivanovo

Oct 12 2011 A wonderful opportunity to serve in the Radhadesh Publication Service

Anasuya Devi Dasi: Spread the word! We offer a wonderful opportunity to serve in the Radhadesh Publication Service as a translator, editor and/or graphic designer. The beauty of this service is that you do not have to physically live in Radhadesh in order to be part of this vibrant community. We provide accommodation in Radhadesh for your spiritual breaks in accordance with the level of your commitment and availability of the Guesthouse and dormitories

Oct 12 2011 Sri Godruma Kalpatavi (”The Desire-tree Grove of Godruma”)

Madhavi Kirti devi dasi: The aim of the Congregational Development Ministry is to assist all kinds of community groups within ISKCON—Nama-hatta, Bhakti-vriksha, Counselor groups, Sunday Schools, Prison Preaching, Youth Preaching, and any other group or gathering broadcasting Srila Prabhupada’s message—for the purpose of expanding this movement and training the members of ISKCON

Oct 10 2011 Hari Das Prabhu with Srila Prabhupada

By Premanjana Dasa

This story has been written by Premanjana Dasa (Pranjal Joshi) on the basis of a conversation that took place between him and His Grace Hari Das Prabhu at the 'Hare Krishna Land' (ISKCON Temple) at Juhu, Mumbai in the months of August and September 2011 in the room of Haridas Prabhu


Oct 10 2011 Announcing Chapter A Day (CHAD) for Kartik 2011!

By Gandharvika Radha Devi Dasi

Announcing Chapter A Day (CHAD) for Kartik 2011! A global initiative!


Oct 10 2011 HH Radhanath Swami @ HSBC Clip

By Rajesh Hirani

Video from the recent visit of Radhanath Swami @ HSBC


Oct 10 2011 First Ever Ratha Yatra of Victorville, California

By Nandini Radha devi dasi

On October 1, Saturday, residents of Victorville, CA got to witness the first ever Ratha Yatra of Lord Jagannath in their little town. Victorville, located in the Inland Empire desert region of California and having a population of 95,000 welcomed Lord Jagannath to their 10th Annual Spice of Life Multicultural Festival


Oct 10 2011 Vraj Mandal Praikrama 2011 schedule

Lakshman (das) Vrindavan (IN): ISKCON's 25th Vraja Mandala Parikrama will be held this year from Oct12 till Nov 10. The Parikrama will start on Saturday 12th October after mangal- arati at 5:00 am. The participants are requested to reach Vrindavan latest by the evening of Oct 11

Oct 10 2011 Krishna Center - 43,000 Students Waiting For Prasadam

Prithusrava & Danakeli: They say that the way to a person's heart is through his/her stomach. Here at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, students have been happily feasting on Krishna prasadam since 1985

Oct 8 2011 Urgent need at ISKCON - Belfast - N.Ireland for a brahmana initiated pujari

Caitanya candrodaya dasa: There is presently an urgent need at ISKCON Radha Madhava Mandir - Belfast - N. Ireland for a brahmana initiated pujari to take up the position of Head Pujari, due to the health situation of the present Head Pujari

Oct 7 2011 Tijuana Rathayatra 2011 Report

By Banabhatta das

Lord Jagannatha was seated along with His brother Balarama and sister Subhadra on His gorgeously decorated cart, which was painstakingly transported from Los Angeles once again in record time by His Grace Ratnabhusana, who has been single-handedly designing, building, disassembling, transporting, re-assembling and decorating Lord Jagannatha’s carts for various Rathayatra festivals since the 1980’s


Oct 7 2011 Occupy Wall St prasadam dist

Hema Malini dd: I’m writing because I want to post to see if there was any kind prasadam distribution being done in New York or the other cities where occupations are being performed. I am coordinating something for the protests in Houston, and wanted to see if anyone else was

Oct 7 2011 Live Srimad Bhagavat Katha

Sriji Devi Dasi: Please get Live telecast of Srimad Bhagavat Katha taking place in Sri Vrindavan Dham by Sri Srimad Radha Govinda Goswami Maharaja. Link : http://www.iskconvrindavan.com/krishnalive.html Topic : Putana Uddhar Lila. Timings : (IST) 8.00am to 9.30 am.

Oct 7 2011 Online College Administrative Coordinator needed

Arya & Chandranana: Rupanuga Vedic College is looking for someone to fill the position of administrative coordinator for its online academic division (distance learning). Training is available, however experience is also desirable

Oct 7 2011 The funny side…

Hari das: iphone... ipad... ipod... ipaid

Oct 5 2011 Business for sale at Mayapur Iskcon

Vaisnava_tkg: Dear Prabhus, and Prabhujis Pamho agtSP If anyone want to live in Mayapur and at the same time have an income, then the opportunity is there for someone. As we are not returning to Mayapur soon, we have decide to sale the business, and give the opportunity for someone to have an income

Oct 5 2011 Krsna would love to see you!

Murari Sevaka: Chanting - Music - Feast A Govardhana Puja Festival Presented By Murari Sevaka - Mulberry, TN Mark Your Calendar: Sunday October 30th Starting at Noon

Oct 5 2011 Iskcon Moscow Temple in Big Crisis

Jaya Madhava Das: The Moscow Iskcon Temple has given notice to vacate the land originally given too them by the North Admin. Government of Moscow Region as a replacement home, when the Bhagavaya Temple Location was destroyed by officials to build Office/Apartment's in 2004 The current location in Dinamo is now in real jeopardy

Oct 5 2011 Balarama’s Plow Graces Laurentian Mountains

By Bhakti Raghava Swami

"Balarama represents plowing the land for agriculture and therefore always carries in His hand a plow, whereas Krishna tends cows and therefore carries a flute in His hand. Thus the two brothers represent krisi-raksya and go-raksya.”


Oct 5 2011 Article of Huffington Post about the Hare Krishnas and the Ratha-Yatra festivals

By Keshava dasa

The Canadian iteration of the Huffington Post recently posted an article about the Hare Krishnas and the Ratha-Yatra festivals, focusing on Toronto's festival. We thought it might of some interest for Dandavats readers

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