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By Madhava Smullen

It still remains to be seen if worshippers of the sacred Yamuna will get their wish, and be able to save Lord Krisna's beloved river. But with protests and political interest reaching an all-time peak and entering Parliament, it looks like the dam is about to break

January 2, 2012 -- 1,201 views
By Sara Israelsen Hartley

On a recent Thursday night at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, a thick wave of incense floats through the air as the chords of a singsong prayer echo off the temple's octagonal ceiling

January 1, 2012 -- 995 views
By Kurma Rupa dasa

In this edition of 22 pages (2.2 MB) we present reports on: 1. Basu Ghosh's visit to the Bansi Gir Goshalla in Amedhabad, Gujarat. 2. The four new residents admitted this month. 3. A study which demonstrates that cows select best friends. 4. The practical ways to determine if and when your cow is in heat. 5. An excerpt from the famous Kalyana Kalpataru Volume IX February 1945

January 1, 2012 -- 2,292 views