Apr 30 2012 My Tribute To My Nitai

By Mandali Dasi

Recently, in January 2012, as many of you know, I suffered the loss of my husband, Nitai Das. I have therefore chosen to dedicate the most recent collection of haute couture dresses I was working on at that time to him, and to the selfless love that he embodied for me


Apr 30 2012 House for Sale in Alachua Area

Kalakantha das: Great retirement or starter home an easy five-minute drive from New Raman Reti! A clean and well-designed 2 Bedroom/ 2 Bath Jacobsen doublewide manufactured home on a low-maintenance half-acre in nearby LaCrosse. Wonderful devotee neighbors on each side

Apr 28 2012 An Indian State Commits to Srila Prabhupada’s Vision

By Sahadeva dasa

A National conference on ‚ÄĚCow Based Agriculture, Health and Environment‚ÄĚ was recently organized by the Gujarat Government. A first of its kind, it was held in prestigious Anand University and was attended by senior ministers, government officials, top scientists, religious leaders, university vice-chancellors, environmentalists, doctors, and cow protection activists


Apr 28 2012 The Sri Sri Pancha Tattva Installation 40 Year Anniversary Celebration

Jose Holz: Sri Sri Panchatattva 40th Anniversary 4-Day Schedule - Friday May 4th, 2012 Nrsimha Caturdasi (fasting til dusk)

Apr 27 2012 Harinam in Jaffna - war affected area of Sri Lanka

Vasudeva Datta das: Harinam led by hg Hare Krishna Prabhu and speech in Tamil by Vasudeva Datta das

Apr 27 2012 ISKCON temple inaugurated

By various media sources

ISKCON on Thursday inaugurated its new Sri Radha Krishna Temple at Akkarai in Chennai. After the Kumbhabishekam and Maha mangala arati ‚ÄĒ the first decorated darshan of the deities ‚ÄĒ a helicopter showered flowers over the ‚Äėgopurams' built in the Kalinga style


Apr 27 2012 Hare Krishna Crosswords - Find the answers to spiritual questions

Jagadvira das: Hare Krishna Crosswords - Find the answers to spiritual questions. New Crossword Number 11 "TALAVANA"

Apr 27 2012 Tribute and Photo of HG Vishnumurti Prabhu

Varaha-rupa Devi Dasi: “As a person puts on new garments, giving up old ones, the soul similarly accepts new material bodies, giving up the old and useless ones. (BG: 2.22)

Apr 26 2012 Murari Sevaka

Murari Sevaka: In the course of our short journey in this dangerous material world, we naturally feel the need for protection---Krsna … in the form of anger as Lord Nrsringhadev came to protect his fully surrendered devotee, Pralad from the unspeakable cruelty of his father… and we all know his name!

Apr 25 2012 ISKCON Vrindavan Goshala News Letter April

Pundarika Vidyanidhi Dasa: Please receive VOICE OF COWS (ISKCON Vrandavan Goshala Monthly Newsletter) for April-12.This is all about monthly activities happened in our goshala last month. Focus for this issue is Passing of Radhakundi our very beloved and old cow who serve Krishna Balrama for many years

Apr 25 2012 New Temple Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony At Ludhiana, India

By Bhakta Kaplish

On the auspicious day of Aksaya Tritya on April 24, 2012 foundation stone of Sri Sri Radha Gopinath Temple was laid by HH Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj (GBC & BBT Trustee) in 4.5 Acres of land in Ludhiana


Apr 24 2012 Invitation for you!

ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry: We are hosting, for the first time, a Bhakti vriksha convention for leaders in Sri Dham Mayapur

Apr 24 2012 Thoughts on Earth Day

By Giriraja Swami

On Earth Day, I thought of a prayer that resonated with me in my youth. "The earth is the Lord's, and the fullness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein. For He has founded it on the seas, and established it on the floods. Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord, or who shall stand in His holy place? He that has clean hands, and a pure heart; who has not lifted up his soul to vanity, nor sworn deceitfully. He shall receive the blessing from the Lord." (Psalm 24:1-5)


Apr 24 2012 Come Celebrate Nrsingha Caturdasi at ISKCON of Silicon Valley

By Raxit Jariwalla

We are unique in North America to have deities of Lord Narashingadeva at ISKCON of Silicon Valley. The Appearance day this year is on May 4


Apr 24 2012 Vacancies

Nitesh Gor: Dear all, Please note that applications are now being received for several teaching and senior leadership roles at Avanti schools

Apr 24 2012 Story on children

Bhakta Singh: Maybe we can do a feature on Krsna Conscious children. Just to inspire other devotes in bringing in exalted children and the benefits of Krsna Conscious education

Apr 24 2012 Drupal Design Wizard Needed

Lilasakti (dd) BKG (BBT Communications): In an effort to better serve our worldwide audience, the BBT is improving its presence on the World Wide Web. BBT.info is in need of an overhaul to increase search engine optimization, provide more comprehensive information to all visitors, and attract attention to the vast catalog of teachings by our Founder-Acarya A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada by educators, librarians, and new seekers

Apr 23 2012 Can Greatness Be Too Great?

By Kesava Krsna Dasa

I began to write a simple, short comment on Parampara Prabhu’s article about our sampradaya, but more thoughts came, and thought again that this might as well become an article. Is the desire to glorify Srila Prabhupada or other vaisnavas in certain ways, the result of our human calculation, or our realised convictions?


Apr 23 2012 Movies and videos for sale

Bhn. Sunniva: I would like to sell the following DVD’s. Welcome to contact me! Tv-series: These are the cheaper versions of the series but they are of good quality. For 12-18 DVD sets we ask 32 euro, for the 8 DVD sets we ask 22 euro. Abhay Charan. Directed by HH Bhakti Caru Swami. 80 episodes, 27 hours, on 18 DVD’s. Subtitles in English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Russian. Audio in English, Hindi, Bengali and Tamil

Apr 23 2012 Departure Of Bhagiratha Prabhu

Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami: ‚ÄúBhagiratha prabhu? Who is that?‚ÄĚ many readers will ask. Usually tributes to departed Vaishnavas on Dandavats are well known or even famous in ISKCON, but Bhagiratha prabhu, who departed ‚Äúuntimely‚ÄĚ a few days ago, was not

Apr 22 2012 Grand Nava Narasimha Temple Inauguration at Bangalore

By Hariksetra das

For now, the inauguration of the temple has been spread across an 11 day festival starting from April 24th, Akshaya Tritiya up to May 5th, Sri Narasimha Jayanti. We will have the events like Netraunmilana, Narasimha Homa, Prana Pratishtha and Maha Abhisheka during the first part of the celebration on 27th, 28th and 29th. On 4th, 5th (Sri Narasimha Chaturdashi) and 6th of May we will have the formal inaugural, a grand celebration, open to the general public.


Apr 22 2012 Deconstructing the Renaming of Srila Prabhupada

By Parampara dasa

Srila Prabhupada in the purport of Cc Antya 2.295 reveals the names of these four sampradaya acaryas: "A Vaisnava should study the commentaries on the Vedanta-sutra written by the four sampradaya-acaryas, namely Sri Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Visnu Svami and Nimbarka.‚ÄĚ


Apr 22 2012 In memory of Sriman Bhagirath prabhu

Bhakti Raghava Swami: This morning we held a special class in memory of Bhagiratha prabhu. To our good fortune, one of the devotees close to Bhagiratha prabhu since his childhood, Sriman Kisora Krishna prabhu, arrived here at Sahyadri Sri Krishna Balarama Ksetra (SSKBK) the day before yesterday

Apr 21 2012 All glories to the cows the beloved of the Lord!

By Radhikakrpa Devi Dasi

Out of love for the cows the Supreme Personality of Godhead has awarded this meek animal with eyes resembling lotus petals, slanting sideways and always filled with warmth


Apr 20 2012 Krishna Krishna!

By Krishna-kumara Dasa

To my surprise, the girl was spontaneously drawn in, like iron to a magnet, and grabbed a book. The boy followed suit and grabbed the other book. I briefly explained who I was and what the books were all about. They both took a book, and she gave an exceptionally large donation. She eagerly asked, "You said 'Krishna Krishna!' right? I've been learning about Krishna in my 'Hindu Gods & Goddesses' class, and I LOVE Him! He's my favorite."


Apr 19 2012 Bhakti-shastri in Vrindavan 2012: July 19 to November 12

Your servants at VIHE: VIHE is heartily inviting all the serious students to our transformational Bhakti-sastri course. Bhakti-sastri course is a systematic study of Srila Prabhupada's books. Srila Prabhupada wanted all of us to deeply study his books, so that we could be better preachers, teachers and, very importantly, achieve a clear understanding and application of the beautiful science of devotional service. Sri Vrindavan Dham mercifully provides a unique environment to enhance one's taste and appreciation of the treasures of direct bhakti

Apr 18 2012 Vaisali Fashion

Jalangi Devi Dasi and Kalindi Devi Dasi: Vaisali was created by two young Matajis residents of Sri Mayapur Dham, with the purpose of making couture outfits. These ones are very well made with good quality materials, beautiful and exclusive designs using the wide variety of materials that India offers

Apr 17 2012 Thai Buddhists Explore Their Vedic Link

By Kurmaksetra dasa

Several prominent Buddhist groups in Thailand (some of them strict vegetarians) invited Dr Sahadeva dasa for a series of countrywide programs and visit to their communities. They hosted a series of TV shows with him. His talks covered a wide range of topics ‚Äďfrom Lord Buddha and promulgation of Buddhism to fate of modern civilization, ancient solutions to modern problems, absolute morality and ethics, comparative theology etc


Apr 17 2012 Hare Krishna Tolerance

By Barnaby Haszard Morris

I was walking along Lambton Quay in Wellington the other day, on the way to buy my niece a present for her fifth birthday. My train of thought was a little unfocused as I tried to think of what she would like: a book? a DVD? a Barbie? Would she want something she already knows a lot about, or a total surprise? Hey, perhaps school supplies would be an appropriately practical gift for a grown-up girl


Apr 16 2012 35th.Installation Anniversary Of Sri Sri Radha-Manohara , Iskcon Montreal, Canada

Samir Roy Choudhury: Council memberThe devotees of ISKCON Montreal will be celebrating 35th. Installation Anniversary of Sri Sri Radha-Manohara from Friday May 18 to Monday May 21, 2012 at 1626 Boulevard Pie IX, Montreal. Please join us for a maha-abhisek, kirtan, remembrances, maha-harinam,sumptuous prasadam to name a few nectar drops that will be following at the special mahotsava

Apr 15 2012 Reflections on Titanic Disasters

By Giriraj Swami

To mark the centennial of the sinking of the luxury liner Titanic, which went to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean early in the morning of April 15, 1912‚ÄĒtaking with it five grand pianos, an automobile, a fifty-line telephone switchboard, a jeweled copy of The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam, and more than 1,500 lives‚ÄĒarticles, books, a television series, and the rerelease of the blockbuster film Titanic (converted to 3-D at a cost of eighteen million dollars) are flooding the market


Apr 14 2012 Four Vaisnava Sampradayas, Four Sampradaya Acaryas

By Parampara dasa

One should distinquish between the terms Sampradaya Acarya and Acarya of the Sampradaya. As Srila Prabhupada instructs us there are only four Samapradaya Acaryas and this august appellation can therefore only be correctly attached to that exclusive four: Sri Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Visnu Svami and Nimbarka


Apr 14 2012 Mahamantra in Maharashtra

By Premanjana Das

Since my childhood, I was told the glories of Nasik and Triyamakeshwar(one of the 12 jyotirlingas) by my mother several times. I had a desire to visit Nasik because of this. Nasik is a very old city and finds its mention in the Ramayana, it is located in Maharashtra that is a province/state in India


Apr 14 2012 Festival of Kirtan

Anuradha devi dasi: For the first time at Radha Radhanath Temple in Durban will a gathering of some of the ISKCON world's foremost kirtan singers guide us in accessing the deep treasures of Krishna's holy names

Apr 13 2012 HOLY COW Newsletter for Go-Seva & Health

Vaisnava Charan Das: Hare Krishna, Jay Gomata Jay Gopal. Join the World's Biggest Cow Campaign - SERVE OUR MOTHER COW. The objective of this Cow Campaign is to connect Cow Lovers Worldwide. You will be glad to know the launching of very first HOLY COW Newsletter

Apr 13 2012 Ganga tour 2012 Varanasi to Patna

By Parasuram das

As soon as the St Patrick's day parade in London was over we had to race to catch our flight to India, time was limited. We only had 2 weeks to comple the task. HH Mahavishnu Swami said "it was mission impossible." The plane touched down in Varanasi airport, we arrived in the dark at Assi ghat where the devotees were already waiting on the boat and immediately we took off, cross the Ganga and made camp for the night


Apr 13 2012 Clearwater Beach Festival of Chariots and Ratha Yatra

Nartaka Gopala dasi: An Indian multi-cultural parade and festival will be celebrated with entertainment for the whole family. There will be live music, singing, classical dance, books, bazaar, and lots of free delicious vegetarian food

Apr 12 2012 A gift from the Krishna Avanti School to Buckingham Palace

By Radha Mohan Das

Bhaktivedanta Manor Temple President Srutidharma das explained to the Queen that Caitanya Mahaprabhu taught a philosophy that is ‚Äúbeyond all material designations and differences, and that through singing and dancing we should surrender our hearts to God‚ÄĚ


Apr 12 2012 Mayapur Institute to conduct - Varnasrama College Introductory Course

Bharat Chandra das: The prestigious Mayapur Institute (MI) at Sridham Mayapur will for the first time be running the 'Introductory Course' of Varnasrama College in collaboration with ISKCON Daiva Varnasrama Ministry (India)

Apr 12 2012 The Astrological Newsletter (April 2012)

Patita Pavana das: Dandavats at the feet of the Vaishnavas. May Shrila Prabhupada be eternally glorified. Please find the latest edition of The Astrological Newsletter attached
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