May 31 2012 ISKCON Scotland officially opens new Eco Farm

By Radha Mohan Das

Lesmahagow, a quiet village founded by monks in the 12th Century is again home to monks but of a different order. In 1987 Hare Krishna monks moved into a humble property in Lesmahagow not far from Glasgow. With the motto ‘simple living, high thinking’, they began to develop an ambitious program and turned the site into a state-of-the-art Eco Farm


May 31 2012 Service opportunity at Sri Radha Kunda

Archana devi dasi: There are 4 rooms with the temple room a terrace and a Tulasi garden. I am looking for couple in vanaprasta or 2 older bramachari’s to manage the ashram and worship our installed deities Radha Damodara with Lalita Vishaka there

May 30 2012 Sri Ganga-puja

By Jaya Vijaya

Sri Ganga-puja, also known as Sri Ganga-dushara (she who removes inauspiciousness), appears in the month of Jyestha (May/June) on the 10th day of Sukla-paksa, or the waxing fortnight of the full moon. On this day, Maharaja Bhagiratha’s desire of bringing Ganga to this mortal world was finally fulfilled as the sacred river descended from Lord Siva’s blessed head at Mount Kailasa


May 29 2012 Lord Jagannatha Tours Jacksonville Beach, Florida

By Sridevi dasi

Alachua Temple's Lord of the Universe, Jagannatha Swami, along with His brother Baladeva and sister Srimati Subhadra Devi, graced the residents of Jacksonville Beach, Florida with His seventh annual Ratha Yatra parade on Saturday, May 19, 2012. Well over 1,500 people were in attendance


May 29 2012 Chants, songs and bulrush snack part of monk’s first day on Confederation Trail

By Eric McCarthy

If Bhaktimarga Swami’s (The Walking Monk’s) saffron–coloured robes don’t catch your attention, then maybe the 25 year-old Bluefront Amazon parrot perched confidently on the shoulder of Daruka dasa’s shoulder will


May 27 2012 Bhakti-vaibhava, Vrindavan 2012, August 19 – November 21

Your servants at VIHE: With great pleasure VIHE wishes to invite you to the in-depth, step-by-step, systematic Bhakti-vaibhava course in Vrindavan, running from August 19 - November 21. Srimad-Bhagavatam is "Sri Krsna who has returned among us" and is the "life-breath of the Vaisnava devotees"

May 26 2012 Shastra Dana in Sweden

Mukunda das: Srila Prabhupada wrote to Ajita das 11 July 1973: It is encouraging to me that you are in Stockholm trying to open a center, six of you including your wife. From your letter it appears you have found a nice place for a center there. Yes, we can use everything in Krsna's service and when Krsna gives us a nice big house that does not mean we use it for our eating and sleeping, but we work harder in His service

May 26 2012 A Response to — The Argument for the Tropical Zodiac in Vedic Astrology

By Shyamasundara Dasa

In this response I will focus on the article “The Argument for the Tropical Zodiac in Vedic Astrology” by Laura Barat that you posted. It should be noted well that my response should not be construed as an attack on the tropical system of astrology, I am simply responding to the statements made by the author.


May 25 2012 Beyond the Cessation of Suffering

By Bhakti Raghava Swami

When the young prince Siddhartha, who was later to become Gautama Buddha, first ventured out of the palace, having been overly sheltered in his tender years of childhood and adolescence, he experienced for the first time the shocking truth about life, namely the cruel sufferings related to disease, old age and death


May 25 2012 Sri Sri Radha Govinda Looking for Their Pujari - That might be you?

Kamala Sundari devi dasi: I have recently heard from a Vaishnavi friend - who is the pujari of the beautiful Sri Sri Radha Govinda in Govindadvipa, Ireland… how much they need help in the Pujari Department. At present Sri Sri Radha Govinda have just 2 pujaris, and They are calling for more

May 25 2012 Sankirtan stories

By Yadavendra Das

This morning, the second stop was a small shopping center with only two or three shops open for business. The question on my mind was whether to stop or not to stop. I decided to stop anyway...


May 25 2012 You Can Do It

By Mahatma das

You can become Krishna conscious despite what happened in the past or whatever obstacles you face at present. The key is your belief that this is possible, your intention to succeed, and your dependence on Krishna’s mercy. I see that you want this, but you are concerned, based on past history and your nature, that it might not be possible or that you may fall away from Krishna consciousness again


May 25 2012 Looking for evidence to convince my family that eating eggs is bad for health

Sri Krishna Charan Das: I am an aspiring devotee following all the 4 regulative principals. However, my family does eat eggs. Based on what they read and hear on internet and media around them, they believe it is essential for healthy living. Based on some articles I could find on the internet, they have stopped/reduced eating egg yellow, but continue eating egg white

May 22 2012 Every Nook and Cranny Should be Beautiful”

By Maitreya dasa

Interview with the very meticulous, Radha Vrindabanchandra’s Groundskeeper, Maitreya dasa


May 22 2012 What to do during an eclipse

By Shyamasundara Dasa

The following information about what a temple should do during an eclipse is applicable for both solar and lunar eclipses and can be filed away for future references as there are a minimum of 3-4 eclipses every years with as many as 7 being possible


May 22 2012 Looking for a Job with Devotees

Krishna Culture: This is a very responsible job; our customers will depend on you to receive their orders correctly and safely. The work involves continual lifting, lowering and sliding packages that typically weigh 5 - 10 lbs. and may weigh up to 60 lbs

May 20 2012 2012 european farm conference held at new Vrajamandala 7th to 9th May

By Syamasundara Dasa

This year 25 devotees took part in the farm conference hosted at New Vrajamandala Spain on the 7th to 9th of May 2012. The conference heard a number of presentations on a diverse range of topics: Preserve Business, Wheat grass Juice, Arthritis in Cows and treatments, Compost making with Cow dung and Straw, European Grants, Volunteer Organisations helping on our farms, Financial study of milk Production at New Vrajadhama Hungary, The Bull of Dharma, Toothpaste and skin cream and more


May 19 2012 Srimad-Bhagavatam Vidyapitham

By Matsya Avatara dasa

Srimad-Bhagavata Vidyapitham, the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust's Sanskrit school is now located in Sri Vrindavan after the departure of H.G Gopiparanadhana Prabhu. The school is still going strong under the guidance of senior devotees and is inviting applicants for joining its program at the start of its sixth year of operation on November 21, 2012


May 19 2012 Funny, short video clip to promote our ministry

Manjulali Manjari Sevini dd: We, the ISKCON Congregational Development Ministry, are proud to present to you the premiere of our first video of a series of the program our ministry supports. We hope you enjoy it! Please share it with your friends!

May 19 2012 Happiness’ in Suffering

By Vrndavanlila Devi Dasi

Our cow, Surabhi was lying sick in a helpless state, unable to even stand on her legs. The doctors in the city are good only for treating cats and dogs. Their apathetic treatment had made me rely on the Lord Himself and seek guidance from baba, my father in the law staying in a village in Orissa


May 19 2012 Indian Studies in Cambodia

By Gunaavatara dasa

On 03 April 2012, the Faculty of Archeology of Royal University of Fine Arts organized a seminar on Sanskrit and Bhagavad Gita. It was the first public lecture in the series “Indian Studies in Cambodia”. The program had been conceived in order to promote the Sanskrit learning in Cambodia


May 18 2012 How are we to see Krishna’s hand amidst tragic, premature death of devotees?

By Chaitanya Charan das

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Saraswati Thakura: Give to death that part of you that is ordained to die, and the eternal part of you will remain


May 18 2012 Vultures are gentlemen

Gautam Saha: When I was in school, my class teachers would refer to a boy they considered good or decent as “a perfect gentleman”. Later on in life, at the college going age, I met young ladies of about my own age refer to a young man with good mannerisms and noble conduct as “a perfect gentleman”

May 18 2012 Why such an attitude?

By Gour Gopal Dasa

When a person is alive we choose either not to talk about him or most of the times we talk negative about him, and when the same person leaves the body, we make sure that he/she deserves appreciations. Why such an attitude? Why can’t we be grateful to such devotees for their wonderful service; encourage them to do more or get inspired to do something similar even when they are among us?


May 18 2012 Simantini Devi Installation Ceremony

By Dvijapriya dasi

They day after our annual Nrisimha Chaturdasi festival, we had a special program in Rajapur Jagannath Temple. We are very happy to announce to the whole community of devotees, the completion of construction of a small but very important temple for Srimati Simantini Devi at Sri Jagannath Mandir compound in Rajapur, Sri Mayapur dham.


May 18 2012 The Astrological Newsletter (May 2012)

Patita Pavana das: We are just now in the midst of an EFI or eclipse field of influence. With two imminent eclipses on the horizon Abhaya Mudra Dasi details the coming mischief of Rahu.There is also the first in a series on Modern Mystics of the Hare Krishna Movement our readers are certain to love

May 18 2012 Florence (Italy) Ratha Yatra

Parabhakti das: We are happy to announce that on the 9th June 2012 at 5 pm Their Lordship Sri Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhadra Maharani will have the glorious parade in the center of Florence city spreading mercy and blessings on the devotees and on the fortunate public from all over the world

May 18 2012 A Soul’s Journey

Nimāi Paṇḍita Dāsa: "Are you he or are you she?", oh c'mon, let it be, don't you surmise, don't you guess, 'cause I'm not what you see. (1) Now 'n' then I change my clothes, so you can't recognize, we could've been friends or foes, but now I'm in disguise. (2) Once, I lived for very long in eternal knowledge 'n' bliss

May 16 2012 Save the World - Special Sankirtana Orientation Session (SOS) this Saturday 19 May, at 9 am PST

Team ISV: Learn how to distribute books the fun and easy way! When: Saturday, May 19th, 9am PST Where:

May 16 2012 Air crash devotee disaster–how do we respond?

By Bhakti Madhurya Govinda Goswami

After an evening class I was suddenly informed that a plane crash in Nepal had killed at least six devotees. I was stunned and dismayed on hearing this very sad news. I quickly checked web sites to see any details of the tragedy. I read the brief photo and devotional biography summaries of the "victims". They were all wonderful devotees, having distinguished themselves with glorious devotional service


May 16 2012 2012 Bhakti-sastri course in Vrindavan

By your servants at VIHE

VIHE is heartily inviting all the serious students to our transformational Bhakti-sastri course. Bhakti-sastri course is a systematic study of Srila Prabhupada's books. Srila Prabhupada wanted all of us to deeply study his books, so that we could be better preachers, teachers and, very importantly, achieve a clear understanding and application of the beautiful science of devotional service


May 16 2012 Jewels of Gaura Lila Retreat at Gita Nagari Farm

Ortrun: Join us for a weekend of enlivening sanga, kirtan and katha with HH Radhanath Swami and HH Devamrita Swami. These two esteemed speakers will unfold and reveal the beautiful pastimes of Lord Caitanya and His intimate associates. Emulating the mood and flavor of the world famous Pune Yatra held yearly in India, there will be nonstop, free-flowing mellows of sweet, humble offerings of the heart during this weekend of joyful personal transformation

May 16 2012 “Smart Kids Camp” organized by ISKCON devotees

By Balaramkrishnadas

Situated in Kerala’s(India) scenic Vellani Mountain valley, a newly established Ayurvedic Wellness Center, Rayirath Heritage Ayurvedic Wellness also constructed a thatched shed beneath a walnut tree grove, an 80 seater with a stage, all fully lighted and finished to taste


May 16 2012 Radhanath Swami: True Religion Transforms

Jessica: Since visiting a Hare Krishna temple for the first time and writing about it I have been inspired to look into the Hare Krishna faith more. I have been deeply inspired by Radhanath Swami and have recently listened to one of his lectures. I decided to write an article about one of his lectures on my blog

May 16 2012 Feeding the 5,000

By Parasuram das

..." Funny story I went to the kitchen in Vrindavan and saw these massive pots, the head cook informed me that the pots were too big and they were sending them back to Agra to change them for smaller ones, that was it, it is what you call Krishnas arrangement."


May 14 2012 Daytona Beach Festival of Chariots

Nartaka Gopala dasi: Attached please find our media release and poster for the 4th Annual Festival of the Chariots and Ratha Yatra Parade in Daytona Beach on Saturday, May 26, 2012

May 14 2012 Jacksonville Beach Festival of Chariots

Nartaka Gopala dasi: Attached please find our media release and poster for the 8th Annual Festival of the Chariots and Ratha Yatra Parade in Jacksonville Beach on Saturday, May 19, 2012

May 12 2012 Leo Tolstoy’s Appeal to Women

Visakha Priya dasi: As stated in the Bible, a law was given to the man and the woman-to the man, the law of labor; to the woman, the law of bearing children. Although we, with our science, avons change tout ca, [have changed all this], the law for the man, as for woman, remains as unalterable as the liver in its place, and departure from it is equally punished with inevitable death

May 12 2012 Homeschooling Krsna’s Children

Kaisori dasi: Many devotee parents are finding that traditional schools do not offer a spiritually nourishing environment for their children, and an increasing number are choosing to homeschool. This guide will help you instill in your children strong Krishna conscious values while giving them a solid academic education

May 12 2012 Sweet memories of His Grace Vishnumurti prabhu

Bhakta Prakash: I first met His Grace Vishnumurti Prabhu in Mombasa Kenya, at the ISKCON Temple in 1989. He was taking care of the Gift shop. Every evening after his business, he would be there regularly day in and day out till 9 pm. I liked him the very first time I met him
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