Jun 30 2012 Sri Jagannath Rathayatra Festival 2012 in Karangasem, Bali

By Hari Narayana Das

As the morning sun rose in the east, the birds chirping and the trees touched by the cool breeze, sung in joy welcoming the great festival of the Lord of the Universe, Lord Jagannatha’s Rathayatra festival in Bali


Jun 30 2012 Opening of “Higher Taste” in Tallahassee

Subuddhi Krishna das: Iskcon of Tallahassee has been serving "Krishna Lunch" at the Florida State University for more than fifteen years. Now we have opened our first restaurant and boutique right near the downtown. It is called "Higher Taste" and it serves prasadam and has all natural fabric clothing for all and book

Jun 30 2012 Cook of Indian Style Food for Iskcon of Tallahassee

Subuddhi Krishna das: Iskcon of Tallahassee is looking for a devotee cook for our newly opened food outlet “Higher Taste”

Jun 30 2012 Hare Krishna Summer Camp in Krishnaisland

Krishnaisland: Hare Krishna summer camp coming soon. Whoever feels inspired to learn how to follow Srila Prabhupada strictly and engage in the missionary activities of saving the whole world by distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books and taking care of those who read them and become devotees, DO NOT MISS this great opportunity

Jun 29 2012 ISKCON Coventry’s Janmastami Festival and fund raising event

Anuragi dd: Not to be missed! ISKCON Coventry is well known for the Ratha Yatra Kirtans, but there is another excellent side to this Yatra, writing and performing traditional and modern dramas

Jun 29 2012 Vendors, Mendhi Artists, Face Painters, Happy Souls are Invited to NV Rathayatra_July 21st

Malati dasi: Vendors, Mendhi Artists and Face Painters are all welcome (no fee)! Disciples of Srila Prabhupada Welcomed (call ahead for accommodation)! Happy souls are invited to increase the bliss by pulling Lord Jagannath's Rath Cart!

Jun 28 2012 The British Undermined and Defeated India by Opening Slaughter House’s

Satyahit das : By spreading the beef eater culture they divided and conqured India. The following are excerpts from Dr Sahadev dasa's book, "The Noble Cow"., page 22 and 23. "When the British colonized India, they studied India throughly to keep her under subjugation

Jun 28 2012 Photos from the 2012 London Ratha Yatra - Part 2!

David: Please find below a further selection of photographs from the 2012 London Ratha Yatra

Jun 28 2012 NEW BOOK Advancements of Ancient India’s Vedic Culture

Sri Nandanandana dasa: A few years ago I did an extensive lecture tour at over 70 different institutions, mostly colleges and universities of India, with a few corporations as well, mostly in the western part of India. In some of these places we had to show no sign of devotional clothing, nor present any kind of spiritual topics

Jun 28 2012 Grand Celebration of Jagannath Rath Yatra 2012 in Bangalore, India

By Bh.Prashant

Hundreds of devotees assembled at Sri Puttalingaiah Play Ground, Padmanabhanagar to take blessings of their Lordships Jagannath, Baladeva and Subhdra Mayi seated on beautifully decorated chariot


Jun 28 2012 Srila Prabhupada’s books for prison libraries in South Africa

By Hemant & Aditi

The Sastra Dana project of BBT Africa is rolling out a programme to place Srila Prabhupada's books in the 242 prisons in South Africa. Our long-term aim is to ultimately cover all prisons throughout the African continent


Jun 28 2012 Aindra prabu’s disappearance day

Varun Gogna: Today marks the second year of Sripad Aindra prabhu’s departure back to the spiritual world. I have made this video as an offering to him as well as for the Vaisnavas worldwide to take inspiration from

Jun 28 2012 Tracing Effects To Their Causes

By Vaishnava Das

I believe there is a general unease within society that stems from the inability to understand the cause of things. In The Wealth Of Nations, Adam Smith spoke of an “invisible hand” said to guide macro economic development. As society has become more complex, the separation between the cause and the effect has become ever more obscure to the point that today it truly is invisible


Jun 28 2012 Where does the ISKCON group in Santa Fe meet regularly or periodically?

Syamala Hari: where does the ISKCON group in Santa Fe meet regularly or periodically?

Jun 28 2012 Invitation for the Singapore Ratha Yatra

Bhagawan Damodara Dasa: This is a special invitation to your goodself to join the Singapore Ratha Yatra which will be held on 8 July 2012 (Sunday). The procession begins at about 4.30pm to 8.30pm at Toa Payoh Stadium

Jun 28 2012 Book distribution stories

By Yadavendra Das

Today, July 1st I have purchased one copy of Bhagavad-Gita As Is It from a travelling sales person from the Hare Krishna Movement. I am delighted about this acquisition and I am inviting you to buy a copy too. It is such a famous, well-read and useful book. Thank you very much. Hare Krishna!


Jun 28 2012 Marriage Mail for ISKCON Devotees

Patita Pavana das: For the Krishna conscious man and wife who are joined together in a sacred union based upon mutual respect and service to Shri Guru and Gauranga, life can be a very wonderful adventure together

Jun 28 2012 “Get the 20%” for Bhaktivinoda Thakur

By Raxit Jariwalla

Here is a summary of the final results from the Bhaktivinoda Thakur MSF that were offered during his disappearance day celebration held at the ISV temple on Tuesday, June 19th


Jun 27 2012 Thirty first annual Jagananath Rathayatra Mahotsav @ Baroda

By Basu Ghosh Das

On the auspicious day of “aashaadh shukla dvitiya” (the second ay of the waxing fortnight of the month of “aashaadh” in the Hindu calendar – “aashadi beej” in Gujarati), ISKCON Baroda organized for the thirty-first consecutive time the Jagannath Rathayatra (mahotsav) festival


Jun 27 2012 The Psychology of Freewill

By Bhakti Raghava Swami

Are we free to act or are we forced to act due to destiny? To what extent are we able to exercise our freedom? What exactly constitutes free will and freedom? If everything is pre-destined according to the laws of nature, what is the meaning or purpose of desire?


Jun 27 2012 Seeking a Divisional Director of Strategic Planning

By GBC Strategic Planning Committee

Strategic planning is a vital part of any organization wanting to effectively reach its long-term objectives. Every world-class organization therefore employs a strategic planner to guide it past obstacles and inefficiencies and help it achieve its overall mission and goals. Large or small, organizations employ these professionals to provide themselves with valuable strategies for current and future growth.


Jun 27 2012 Archbishop of Canterbury receives Bhagavad Gita As It Is

By Vidura Das

On 25th May 2012, Hari das and Vidura das from ISKCON Coventry along with their special guest Pundarik Goswami of the Radharaman Temple in Vrindavan were invited to attend the Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary) celebrations of Coventry Cathedral. Amongst the many distinguished guests were Princess Anne and The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Dr Rowan Williams


Jun 27 2012 Bill Clinton Gets a Bhagavad-gita

By Sankarshan Das

On Thursday 14 June 2012 ISKCON devotee, Bhakta Brian, dressed as a devotee, was out distributing books on a crowded sidewalk on Santa Monica Boulevard in Santa Monica, California when all of a sudden former US President Bill Clinton chose him out of the crowd, walked up to him, shook his hand, and gave him a warm hug. Listen now to an interview with Bhakta Brian how he gave the Bhagavad-gita to this world famous celebrity


Jun 26 2012 Nectar of Instruction eCourse

BhaktiLife.org: BhaktiLife.org invites you to join our next eCourse on The Nectar of Instruction, from July 9 - August 5, 2012. The Nectar of Instruction is a guidebook specifically written for devotees, those desiring to live according to the teachings of Lord Caitanya

Jun 22 2012 Service Opportunity (Voluntary)

Radhakanta das: Project: Serving young devotees and aspiring devotees. Services described below. This is a voluntary post. Benefits include accommodation, ample prasadam, and basic needs. 2 vacancies have been created for this post.

Jun 22 2012 The 41st Kolkata Rath Yatra organized by Iskcon

By Sugata Banerjee

To give the event a flavor of Russia, the theme was ‘Hare Krishna movement in Russia.’ It was selected to highlight the Russian Vaishnava movement and their glorious struggle for Krishna Bhakti, said Radharaman Das, General Manager, Iskcon


Jun 22 2012 Bhaktivedanta Academy Job Announcement

Visvambhara das: The Bhaktivedanta Academy is a Krishna-centered educational institution located in Alachua, Florida. We serve Pre-K thru 6th grade students via a spiritually based Montessori educational model, which focuses on the development of the whole child

Jun 22 2012 A new book distribution website

Vijaya das: I have good news: The devotees at 'ISKCON desire tree' have launched a new book distribution website called ISKCONbookdistribution.com It's very nicely done with videos, seminars on book distribution, screen savers in relation to bd, and of course the stories

Jun 22 2012 Looking for seva (service) opportunity inside the temple

Van Gagda: A retired person looking for seva opportunity inside the temple. 1 following krishna consciousness from home since 1981. First initiation 1987 2 familiar with all services of temple,but not expert of any department. 3 originally from india, lived in usa and canada over forty years 4 expect only accomodation and prasadam from temple

Jun 22 2012 Gomata- Indigenous Cow or Exotic Cow?

By Vrndavanlila Devi Dasi

This celestial cow is the mother of the entire universe [matrah sarva bhutanam / gavah sarv sukh prada], she can sustain the complete creation, she is dharma herself, in the form of milk she provides “liquid religiosity”, just by her service one attains dharma, artha, kama and moksha.


Jun 21 2012 Mayapur Jhulan Yatra 2012

MayapurJhulan: Each year the Mayapur Vaisnava Youth organize the Jhulan Yatra festival for the pleasure of Sri Sri Radha Madhava under the guidance of H.G. Jananivas Prabhu and H.G. Pankajanghri Prabhu. The festival runs for five days and this year will herald the 26th Anniversary in Mayapur

Jun 20 2012 Sri Anasuya Vidyamandala - Education for Girls in Sridham Mayapur

By Bhaktivedanta Academy

A beautiful snapshot of a unique school for girls in Sri Mayapur Dhama - the Anasuya Vidyamandala. A short film directed by Deva Gaura Hari Das


Jun 20 2012 Job available at Govinda’s in Swansea, UK

Danda-krt dasa: We have a full time Waitress / Waiter job available at our Govinda's restaurant in Swansea, UK. There is accommodation available very close to the restaurant, and also our temple is situated above the restaurant

Jun 20 2012 Baladeva Vidyabhusana Project

Dr. Demian Martins: The first phase of the Baladeva Vidyabhusana Project was highly successful and digital copies of nearly 90 editions of Srila Vidyabhusana’s books were acquired, including some important manuscripts

Jun 20 2012 The Shyamantaka Jewel in Bhubaneswar

By Gunacuda Dasi

Students from Sri Mayapur International School travelled to Odisha in May to perform at the Chandan Yatra festival at ISKCON Bhubaneswar Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Mandir. The 38 children, aged between 5 and 14 ,performed bhajans, dances , a mridanga presentation and finally the drama of The Shyamantaka Jewel


Jun 20 2012 Cidha-dadhi Mahotsava, Bali Indonesia

By Hari Narayana das

The venue of the festival was the Gedong Gandhi Asram, Candidasa beach, Amlapura regency, Bali, Indonesia. The festival was done on Sunday june 3, 2012. The devotees with enthusiasm prepared the venue the day before the festival day by decorating the altar for the festival


Jun 18 2012 Photos from the 2012 London Ratha Yatra

David: Please find below some photos from the 2012 London Ratha Yatra by several of our photographers

Jun 18 2012 Happy Father’s Day

By Giriraja Swami

We are indebted to all our fathers, biological and preceptorial. To those still with us, wish you Happy Father’s Day. To those who have left us, we love you and miss you, and we shall try to act in such a way as will please you—and Krsna, the Supreme Father


Jun 18 2012 Prabhupada, Problems, and Japa

By Tejiyas dasa

Srila Prabhupada’s disciple Tejiyas dasa sent me this remembrance, and I thought to share it with you. –Giriraj Swami


Jun 17 2012 A Fish out of Water

Parasuram das: If you're a fish stay in the water, if you're a spirit soul stay in devotional service!
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