Sep 30 2012 Report and pictures from the Sadhu Sanga festival, South Russia

By Basu Ghosh das

The festival consisted of kirtans, Srimad Bhagavatam lectures, and specific topical seminars presented by various senior ISKCON devotees


Sep 30 2012 As soon as there is comet, there will be some disaster

By Vaishnava Das

An interesting set of articles caught my eye this past week which I thought I would share with the devotee community. I believe that a sober analysis can be made, drawing upon economic, political, religious, and historical data, that would suggest increased turbulence in the world leading ultimately to war


Sep 30 2012 Next in Line

Shambhu das: I first would like to offer my obeisances again and again unto my friend and godbrother, Sikhi Mahiti das prabhu and all the devotees at New Talavan sanga for helping to create a transcendental atmosphere for Srimam Ramakeli prabhu's glorious departure from this world

Sep 30 2012 My Recollections of Ramakeli Prabhu

By Shyamasundara dasa

Last Monday, September 24, 2012 was the 36th anniversary of the day I first met Ramakeli Prabhu. I vividly recall it, because it was the day I surrendered to Srila Prabhupada


Sep 30 2012 Vaisnava Sraddha

Shyamasundara Dasa: In view of the recent passing of several senior Vaisnavas with more expected in coming years we thought it appropriate to post this text regarding how to properly observe Sraddha according to Gaudiya Vaisnava Siddhanta

Sep 30 2012 Miracles of Banke Bihari temple Vrindavan

By Aniruddha sowale

This a story of an old lady who told how Shri Banke Bihari ji helped her. Old lady would offer cold water to devotees in Vrindavan Parikrama. She was often seen crying and singing songs of Krishna


Sep 30 2012 Sri Visvarupa Mahotsava - Sept 29, 2012 (For India Sept 30, 2012)

By jaya vijaya das

Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Maharaja states in his commmentary (CB Adi 7.96) regarding who Sri Visvarupa is: “Sri Visvarupa Prabhu is Sankarsana and is therefore nondifferent from Sri Nityananda Svarupa


Sep 30 2012 Lo and Behold

By Indradyumna Swami

Victory! Victory! Victory! I behold something wonderful: all the inauspiciousness of the living entities is destroyed, no one is going to hell, Yamaraja has no more work to do and the effects of Kali-yuga have ceased to exist. This is because all over the world an increasing number of Lord Visnu’s devotees are singing His names while dancing and playing musical instruments


Sep 29 2012 You woudn’t have this happen to you if you went to Govinda’s :-)

Samosa das: Sid Caesar Performs Health Food Restaurant with Howard Morris, Imogene Coca, and Carl Reiner

Sep 28 2012 Navadvipa Dhama and Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama

By Bhakti Purusottama Swami

On the most auspicious day of Srila Bhaktivinoda's appearance, we are very delighted to introduce you to ISKCON Mayapur's new website on its annual Navadvipa Mandala Parikrama


Sep 28 2012 Sri Lankan No 1 Women Sport Star Receives Singhalese Bhagavad- gita As It Is

By bh. Mohan

The day before elections we set a book stall in Laksmi Narayana Temple in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. All of a sudden the crowd became excited seeing famous athletic Olympic medallist and ex. world record holder in running Mrs. Susanthika Jayasingha entering the Temple


Sep 28 2012 The Wonder Of Creation – A Concise Vedic Perspective

Gautam Saha: At a particular point in time, the Lord created the basic material ingredients ( mahat tattva ) which was allotted a certain space in the original spiritual sky. Into this, He injected the countless living entities ( jivas ), who had all previously desired to enjoy matter separately from Him

Sep 28 2012 Ilford Ratha Yatra

Parasurama das: This is the last Rathayatra festival this year in the UK and it is sure to be one of the best. It is the very first Rathayatra in East London

Sep 28 2012 WSN August 2012 - World Sankirtan Newsletter

By Mayapur-sasi Dasa

For the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada this page contains the following results for the month of August 2012


Sep 27 2012 Short film on Global Village Initiative Committee

Bharat Chandra Dasa: Kindly watch the film on "Global Village Initiative Committee" at ISKCON Leadership Sangha

Sep 27 2012 The Astrological Newsletter (Sept 2012)

Patita Pavana das: Please find the latest edition of The Astrological Newsletter attached.This issue focuses upon the most important aspect of astrology for Vaishnavas, the lunar calendar

Sep 27 2012 MIllion Dollar Krishna Wall update 9/25/12 : 134 Tiles Gone, Expected Collection: $268K

Damodara Vamsidhari Das: With Kind Blessings from His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu and His Holiness Radhanath Swami Maharaj, we had a miracle at ISV on day of Sri Radhaastmi

Sep 27 2012 World Holy Name Week 2012

By Divyanam Das

After a blissful celebration of Sri Radhashtami, there is yet another big opportunity coming up to please Srimati Radharani and Srila Prabhupada; World Holy Name Week (WHNW) 2012 - September 28th to October 7th


Sep 27 2012 Sriman Ramakeli das Passed Away

By Sikhi Mahiti das

As he began to fade from this world he was calling out to Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur. He said, "Bhaktivinode... I'm ready to go..." I whispered in his ear "Please go... you have completed your service here... Srila Prabhupada and Krsna are waiting for you somewhere...


Sep 25 2012 Urgently needed - a Key Stage 3 English teacher and a Key Stage 4 Chemistry teacher

Editor: Urgently needed - a Key Stage 3 English teacher and a Key Stage 4 Chemistry teacher for the Sri Mayapur International School

Sep 25 2012 Final Results From The Radhastami MSF 2012

By Rasika-sekhara dasa

The Monthly Sankirtana Festival (MSF) of Improving Devotional Skills, which took off soon after Janmastami and was officially conducted during the first two weeks of September, was concluded today on Radhastami and the final results offered on this auspicious day to Srila Prabhupada and their Lordships at the ISV temple in San Jose


Sep 25 2012 Nanda Mataji Departs

Avnish Panday: Nanda Mataji , a Very senior disciple of H.H.Hridayanand Maharaj , passed away on 21 st september on the holy appearance day of lalita sakhi

Sep 24 2012 Yamuna Film

By Madayanti dasi

New film and latest article from the Save the Yamuna campaign


Sep 22 2012 Change

By Mahatma Das

When devotees look at their obstacles to advancement in Krsna consciousness, they sometimes doubt whether they will ever be able to overcome all of them. It is easy to become discouraged and thus feel it may not even be worth praying to overcome obstacles


Sep 22 2012 Appreciations and Memories of Mother Isa

By Syamarupa dasa

In light of this, and the many words of appreciation for Mother Isa devi dasi which devotees have communicated, we would like to extend an opportunity for those who would like to share their memories and appreciations for her


Sep 22 2012 Objectivism and Vaishnavism: A Comparative Study

By Jambavan Dasa

Despite differences in these two philosophies, Objectivists and Vaishnavas do share much in common. Engaging in dialogue and opening up a channel of communication will only help these two schools of thought to mutually benefit from each other and thus provide their respective practitioners with greater understanding so that they can pursue and realize the fulfillment of their self-interest


Sep 22 2012 Giving You a Choice

Su-gita Vani devi dasi: Last year the Mayapur Institute launched the Bhakti-pravesa Course to address and serve the needs of ISKCON’s Vaisnavis according to the understandings Srila Prabhupada so lovingly imparted to us

Sep 22 2012 Glorious passing away of Srimati Nanda Devi Dasi

Pancagauda Dasa: The glorious & peaceful passing of Srimati Nanda Devi Dasi, disciple of His Holiness Hridayananda Goswami took place on the auspicious day of Lalita Sakhi’s Appearance in Sri Vrindavana Dham at 1:47pm in the afternoon

Sep 22 2012 Mayapur Academy - Diploma in Arcana

Gopaladeva Dasa: Are you looking to develop brahminical knowledge, values, skills and qualities? The Mayapur Academy can help you through the wide range of subjects offered in the Diploma of Arcana Course

Sep 22 2012 Radhastami Celebrations

By Krishna Balaram temple

23rd September, is the glorious celebration of a special event, although it occurs annually. Every year it fills the hearts of the devotees with effervescent joy – The build up to another year of pomp and festivity, and of course, the unparalleled flow of unalloyed compassion that just drowns everyone in an ocean of bliss! What is this? It is the glorious festival of Radhastami


Sep 20 2012 “Million Dollar Wall” for Krishna, report as of 9/18/12

Damodara Vamsidhari Das: With blessings of His Grace Vaisesika Prabhu and more recently by His Holiness Radhanath Swami, i am pleased to announce that we have sold around 76 Tiles by last Sunday

Sep 20 2012 Apartments for Purchase: Food for Life Vrindavan

Rupa Raghunatha dasa: In mid-2011 Food for Life Vrindavan began construction on a new block of offices to accommodate their operations

Sep 20 2012 Prayer Request For Ramakeli Dasa (ACBSP)

Bhushaya Dasa: We are requesting all Vaisnavas and well wishers world wide of Ramakeli prabhu and family, to pray for prabhu's swift and easy transition to Srila Prabhupada's lotus feet

Sep 19 2012 National child protection training conducted in india

By Gandhari devi dasi

The positive feedback from the seminar attendees is very encouraging, knowing that concerted efforts will be undertaken by these devotees to assist preventing abuse as well as appropriately attending to disclosures of acts of abuse


Sep 19 2012 New Vrindaban’s 1st Festival of Colors a huge success

By Lilasuka dasi

There were over 1,080 people who came through. This resulted in large, exuberant crowds of happy, dancing, singing, color-throwing participants


Sep 19 2012 Scholars praise new ISKCON documentary

By Radha Mohan Das

A Documentary Film about Faith was shown at the annual British Association for the Study of Religions (BASR) conference, which was held at Winchester University on Thursday evening 6th September


Sep 19 2012 Talk about taking your doctor’s advice seriously!

By Jacquie Dufresne

I met the most interesting person in the office on Monday morning. His name is Bhaktimarga Swami and he is a Hare Krishna Monk from a monastery in Toronto who is walking across Canada


Sep 19 2012 Bali 24 Hour Kirtan 2012

Ravinjaya: The Island of the Gods, Bali, Indonesia welcomes you all to join us for the 24 Hour Kirtan this year! From the 29th till the 30th of September 2012

Sep 16 2012 NASN August 2012 - North American Sankirtan Newsletter

By Mayapur-sasi Dasa

For the pleasure of Srila Prabhupada this file contains the following North American results for the month of August


Sep 16 2012 An eventful & ecstatic month for Bangalore Congregation

By Premadata Gaura Das

With some of the ecstatic devotional experiences in this past one month devotees are in upbeat mood and continuing their devotional service. We all pray that each year we serve the Lord in the similar way

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