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By Vijaya Dasa

Now, for a nice little experience I recently had: The universities are open again, so I'm distributing there. These places have become sacrificial arenas, since so many books have been distributed at them. I distributed one to a student who was interested in finding out what I had presented to him

September 1, 2012 -- 3,924 views
By New Talavana Communications

ISKCON New Orleans temple has been without electrical power since Tuesday. They have one generator that provides some lights. The devotees did not evacuate and are faithfully serving the temple deities. The temple suffered some roof damage

September 1, 2012 -- 1,005 views
BLR Correspondent: the following email from the Legal Office showed up in my inbox today telling of yet another in a long string of setbacks for Madhu Pandit...
September 1, 2012 -- 3,164 views