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Grenade suspects

Saturday, 26 August 2006 / Published in News / 14,054 views


Online edition of India’s National Newspaper Friday, Aug 18, 200

New Delhi: Outlawed militant group Kanglei Yawol Kanna Lup (KYKL) is suspected to be behind Wednesday’s blast at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) complex in Imphal, a senior Union Home Ministry official said here on Thursday.

Though none has claimed responsibility for the grenade blast, which claimed four lives and left 66 injured, the hand of this outfit is suspected, he said.

The Meitei militant group, KYKL, which was formed over a decade ago, has been indulging in extortions. It is said to have demanded a hefty amount from the ISKCON’s chief priest.

Refusal to pay led to the lobbing of “Chinese-make hand grenades” when the shrine was teeming with Janmasthami devotees, the official said. Centre in touch with State

He said the Centre was in constant touch with the Manipur Chief Secretary and Director General of Police and reviewing the situation from time to time.

In Imphal Manipur Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh visited the injured in the hospital and enquired about their treatment.

Commenting on the security measures, he said it was not possible to provide adequate security to all temples since Janamashtami was being celebrated in all the temples across the State.

“This is our religious function. Not only ISKCON, most of the temples celebrated it. But how can we provide each and every temple adequate security. It’s just not possible,” he said. He said the militants who carried out the attack were yet to be identified but search was on. The Government would foot the entire medical bill of the victims.

“I went to pray along with my children. I did not know what happened. I was standing far behind when the explosion took place in front of me. I was with my four children when something came and hit me on my neck. Afterwards I fell down and was not able to speak,” said Shublata, a victim. — PTI, ANI

3 Responses to “Grenade suspects”

  1. Suresh das says :

    We need to examine the big picture behind this incident. We need to study the true motives behind the actions of others, to perhaps understand Lord Krishna’s plan for us. We need to study past history, geography, and the political situation, as well as forecast the potential future for the region where our Manipur temple is located.

    What is KYKL’s true interest? On the surface they state their intent is to raise funds to help the poor. Then why resort to such violent means as blowing up a temple and its innocent devotees and congregation who are also dedicated to helping the poor?

    KYKL has been attacking organizations, businesses, and private individuals on a regular basis over the past decade. Might KYKL’s true motive be to attack all persons the organization feels are aliens to the Manipur state (Indians and foreigners), and to make their lives hellish enough that they will all leave Manipur. KYKL might be trying to create an unlivable situation like present day Kashmir, with constant war and strife, in the tug of war for land there by Pakistan and China to the detrement of India. KYKL’s real motive might be to establish a free and sovereign state separate from India, rather than their pretentious mission of helping the poor.

    KYKL is suspected of being supported and aided by Myanmar (Burma) to the East and China to the North. What is the possible motivation and interest in Manipur for these two countries? What purpose might be served by the weakening of the government of Manipur? India is separated and isolated from Manipur by Eastern Pakistan. Myanmar might be interested in expanding its rogue empire by acquiring the Manipur state to the west, along with other states in the region such as Nagaland, and Assam. For this reason it has purportedly been providing weapons to separatist organizations such as KYKL.

    Is China planning to annex Manipur like it annexed Tibet? Tibet had no standing army to oppose China, so it was overrun. As a result its people now live in exile, its temples and places of worship are all smashed. An iron hand now rules what was once the beautiful, and holy land of Tibet. The name “Tibet” can no longer even be found on maps of the region. Besides the people who were murdered, countless wild animals were slaughtered, and the natural beauty of the land was devastated, according to the Dalai Lama.

    Perhaps Lord Krishna wishes us to stand and fight for His land, and to preserve and nurture Vedic Culture in Manipur. His plan may be for the Manipur State to not fall into the hands of Godless atheists and demons. Perhaps this is what Lord Krishna desires for us, and why He allowed such a terrible incident to take place.

    In Krishna’s feature as Time, history and social change marches on. We have the opportunity, at this time, to play a part in the change of social history, for the benefit of Bhakti Yoga, and to become an instrument in Lord Krishna’s plans.

  2. ykd108 says :

    Well, it seems that now is the time for getting some vaishnava ksatriyas in line!!
    In ISKCON, we have the tendency to endlessly talk about varansrama, without much fruition. This attack on our ISKCON Manipura Temple indicates that we, as a society, should start seriously thinking about promoting (at very least) the vows, values and training of ksatriyas. Sooner or later, we will have to.

  3. Suresh das says :

    Apparently when temple management in Manipur was ordered by the KYKL to pay their extortion demands, instead of paying they appealed to local authorities for protection. Local security forces refused to give protection to the temple on the plea that there are too many Hindu Temples in Manipur to protect. Unfortunately the local security authorities are most likely under the control of KYKL. It was like the devotees were appealing to the Taliban for protection from Al Qaeda.

    Many political elections in Manipur are rigged and controlled by KYKL. No one can run for office without paying KYKL an “election fee”. If anyone tries to circumvent the fee they are murdered, or threatened so greatly, that they drop out of the race. We must assume then that many politicians, as well as security forces in Manipur, at this time, are under KYKL control, or greatly influenced by KYKL. Therefore the devotees should not expect much in the way of justice, or efforts by the local authorities or political leaders to solve this crime, what to speak of find the perpetrators and punish them.

    In Manipur the Hindu population is a minority. The Manipur temple is located in KYKL territory. ISKCON leadership worldwide has chosen to favor the Indian (Hindu) population. Therefore we should expect and be prepared to be attacked by anyone who an enemy of Hinduism, and we should not be surprised when such events happen.

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