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Diksa and Siksa only from Iskcon?

Monday, 05 December 2011 / Published in Blog thoughts / 2,030 views

Sankarshan Dasa: Dear Editors;
Hare Krsna Please accept my most humble obeisances
All glories to Guru/Gauranga and Srila Prabhupada

Sometime back there was a article about the concept of Siksa Guru and one must only take diksa or siksa from within Iskcon. Which I think is not supported by shastra. I think HH Sivaram Swami supported this idea that Siksa only from Iskcon. But here is a shastric reference to refute that statement he made which I cannot agree.

Srila Prabhupada quotes from Jiva Goswami in Cc Adi 1.35 purp;

“Śrī Jīva Gosvāmī advises that one not accept a spiritual master in terms of hereditary or customary social and ecclesiastical conventions. One should simply try to find a genuinely qualified spiritual master for actual advancement in spiritual understanding.” ( CC Adi 1.35 purp)”

This “Ecclesiastical conventions” means a Guru or person from a society(institution) or from a Head of a society or particular institution. So it seems many in Iskcon are preaching that we must take diksa or siksa from Iskcon etc. Here Srila Prabhupada quotes” “One NOT accept a Spiritual Master”

This “Spiritual Master” includes siksa and diksa.

The word guru is equally applicable to the vartma-pradarśaka-guru, śikṣā-guru and dīkṣā-guru (Cc Madhya-lila 8.128 purp)

So this quote alone is enough to refute all those statement made that one must take diksa or siksa from Iskcon. In reality one should not put institution as a criteria for searching out a Spiritual Master diksa or siksa

“Śrīla Narottama dāsa Ṭhākura advises, sādhu-śāstra-guru-vākya, hṛdaye kariyā aikya. The meaning of this instruction is that one must consider the instructions of the sādhu, the revealed scriptures and the spiritual master in order to understand the real purpose of spiritual life. Neither a sādhu (saintly person or Vaiṣṇava) nor a bona fide spiritual master says anything that is beyond the scope of the sanction of the revealed scriptures. Thus the statements of the revealed scriptures correspond to those of the bona fide spiritual master and saintly persons.” (C.C. Adi 7.48)

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Your servant

Sankarshan Dasa

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