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Sri Isopanisad eCourse – 2012 by

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,888 views

Dhruva Maharaja dasa: When an author writes a book, the title reveals its contents. This is how an author informs his readers what topics he’s written about.

Sri Isopanisad was one of the first books Srila Prabhupada translated after arriving in the United States, and he explained the title means “knowledge which brings one closer to the Supreme.”

There is no knowledge or information more important than “knowledge which brings one closer to the Supreme.” So much information is exchanged daily between people all over the world, but unfortunately very little is known about the Supreme and our relationship with him.

If you would like to study “knowledge which will bring you closer to the Supreme” we invite you join our Sri Isopanisad online eCourse from January 9 – February 12. This five week course is taught by two of Srila Prabhupada’s initiated disciples, Dhruva Maharaja dasa and Samapriya dasi, and includes an audiobook of the text, audio and video clips of Srila Prabhupada’s lectures on specific topics in the text, graphic art to help illuminate various concepts, audio chanting of the mantras in both Sanskrit and English, practical assignments for participants to complete, open forums for discussions or questions, and personal guidance from teachers.

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