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GITA in Russia

Tuesday, 20 December 2011 / Published in Blog thoughts / 1,972 views

Nitaisevini Devi Dasi: All glories to Srila Prabhupad! All glories to Bhagvad Gita!

Definitely they won’t be able to ban Gita, but the good part is that last few days Srila Prabhupads name, Bhagvad gita and ISKCON is in all the newspapers and Media channels. The regional Telugu channels in Andhra Pradesh are continuously telecasting this news with more and more details about our temples, activities, Srila prabhupad and our comments on it where we are getting opportunity to preach. In one sense it is advantage for us, all over the world our gita sale will multiply. From Ordinary people to politicians or celebrities who may not have ever opened a gita in their life to read are talking about nothing but Gita last few days. In fact it is a human tendency that if something is banned (going to be banned) they want to read it all the more.

Our devotee’s are distributing more Gita than usual…;)

Your servant, Nitaisevini dd ISKCON Visakhapatnam

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