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HG Devarsi Prabhu enters into nitya-lila

Thursday, 22 December 2011 / Published in Obituary / 2,154 views With great sadness, ISKCON Mayapur community devotees deeply mourn the departure of HG Devarsi Prabhu. A long time resident of Mayapur, although originally from Spain, Prabhu left his body at 2:30pm in Krishnanagar yesterday (21st Dec) on the auspicious Ekadasi day, following a severe attack of tuberculosis. He was in the ambulance on the way to Kolkata when he was not able to breathe any more. Hrimati mataji, who was attending to him, was loudly chanting Hare Krishna while he was leaving. While being transported to Krishnanagar Devarsi prabhu had asked that his tulasi mala be put around his neck, and his shilas placed on his body.

His life exemplified the ideal saintly way of living, and as a devoted brahmana, he was always giving good council and advise for the welfare of all. His “simple living and high thinking” always inspired whoever had the great fortune of meeting and associating with him. He loved to care for cows, he had one cow named Surabhi whom just recently had a calf named Jumpi. They have been given to our Goshala to be cared for now. We request everyone to pray for his destination to Lord Krsna’s lotus feet. The cremation took place at the Ganga ghat today at 11 a. m. with harinam Sankirtan.

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