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Food Yoga

Thursday, 22 December 2011 / Published in Announcements / 3,335 views

By Vaidehi Rajani

Dear Prabhu

Please accept my most humble obeisance’s, All glories to Shrila Prabhupad.

Firstly I wanted to express my heart felt gratitude for all of your endeavours in producing this wonderful resource for the devotees and to all your wonderful preaching activities.

Many have been so inspired by your endeavours and have taken to the path of devotional service.

In the UK we are working on a new initiative for devotees new and old; and it’s all about prashadam.

We are not always able to give and honour prashadam to a mass of devotees to the extent to which we may desire due to the strains and time constraints we all have living in the west. For this reason and as a service and dedication to His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad we present to you Food Yoga.

Food Yoga is a forum all about Krsna Prashadam, where devotees can share their own and take recipes from a central web based source for free…

Not only that but we offer so much more; – philosophical articles about prashadam, its importance and vegetarianism. As well as helping to support new initiatives such as Ahimsa milk. We also hope to start cooking classes around London (and other places around the UK). There will be videos posted in the future which will take devotees through the dynamics of all those dishes they have always wanted to make but just couldn’t quite get right. In totality we are hoping to create an ever expanding online encyclopaedia of prashadam.

This website also serves as a tool for those preaching to new people to help them understand the importance of a vegetarian karma free diet and the importance of prashadam and offering bhoga to the Lord.

I am writing to seek your blessings in this small humble attempt to somehow please Shrila Prabhupad.

I am also writing to you in response from devotees requests for some material from your wedsite. We wanted to create a central source for such information that devotees can easily go to. In order to do this I beg to seek permission so that we may be able to use some material from your website. All reference will be made to its source and we will post all links relating to the original source. We completely understand if you would not like us to use this material and will completely respect your decision in any case.

I very much look forward to hearing from you very soon.

For more information please e mail

Please visit the website and let others know also…

With thanks and heartfelt gratitude

Your servant

Vaidehi Rajani

(On behalf of Food Yoga)

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