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Devarishi’s passing offering

Wednesday, 28 December 2011 / Published in Obituary / 2,191 views

Abhay Charan das: Hare Krishna All glories to Devarishi Prabhu!

Dear Devarishi Prabhu, Please accept my prostrated obeisances.

I should feel guilty for not serving you enough. The last time I met you, was on the 22 of November. On that day, my mother, Hrimati dasi, had cooked up a whole feast with pure cow ghee. Your tone of voice was more intense than usual. You said: “why did you not invite me? I am starving to death here!” I knew you really meant it, because you looked so skinny and for some reason your feet had puffed up. You definitely were going through some bodily difficulties. But I was going to play Soccer, then you said that I should not waist my time. I ended up playing any ways and came back in the evening You were peacefully sitting down in your beautiful bamboo hut. Using the vegetables from your small garden next to the pond, you had made a hot meal of spinach and Subji, along with some mixed nuts. But you told me that you had no time to eat it, until that night, due to various services all day long. In spite of you being so hungry, I was astonished to hear when you asked me if I would like to have some. After I refused, you insisted for me to drink at least some warm Ginger and Licorice tee you had also made. Finally, after you made sure I, your guest, was completely comfortable, than I remember you telling me, that I should not simply live of off Srila Prabhupada’s work, but should try to give more. While you were speaking, you were coughing so much. I wish I would have known whyi.. For some reason, you were telling me so much about the mismanagement and how bad it is. Material education, unnatural living, basically, I never before heard you being so fed up with the material world. Suddenly, in a very blissful mood, you were glorifying the holy name and how you used to attend preaching programs and gather all the children present and have them chant Hare Krishna. You told me that just by chanting Hare Krishna their entire existence was purified. You also mentioned that book distribution is so important. You said that I should just speak friendly and the people will naturally want to see what I have got for them.

In summery I would like to say with sincerity, that you are a true Sadhu, a devotee of Lord Krishna, a lover of His Cows and Mother Nature and a true Bramachari.

Please forgive me if I committed any offence due to my selfishness. I promise that one day I will make a whole big jar of Pure cows ghee for you.

With due respect, Abhay Charan Das

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