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Friday, 30 December 2011 / Published in Ads, Message Board / 2,725 views

Yasoda Suta Das: Hare Krishna,

As you may already know in 2003 the i-Foundation, spotted a glaring need for faith schools which give a universal approach to spirituality as propagated by Lord Chaitanya. The first Krishna Avanti primary school opened in Harrow and has since become an overwhelming success.

Much of the success of the Krishna Avanti family of schools comes from the fact that, there is a big demand for good education that provides a wholesome, spiritual backdrop to the typical material credentials.

At Krishna Avanti in Harrow, students gather every morning at 8:00am for ‘collective worship’ of Krishna Balarama in the school’s custom-made temple. They greet the Deities, then take turns leading kirtan chanting and playing instruments.

On the academic side, children study Sanskrit and Bhagavad-gita philosophy, while ‘thematic learning’ is integrated into national curriculum subjects such as literacy, numeracy, or science.

More practical activities include doing yoga as part of their physical education routine, while each classroom has its own garden patch with flowers, vegetables and fruits, which the children are responsible for cultivating. Krishna Avanti is also the only state-funded vegetarian school, with heart-healthy, fresh food cooked on site and always incorporating something the children have grown themselves.

The success of Krishna Avanti has prompted the need for more such schools. iFoundation are therefore looking for enthusiastic, passionate and driven professionals to take up various teaching, leadership and support roles throughout the family of schools. This is a unique opportunity for anyone currently in education or considering a career in education. Please see attached pdf for more details and get in touch.

Thank You.

Your Servant,
Yasoda Suta Das

on behalf of iFoundation

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