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Mayapur Chandras

Tuesday, 24 January 2012 / Published in Reports / 2,896 views

By Venu Gopal das

After much anticipation, Mayapur Chandra’s headed by H.G. Naru Gopal prabhu reached Damodardesh on December 27th to welcome in the New Year with a 10 day Mayapur Kirtan festival. The days were packed with daily music classes for the local youth. Dasa Avatara das and Radha Kanta das taught a total of 25 students how to play traditional Bengali mridanga beats, while Sri Hari Kanta das taught another 30 students how to play harmonium. Parents expressed a great surprise in seeing their children’s enthusiasm to learn how to play in kirtans.
Mayapur Chandra’s also held a deity worship seminar for more than 60 devotees, where devotees learned how to care and dress their home deities on a daily basis.

Kirtan and bhajans went on daily in the presence of many senior devotees such as HH Jayapataka Swami and Atul Krsna prabhu who was holding Bhakti sastri seminars. Their association increased the presence of Mayapur in Dhamodardesh and created a sweet mood.
Then on New Year’s eve Mayapur Chandra’s held a special kirtan for 5 ½ hours. More than 700 devotees continuously sang and danced in ecstasy throughout that night. After the clock struck 12 the kirtan finally subsided and a beautiful arati ceremony was performed to Sri Sri Krsna Balaram, Sri Jagannath, Baladev, and Subhadra devi, as well as Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. Nrisimha prayers were sung for all the devotees benefit, and everyone expressed their gratitude for the kirtan that night – saying how they felt as if they were directly present in Sri Mayapur dham.
The program ended in Avatari desh with a grand Ratha Yatra festival for Lord Jagannath. There Mayapur Chandra’s lead another 2 hours of kirtan while 2.5 thousand devotees danced and pulled the Lord’s cart around hall. Devotees were seen crying and expressing their appreciation for the kirtans and Sri Mayapur Dham.
The Mayapur Chandra’s would like to express their sincere and deep gratitude to Sri Vallabh prabhu and his whole team for inviting them to Damodardesh and for allowing them to serve the devotees by the performance of sankirtan yajna.

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Sri Mayapur Candrodaya Mandir ki jai!

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