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How to find Krishna conscious photo-albums in Facebook

Sunday, 26 February 2012 / Published in Citraka dasa, Technical goodies / 6,400 views

By Citraka dasa

In internet history first there were the websites made in html, for the experts, up to when, and others started providing free webspace with ready made templates, even for the non experts.

Then it came the php and asp language that significantly increased the functionalities of the web pages, but this was also restricted to few, up to when ready made complete websites became available like php-nuke etc. with all the advanced functions included so that each user could share articles, galleries etc in an easy way.

After that there was the time of the blogs, where the sharing of daily diaries, thoughts and experiences became even easier and wordpress, joomla etc made that possible for every one to enhance their presence on the web.

Still though the majority of people, as also devotees, were not feeling familiar and comfortable enough to get into creating their blog or personal site.
This now is all changed by the arrival of the microbloging platforms like twitter and of course Facebook.

With facebook everybody can share his news, thoughts, articles, photos, videos by only a simple registration and with no other technical knowledge.
Of course such facilities, from our point of view, would still be a great waste of time because unless through this and the rest of life’s engagements attraction for Lord Krishna and Lord Krishna’s message is produced is all useless.

Fortunately devotees from all over the world have, by now, a massive presence, in all these social networks, using them as mass media outlets and guess what they are sharing with friends and all: Krishna consciousness of course!

There is a huge amount of Krishna conscious material that is constantly being uploaded and shared on the web each and every day, even though finding it all and the best of it can be a little tricky but here it is a little hint of how to find Krishna conscious public photo-albums on facebook through Google, without having to be registered or having a profile in it.

Simply insert this in Google’s search page: inurl:set krishna changing the word Krishna with whatever word you are looking for to find photos about.
For example inurl:set Iskcon, inurl:set “Radha Krishna” etc

Quite simple, isnt’it!

Citraka dasa

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