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The Lover Divine Poem – offering to Lord Chaitanya

Thursday, 08 March 2012 / Published in Poetry / 2,002 views

Priyavrata Das: What is that Name — the One of infinite fame?
A name inexplicably — that always remains the same.
Throughout our sojourn — of lives untold,
For millions of births — our soul was sold.

As we happily ignored the signs of light,
Choosing mundane pleasures to illumine our night.
Our determination fixed — in a whirl of misfortune,
Of endless frustration and caverns of soul torture.

Time was our keeper — our constant Master,
Enslaved by lust — our minds just ran faster.
Towards the darkness — of ignorant bliss,
Oh how many opportunities were missed?

And our dear Friend witnessed — our fall from grace,
As we transfixed our minds on a foolish rat race,
Of confusion and doubt in a slurry of fear,
Not knowing our real Lover was all so near.

But alas, our Lover’s grace — unfolds through sound,
A Name so beautiful — and truly profound,
Accessible by all, the Name transcends all bounds,
No other love so powerful — is to be found.

And so I earnestly plea to my friends and foes,
Give up all speculation and all things shallow,
Raise your hands high and bathe in the light,
For the song of God will make all things right.

In this incarnation — I will embrace that Name,
The One that has been gifted by a man not insane,
But a saint of high order — who came to give love,
Golden Avatar Chaitanya — who descended from above.

Sankirtana is the means — to realise your soul,
“There is no other way,” He emphatically told,
Preaching: “unity in diversity” — as His golden rule,
No one excluded — not even the fool.

When spiritual equality — becomes the norm,
That Name will unfold into divine form,
Progressing further — It will manifest quality,
Until that day — chanting embraces lila activity

Your soul enters pastimes — of that Lover Divine,
In a special way — that only you can define,
Individuality will rule — throughout your ascent,
Reaching perfection — is no accident.

That Lover Divine will embrace you — and all will make sense,
Why you fritted away time — and would not relent…
to accept that divine Love — that was always there,
waiting patiently for you — to notice from where…

That Love you so desired — and searched for all around,
Was always within you — encased in pure sound,
The language of the heart — resonating once more,
To the Holy Name of God — a transcendental score.

You embrace that Name now — no regrets this time,
As the humbled soul within — tries to make sense in rhyme,
of the reasons he hesitated and ignored that Name,
Of the Lover Divine — of infinite fame.

– Priyavrata Das

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