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Iskcon Hollow Challenge? (pronounced “holler”)

Sunday, 18 March 2012 / Published in Articles / 3,322 views

By Gadi das

Way back in the deep hills of Tenn. there is a valley…. with a narrow dirt road threw it that connects to 2 paved roads , named Preston Ridge rd and Dry Prong rd. The narrow dirt road is approx one mile long….the legal name of that road is Murari Lane… now your starting to get the picture….

Recently over the past 10 months we have been visited, at least 8 or 9 times, and always without warning, a large black pick up truck, screaming down Murari lane, spinning donuts, and yelling obscenities….loudly… pretty unnerving. Maybe guns are next….??

Well, recently, just 2 weeks ago, they came again on a Sat night…. Screaming down Murari lane….donuts on the grass… obscenities, etc…. well the first thought is “where is our gun, I’m gonna shoot out the tires…etc….well we really don’t have a gun anyway, but the thought is there. And this time they stole our sign… tore it right off its metal base…

Well, the next day, after some uneasy sleep, James heads down to the barn to milk the cows… and he observes the previous evenings high jinks… and lo and behold, a piece of the trucks bedliner come off and had serial numbers, and Chrysler sticker etc… now we know it’s a big black Dodge truck. After some thought, I decided to call the police and lo and behold…I spoke to officer Taylor, (not Andy)… Shane Taylor…who, without much thought, surprisingly said he thought he knew who it was…he just saw a big black Dodge truck downtown… said good morning to the boys….and asked them how the truck got so dirty…”Where ya been,..what ya been doing?, and so forth…. Anyway, officer Taylor came out and picked up the bedliner and began his investigation with the missing bedliner that hopefully goes to that big black Dodge pick up…. Well as is would be, these we not the most intelligent criminals on earth… it happened when they got out to steal the sign, that the drivers report card and a CD with his name on it was lying on the ground… and all the pieces were now in place….no doubt who it was….

The driver, now named Scott, just turned 18 that day and was out to party with some friends, etc….and the “Iskcon Holler challenge” was on the evenings agenda….Now how and where did I get that name from…??? Well, officer Shane Taylor was telling me what he thought might have happened, and then referred to the event as the “Iskcon holler challenge”..which meant, the kids challenge each other to make it from one paved road to the other, traversing the entire farm…. without getting caught or shot etc….While officer Taylor was describing the phenomena, he seemed to know an awful lot about it… So I asked him..”Shane, did you ever take the Iskcon Holler challenge”? Well he turned a bit red and said…” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t”!! We just laughed and his color returned to normal… “Ive been on the force in Lynchburg for 13 years…but yeah,, when I was 17 I took the Iskcon Holler challenge several times.”

Well now we have 3 boys who have never been in trouble before…all popular football stars at the high school etc…and to boot I knew one of the families very well.
The plan was to put a big scare into them…and I did… meeting them at the police station…I said…” Well, this is pretty serious… trespassing, destruction of property, stealing our sign … I’ve got a lot to think about…. I ll be back to you in a couple days”….We watched them in the lobby of the police station for some time… their nerves frayed… fair play I reacon.

I told officer Taylor that I had a plan… I want you to bring them all to Murari lane…to the farm, and I want to meet them and their parents, and have a talk about good and bad behavior, karma, and about our protecting cows and what our purpose and mission is etc. He thought it a good idea… we planned it for 11am Monday morn…

They all showed up with their parents…also a bag of grass seed… and tools to fix the sign, which they brought back. After that we all sat down outside on some chairs and benches, everyone was served Murari sassafras tea and homemade donuts… although the boys seemed to lack some appetite… I spoke to them as was planned and they were all very respectful…(course the sheriff was there), no, they were truly remorseful and genuine, and we made an agreement that I could call on them for doing some work on the farm if and when…. But the topper was that each family received a Bhagavad Gita, Science of Self Realization, and Topmost Yoga… they all promised to read…(of course the sheriff was there)… Everything ended on a great note that Sranti suggested… that we have an “open house in the spring for all of Lynchburg to meet the now not so mysterious Krishnas…” Sally, one of the mothers said it was a great idea and she would help organize it…So…. Alls well that ends well …in “Iskcon Holler.”

Chant the holy names constantly…..thanks for reading,..

your servant, Gadi das


One Response to “Iskcon Hollow Challenge? (pronounced “holler”)”

  1. Prabhava Vigraha das says :

    Very interesting. Thanks for taking the time to put this story online. Your reaction is laudable.

    We cannot react on the same grounds as of stupid behavior to begin with. We have to remain sober and be courageous enough to inject the philosophy as best as we judge appropriate according to time, place, and individuals. A devotee is always in knowledge of Who is in supreme control and Who can make wonders into rendering small events into meaningful ones for the benefit of all concerned. This is the beauty of Krishna consciousness at all times. By Krishna’s mercy, always.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada.

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