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Dandavats! All Glories to Sri Guru and Sri Gauranga!

“Chant loudly from your heart” Mayapur Kirtan Mela- 2012

Sunday, 18 March 2012 / Published in Reports / 6,909 views

By Lakshman das

For photos please go to the link:

On the most auspicious occasion of Gaur Purnima festivals at Sridham Mayapur. Lord Krishna Himself appeared as Lord Caitanya to inundate the whole world with Krishna Prema. ISKCON leaders organized various festivals in Mayapur for one month.

One of them was Four days “Kirtan Mela” which is organized by H.H Sacinandana Swami was the most ecstatic and heart touching. The slogan of Kirtan Mela 2012 Mayapur was “Chant loudly from your heart and feel the ecstasy of the holy name. Raise your hands and surrender yourself to Pancatatva”

H H Saci Nandan Maharaj told on Adivas lecture that Lord Chaitnya takes offerings only from lakhpatis (means one who Chants one lakh (100,000) holy names daily). So, Maharaj requested that everyone should stay and hear and chant in kirtan mela for minimum eight hrs daily for these four days. It takes about 8 hrs to chant one lakh names.

It was organised in Sri PanchaTattva Temple courtyard. There Srila Prabhupada and Namacharchya Haridas Thakur was both side witnessing the Kirtan Mela. From 21st February the Adhivas day and it went on till 25th February.

Following Kirtan leaders sang for 4 days turn by turn: H H Bhakti Caru Swami, H H Lokanath Swami, H H Sacinandan Swami, H H B.B Govinda Swami, H H Indradyumna Swami, H H Bhaktivaibhava Swami, H H Niranjana Swami, H H Radhanath Swami, H G Madhava Prabhu, Mayapuris (HG Biswambhar and Krishna Kishor Prabhus), Mayapur Chandra’s( HG Naru Gopal & Sri Hari Kant Prabhus), HG Amla Harinaam Prabhu, HG Aditi Duhkhaha Prabhu, HG Ajamil Prabhu, HG Nitai Priya Prabhu, HG Jahnavi Devi, HG Haripriya Devi and Other famous musicians.

H H Jaypataka Swami use to hear kirtan and gesturing to dance in ecstasy. Panchattava temple was full of devotees for those 4 days and it was live telecasted thru and more than 15000 was online. Ecstatic dance and singing was going on for 4 days in Panchataava temple.

You may download high quality audio and video of Mayapur Kirtan Mela 2012, 22nd to 25th February 2012.



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Krishna. -Srila Prabhupada

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3 Responses to ““Chant loudly from your heart” Mayapur Kirtan Mela- 2012”

  1. Administrator says :

    An other wonderful aspect of this event was the number of vaishnavas that watched it live online through internet connection.

    The peak of computers connected to’s live broadcasting from this year’s Mayapur’s Kirtan Mela event was over 1200! It is hard to know of course how many vaishnavas were watching behind each of these computers but surely they were more than 1200.

    This is the record for the viewership of the site and most probably for all other iskcon websites for the maximum number of concurrent users on the site.

    From the technical point of view the server performed well, and , to my knowledge, there was never any interruption or other bad functioning, which is worth of notice given the amount of traffic generated and the bandwidth used for such a big crowd!

    Equally fantastic were the live broadcastings from the parikramas, during the festival, that brought the worldwide audience of vaishnavas drastically close to these enlivening events.

    Here are some pics from the staff and equipment:

  2. Ajamil Das says :

    Kirtan Mela Festival 2012 in Mayapur was awesome.
    Many devotees around the world joined and enjoyed the festival so.
    The atmosphere was most spiritual and jubilant and I hope that in future this kind of festival takes place again and again because this kind of festival brings everyone together and makes everyone forget all the miseries that one has in the material world and those devotees that organized this festival I give thanks to them.

    The Only one thing I felt in this festival which I would like to share without making any offenses to the vaisnavas the kirtan list would have been nice if it were slightly modified because there were many senior devotees who wanted to sing who were good kirtan leaders but never got the chance. Everyday the same singers were singing instead of adjusting a little and giving the other senior devotees a chance to make their offering to their lordships Pacha Tattva and Radha Madhav.
    I feel it was a one way track.

    Sorry if I have offended anyone I just wanted to reveal my heart honestly.

    All respect your humble servant
    Ajamil Das
    Hare Krishna

  3. Lakshman Das says :

    Magical Moments in Mayapur 2012 – Kirtan Ecstasy
    by Sacinandana Swami on Tuesday, March 20, 2012 at 3:49pm ·

    Especially during the evening kirtans I often felt the sweetness of chanting with so many devotees. Sometimes I felt the Holy Names were like mouthfuls of the tastiest and most nourishing preparation. I just needed to open the heart and taste the Name there first. Then, the Name wandered to the mouth and filled it up to the brim. From there it saturated all the cells of my body and then the whole atmosphere. Krishna’s most merciful form is the Holy Name – and it is the first form in which we will meet our Lord.

    Collected from HH Sacinandana Swami’s Face Book the link is ………