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The Glory Of Hanumanji

Friday, 23 March 2012 / Published in Poetry / 2,306 views

Gautam Saha: He was born from the womb of the monkey devotee Anjani
The son of Vayu, the god of winds, he is no other than Hanumanji
The greatest devotee of Lord Rama, in this and every other yuga
Very learned in the scriptures, head bowed in devotion to Lord Rama

Hanumanji the warrior was strong and brave and vigorous
Hanumanji the devotee was kind and gentle and gracious
He dispatched the demons and miscreants with great promptness
He protected the devotees and pious persons with gentleness

When Rama and Lakshmana were seeking Sita, he met them disguised as a brahmin
In the land of Kishkinda, Hanumanji enquired as to their true identity and mission
The Lord recognized and embraced Hanumanji with tearful sentiment
The Lord and His devotee were united in an embrace of love and cherishment

Lord Rama helped the southern prince Sugreeva to regain his honour and kingdom
Sugreeva and his army of monkies swore to help the Lord regain Sita’s freedom
Hanumanji left to seek out Sita and finally found her imprisoned in Lanka
He wrought havoc around the area and forced an audience with the demon Ravana

Hanumanji warned Ravana of dire consequences if he did not release Sita with goodwill
In response Ravana set fire to his tail, but Hanumanji used it to burn Lankan property at will
Lord Rama then built a bridge of stones and prepared to besiege Lanka
The army of monkies crossed over and took on the hordes of Ravana

In the long battle that ensued, Lakshmana was gravely injured and his chances were dim
Hanumanji braved many hazards to bring the sanjeevani herb which instantly cured him
Finally Lord Ramachandra let loose His arrows and the demon Ravana lay in death and defeat
Rama and Sita returned to Ayodhya and regained their throne, with Hanumanji at their feet

Hanumanji ever sat at the Lord’s feet and gazed up at Him, without a single moment apart
He wished for Rama and Sita to be always together, and kept Them imprisoned in his heart
On the other hand Ravana wished to separate Lakshmi and Narayan, and lay in dismemberment
This is the destiny of all demons and miscreants, who invite the Lord’s personal chastisement

When it was time for the Lord to end His earthly leela and return to Vaikuntha
Accompanied by His righteous associates including Sugreeva and Lakshmi as Sita
Hanumanji desired to stay back on earth, only just to hear Rama’s name in chanting
Even if there is only one devotee of Rama on this earth, Hanumanji is eagerly listening

This is the saga of Hanumanji, the eternal, pure and perfect devotee
There is no other like him, in his devotion, dynamism and simplicity
As strong as the wind, as fast as lightning, for demons a fierce fiend
But for the devotee, helpful, protective, gentle and a kind friend

Gautam Saha

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