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All glories to the cows the beloved of the Lord!

Saturday, 21 April 2012 / Published in Cow protection / 2,601 views

By Radhikakrpa Devi Dasi

“All glories to the cows the beloved of the Lord!”

“Our most dear Radhakundi”

The beautiful golden brown cow with her two calves was the prized addition to the “Bhakhtivedanata Swami Goshala’’ in way back year 2002. At the prime of her youth she joined Srila Prabhupada’s family of cows. Accompanied by her two calves she was welcomed by all. Born at “Radha Kunda” she was bestowed with all serenity and divinity. At that time she had a newly born male calf with her and was therefore pouring out milk in abundance. On her arrival she was named “Radhakundi” by Krishnapriya mata ji (caretaker of the cows at that time), to which she responded with all love. Within days she had become a favorite of all. She was a docile cow who adhered easily to the lifestyle at the goshala that was new to her. Away from her village and the Brajbasi home she mingled well with other cows as well as the people around her here.

Radhakundi would love to be caressed and patted. Krishnapriya mata ji’s kids enjoyed playing with her; they would take her around the green pasture .They would hug her, swing with her strong, sturdy tail. She never complained rather remained transcendental. Kids would feed her with the roti prasadam from their thali with all affection that she equally reciprocated. She became an integral part of the Goshala family. Always joyful, eagerly responding to the visitors; she won everybody’s heart. Her milking capacity too exceeded all other cows; she gave 15 liters of milk in a day. Her milk was chosen to be sent for Sri Sri Radha Shyamsunder, Sri Sri Krsna Balrama and Sri Sri Gaura Nitai. She attained the prime service; serving Their Lordships.

The ambience at the ISKCON goshala is non different to any temple. At the dawn melodious chanting of Mahamantra fusing with the jingle of the bells tied around the necks of the cows is music to the ears. Radhakundi was always blissful at the early hours and all set for milking. She was meant to serve Their Lordships. Days passed into months and Radhakundi mothered four more calves. Milk kept on flowing from her incessantly.

Out of love for the cows the Supreme Personality of Godhead has awarded this meek animal with eyes resembling lotus petals, slanting sideways and always filled with warmth. Radhakundi too had all compassion in her moist eyes; she would lick and look lovingly to all who simply stroked her. Time flew; she grew old and weak .Her babies now grown up replaced her in service.

Last month she had to be moved with the sick cows where our veterinary doctors take care along with all of us. The Hare Krishna Mahamantra plays in this shed nonstop for 24 hours. The old sick cows are given all attention and care. She knew her end was near and had stopped taking any form of food; liquid or solid. This went on for a fortnight making her body frailer. On the morning of 27 th February at 4.15am our dear Radhakundi breathed her last. She had lived to serve the Lord. She lived a perfect life in a non –human body.

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