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Prayer to Lord Nirsinghadeva

Monday, 07 May 2012 / Published in Poetry / 1,773 views

Samapriya dasi: The Lord declared with a mighty roar
as He pulled the demon through door
“My devotee cannot be terrorized,
without the culprit penalized.”

Upon His sacred lap He strewn
the demon’s body in late afternoon.
And with His nails He ripped apart,
the dreadful brut of blackened heart.

For, there is no one who is more dear
to the Lord Whom all directions fear,
Than the devotee who gives his life
Paying no heed to suffering or strife.

In service love and gratitude
his life’s goal must be pursued.
The Lord cannot ignore His friend,
who chants His name until life’s end.
Dependent with no quest for more,
than he’s been dealt though rich or poor.

Oh Lord who shook the universe
to satisfy a brahman’s curse,
I pray to You to save us all
from threats and lures that make us fall,
Away from You to darkened space
where Your Holy Name has no place.

But keep us safe at Your feet
And let our tongues always repeat,
The glories of Your infinite fame,
the mercy of your Holy Name.

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