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Why such an attitude?

Friday, 18 May 2012 / Published in Articles / 3,153 views

By Gour Gopal Dasa

The sudden departure of my God brother Hg. Bhagirath Prabhu and after a few days again Hg. Gaur Krishna Prabhu has definitely brought sadness to all of us. Many of us are in a shocked state. There is so much discussions going on in many email forums, temples, different congregations etc about those departed souls. Everyone tries to glorify them and praise them about their sincere and dedicated service to the movement, and their behavior, their personality etc. And it’s nice to hear the glories of Vaishnavas. We get lots of inspirations and get to learn the greatness of devotees from such glorifications. As far as I know about Bhagirath Prabhu and Gaurkrishna Prabhu, both of them had led a very simple life and always maintained a very low profile despite having highly spiritual qualifications. So much so that many devotees do not even know them till recently. No one ever talked about them or admired their sincere efforts to spread the message of Godhead to every town and village. Even till today many are asking me in the forum who was Gaurkrishna Prabhu.

It is heartening to learn that even today we can find there are many devotees in our movement who are tirelessly working day and night distributing the Harinam to the suffering souls of this material world. And just because they are humble and still alive, instead of admiring them or glorifying them we do not even care to know about them. When a person is alive we choose either not to talk about him or most of the times we talk negative about him, and when the same person leaves the body, we make sure that he/she deserves appreciations. Why such an attitude? Why can’t we be grateful to such devotees for their wonderful service; encourage them to do more or get inspired to do something similar even when they are among us? This piece is like a loud thinking. Are we scared that the other person may become more popular than us? Is somewhere our insecurity to be blamed for that? Is it the primordial sin –envy – Is it because we are envious? I feel these moments can be used for some soul searching so that we do not ignore the great vaishnavas amongst us. Hare Krsna!

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    Puskaraksa das says:

    Of course Krishna who is the all knower, knows the heart of everyone of us. So, ultimately there is no loss!

    Not only He, but all His personal entourage, which includes our whole Parampara are aware of any heartfelt prayer and sincere attempt to serve the transcendental cause of Sri-Sri Gour-Nitai, of rescuing the jivas from this material world…

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