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Understanding ISKCON’s Lines of Authority

Monday, 11 June 2012 / Published in Editorial / 5,645 views

By Badrinarayan dasa

Please find below the final, official version of the Understanding ISKCON’s Lines of Authority paper. The themes of this paper were approved at the GBC AGM in Mayapur this February. This final version has taken into consideration all comments received in Mayapur and thereafter. The release of this version as the full and final paper has been approved by the GBC executive committee.

The next step for our committee is to help see that course material is developed so that classes on these principles are taught. In this way the principles expressed in this paper will become part of our ISKCON culture. Our committee will also turn its attention now to the dakshina issue.

Your servant on behalf of the Lines of Authority committee, Badrinarayan dasa

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Understanding ISKCON’s Lines of Authority